After the Plague Coredump Team 1994 -2004

This page is far from complete because many of creators were around for a few months or even less having not much of influence on things. So here are the big old ones and still active coders. With the creation of our html-builder there is a new category: player builders.

Supraman (founder, retired)
He who founded CoreDump at the beginning but left after two years.

Xavier (head admin)
Creator of many standard objects, daemons, outland, and some driver code, bugfixer, coordinator, html gateways including the area-builder.

Avenger (head admin)
Creator of many standard objects, daemons, areas, some html gateways, bugfixer and balancer.

Fasthand (head admin) [retired]
Creator of security system, coding environment shell & daemons.

Mammuth (admin)
Source of ideas, area coder, designer of the WWW pages and graphics.

Danger (admin) [retired]
Area coder, balancer.

Nigi (admin)
Creator of several standard objects, daemons and areas.

Nexus (admin)
Creator of many spells/psis, bugfixer.

Currently active new creators:
[theme: revival of old unfinished areas]
[theme: barbarian area with quest]
Thifi [theme: wooden elf village]
Joy [theme: heaven]

Special thanks to:
for the first virtual area
for his incredible area-generator wand
Supraman, Thifi, CM, Mammuth, Xavier: for their help in hosting
Gogo, for the first multiobject

Special thanks for their areas:
[Qajin desert, Faerie forest, eastern shore, outer planes, Formentaure, dryad valley]
[orc fort, jungle, mermen, centaurs, tinmine]
[sewers of Elements city, Ice caves, Silverforest and Barukkon, Malkier and dwarven mines]
[hunting fields of Elements city]
Ulver [barbarian camp]
Tegerl [anthill]
Leslie [light, dark and cactus forest, Fort Woods and its surrounding area]
Zetor [mutant forest]
Cat [chaos plains]
Oz [Coyot's castle, Kaishima, Amaurot]
Danger [surrounding area of Zork's castle, Elements city layout]
Thifi [desert island]
Matra [hell, Arkanur and its surrounding area]
Psy [necromancer guild and surrounding area]
Fasthand [surrounding area of castle Barcoro]
Szabolcs [areas west of Elements city, swamp, dark elf city, lizard cave]
Glue [nymph forest]
Lag [blue ogre village]
Zappel [ankh valley]
Alec [nomad steppe]
Firestar [part of faerie forest]
Thor [ruined city of Balthazar]
Elmdor [more kobold areas]
Hideyoshi [Shogunic palace]
Ryuken [faerie town]