After the Plague Coredump Team 1994 -2004

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Mage guilds

Deniers of harm (abjurers)
A rather secretive group of mages who experiment only with defensive magic. They refuse to learn any offensive magic because they think magic is very unreliable for such purposes. Well, that's why their nickname is 'doh'. Their guild forbids any other magical guilds since they may be dangerous. They have settled down in the old buildings of Arkanur.

Right hand of the elements
A local mage guild of Elements city. They have poor knowledge in fighting tactics, and have their power in spells. They know some basic spells and mostly ice based spells, and even some very useful protection spell at high level. Their guild is on a quiet island accessible from the port.

Necromancers exercise black magic. They may control dead and raise an undead army to aid their wicked purposes. Their spells are focused on death and destruction. They may drain life force of other beings or simply take their life with a banshee's wail. Great necromancers are rumoured to control life and death, but how much is the truth in it no one knows. No one knows where is their guild.

Summoners of the Tower. They have knowledge in summoner magick. It is rumoured that great summoners may call demons even... Summoners are in league with the other mage guilds, and normally allow their members to join.

The enchanters are a secretive group of magic users. Some of their abilities are quite amazing. They can change the properties of existing objects or creatures, but their most powerful ability is to imbue them with new powers. Faeries have a natural talent in enchanting.

Other planned magic user guilds: weathermaster.