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Priest Guilds

Priests of Mielikki
Followers of Mielikki are granted to perform powerful miracles of healing. They are fond of nature as their goddess is goddess of nature. They choose to live the peaceful ways and their fighting abilities are restricted to use of blunt weapons. Their newly built shrine is in the forest, near the city.

Priests of Themes
Followers of Themes, the cruel sun god of the elves are granted to perform heat based spells. They hate cold, dwarves and thieves. Though they are cruel and sadistic, they are not utterly evil and they would never harm others without a good reason. Their shrine is hidden somewhere in the desert.

Priests of Miorghon
Miorgon has created the dwarves, therefore most of his followers are dwarves and some other underground dwelling creatures. Followers of Miorghon are crafty and good-hearted, yet some people, especially followers of Themes think they are deceptive and covert. Their shrine can be found in Malkier the dwarven capital in the Doraq Mountains.

Other planned priest guilds: every major god will have a priest guild (maybe they will be classified as fighter or magic user guilds).