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Fighter guilds

Their camp is on the edge of the Qajin desert. It's open only for the tough races. A guild for brave and wild fighters. Anyway you need high strength and constitution, fair agility, perception and coordination. Some willpower and handiness also needs, else you confuse your hands and legs. Size and weight is always handy. It's best, if you train your basic warrior skills like melee, attack and defense to a good rating before trying to join the barbarians.

Bodyartists are master of controlling their body and therefore they know more about anatomy and the critical points to strike on. They do practices and all kind of physical exercises. They are living with harmony with their body thus even can fight against poisoning, stop bleeding and have superb intuition. They are also great acrobats and they prefer to fight bare handed with light armours or robes.

Guards of Malkier
The militia of Malkier, the dwarven city. All dwarves who are not outlaws are welcomed in this guild. Their main duty is to protect the dwarven mines from intruders. They allow only a very limited number of fighters from other races. They teach not only fighting skills, but other highly traditional dwarven professions like smithing and mining.

A local fighter guild in Elements city, they have knowledge in single handed weapons, and fight with two weapons. They have knowledge to almost any kind of weapons but the twohanded ones. Also have knowledge in some special skill like blind fighting, split defense, and disarm.

Militia of Qajiningrad
A fighter guild for not only elves and humans, but all who strong enough to protect the elven city. Of course dwarves are strictly forbidden and thrown out at best. Even trolls and ogres are accepted if they keep the local laws.

Their base will be near Fort Woods. Rangers live in the vast forests of the valley. They are able to survive most of the dangers of the dark forest. Among the fighting skills, they know double wielding and bows. Also they know how to stalk and trap a rabbit or even a goblin. They are helpful and good aligned, they do their best to protect the forest.

Other planned fighter guilds: gladiator