After the Plague © Coredump Team 1994 -2004

CoreDump a.k.a. After The Plague

The history of CoreDump started around 1994 in Hungary when a group of  students decided to found their own MUD after playing on several MUDs. The old name is originated from Supraman an agile young teacher at József Attila University of Szeged. The name 'CoreDump'  was partially a joke of a Unix user, the login screen showed up with the following two lines:

Segmentation fault
core dumped:

And here you could type your name and password to enter. In spite of the name the game was stable for pretty long since we were only trying to get familiar with the Nightmare 3.2 library and the coding tricks of MudOS. We created a few new areas, and were poking with fun stuff, unbalanced monsters, extreme weapons and other such items. The site has changed and we started to rewrite the mudlib. That was the time of daily or rather hourly reboots :) But slowly a few principles had emerged and our game theme got a shape as well. We put a weight on roleplay, complexity, reality, fairplay. Also it was very important for us to always keep an eye on our primary job, namely coding the MUD and making it better and better, and that we creators are NOT wizards, gods but coders. People whom are simply just the other side of the game and have no ruling rights over players! Also at this time we realized the need of balance and tried our best to balance our areas and old code which resulted mostly in rewriting the old code. About coding our mudlib it went well, we always kept up with the recent MudOS versions and it brought a lot of changes therefore the old code were no longer working or could have been done much easier as the driver progressed. In 1997 we changed from the old I2 (a.k.a. gwiz) intermud channel to the new I3 protocol and this brought our mudlib in spotlights, well at least in the eye of Descartes who created Nightmare mudlib in the past. He was in thought that  we were using some Nightmare IV or later stuff  and wanted us to change our mudlib name to Nightmare clone. This was the final motivation to rewrite all remaining old code to our like though the old licence of Nm 3.2 allowed us the name change. The MUD was closed for several months but at the end we opened again with quite a lot bugs but at last with an own lib and a new name for the MUD 'After The Plague'. The mudlib's name is CoreDump. So thats the short history of those confusing names.
    Since we are continuously working on it and not only on that but already some driver code to enhance our reality. Our player base increased slowly and the connection became more stable and much quicker here in Hungary in the last years so even players from the US can enjoy it now.