After the Plague Coredump Team 1994 -2004

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Other opened or planned guilds

Sohei monks are masters of unarmed combat. They use their fists and feet in fights. With kicking they may break limbs, or jump up several feet in the air reaching even flying opponents. They may hurt numerous opponents with a circle kick. They also have some meditation skills, which need quite some intellect to perform but it makes them unstoppable. Their guild settled down somewhere on the Oriental Island.

Silent Shadows
Thieves. Murderers. Assassins. No one knows where is their guild.

Ninjas are the invisible warriors, spies and assassins practiced in the skills of concealment, stealth, trickery, disguise, acrobatics, and assassination. They possess a number of special powers and use many unique devices. Their abilities and reputations are clouded in mystery. Many ascribe supernatural powers to them. The ninjas have done nothing to discourage these stories and may very well spread the tales themselves. Such confusion only enhances their reputations, inspiring more terror at the mere mention of their name.

Other planned guilds: bards