After the Plague Coredump Team 1994 -2004

Stats are representations of your basic physical make-up, which is determined by your racial heritage. There are 12 stats in After the Plague, which is quite much in relation to the average MUD or RPG system to increase the realism and accuracy in simulating various events.

Strength: measures a character's muscle power. It determines the base damage done by a physical attack and how much a character can lift and carry.

Constitution: measures a character's endurance and general health. It gauges a character's ability to absorb damage and still keep going, as well as his natural ability to heal himself.

Comeliness: measures your physical beauty. It affects the characters ability to bargain, and determines any interactions with others connected with their sense of beauty.

Coordination: measures your character's grace and hand-eye coordination. It affects the character's foot speed, and determines his or her basic ability to engage in and avoid physical attack.

Agility: measures your character's agility. It influences the character's speed in combat. Agile creatures tends to gain additional attacks less agile ones are rather clumsy and swings less.

Handiness: measures your character's ability to manual things. It is important to have superb handiness for a thief, and good handiness for spells which needs 'somatic' components.

Wisdom: describes a composite of the character's enlightenment, judgement, guile and intuition. It also increases the effectiveness of spellcasting.

Willpower: measures a character's concentration, sense of self, and force of will. It helps characters resist illusion magic and potentially damaging spells. It can affect the character's resistance to magical attack. Affects how well your character withstands pain.

Charisma: measures a character's persuasiveness, social savvy, and ability to create a positive impression on others. It determines a character's success or failure at using charm, persuasion, or any number
of other social skills.

Intelligence: is similar to what is known as intelligence quotient, or IQ, but it also includes reasoning, and learning ability. It dictates how well a character can learn languages and memorize spells.

Perception: measures a character's mental quickness, alertness, and ability to notice things. It is important to the casting of magical spells, as well as for avoiding the effects of spells or being robbed.

Memory: it is the ability to keep facts in the conscious mind and to recall them at will, using what one has remembered. It gives the number of languages a character can learn and the number of spells he can memorize.