ChangeLog of After The Plague

Sep 8 08:34 2005:
Nigi removed calc_modifier() sefun. Now calculate_spell_strength() will include modifiers from spell components (the check will be made against resistances, not weaknesses/strengths properties). Also modifier variable in spell functions is redundant now.
Sep 7 12:54 2005:
Nexus revised some help files in 'syntax' group. Unfortunately some of them just have to wait till the refering topic is resolved in the new version.
Sep 7 09:08 2005:
Nigi fixed some webpage issues (probably made even bigger mess with all the defines now, but it works :>)
Sep 6 15:05 2005:
Nexus enhanced most helps in glossary group. Some are still not finished as the final shape of the system is still unknown.
Sep 6 13:52 2005:
Nigi ultimately fixed problem with reverse order of wearing items at relogin. AOrder nosave variable in user object will keep the array of worn armours, which will be used to store them in the order person wear them, not in the order person picked them.
Aug 31 15:41 2005:
Nigi added 'funs' cre command for getting a list of all functions in a file.
Aug 31 14:23 2005:
Nigi removed experience rewards from quests, quests yet need to be rewritten to provide custom rewards.
Aug 31 12:35 2005:
Nigi added support for the 'slow learner' ability, while fast learner gives +100% and quick learner +50% to the chance vs frequency check, slow learner will give -50%.
Aug 31 12:32 2005:
Nigi removed aptitude bonus entry from FDat in SKILLS_D - this bonus was only from fast/quick learner abilities anyway, now it'll be included directly in improve_graf().
Aug 31 10:59 2005:
Nigi added "hold <item> in all" syntax to quickly grasp <item> into all wieldable limbs.
Aug 31 10:28 2005:
Nigi modified unarmed combat - since without additional modifiers (killing hands, etc) unarmed damage will be now very low, hitting your enemy barehanded will also drain his/her stamina points.
Aug 30 20:44 2005:
Nigi changed get_damage() in combat.c. Now weapon's wc and magic level will affect damage the most. Strength will increase sum of those by percentage amount and skill, intoxination and biorythm will become only a small random bonus. Visibility won't affect damage, only hit chance.
Aug 30 11:16 2005:
Nigi changed query_ac() in m_wearable.c to return average ac in case of combined damage types - for example if armour's base ac is 30, but 5 for piercing and 10 for blunt damage, then for blunt+piercing dmg ac=(10+5)/2, for blunt+severing=(10+30)/2, etc
Aug 30 09:56 2005:
Nigi made it possible to create weapons with combined damage types, for example spiked mace - blunt+severing.
Aug 29 20:56 2005:
Nigi removed SKILLS_D->next_guildmax() calls in eliving.c. Now temporary max will be calculated from level+GUILDMAX_CHANGE (defined in points.h) and total max level will depend solely on aptitude (calculated in improve_graf)
Aug 29 20:17 2005:
Nigi changed max_and_rot() in eliving.c - frequency data won't be erased when it is called, instead it'll be lowered by a certain amount (FRQ_ROT_AMOUNT in points.h).
Aug 29 20:16 2005:
Nigi rewrote improve_graf() in SKILLS_D - it'll make 3 checks: theoretical vs practical level, chance(calculated from level and difficulty) vs frequency and aptitude vs level. Now it needs TESTING people!
Aug 28 19:00 2005:
Nigi modified guild command - it lets check guild informations in the new system as well as grants access to the Guild Daemon's menu, which allows easier guilds stuff handling
Aug 28 13:52 2005:
Nigi modified shout command to call spawn_guards in GUILD_D if person is in a guildroom, can call backup and shouted "Guards!"
Aug 28 13:22 2005:
Nigi created guardian command for guild guardians handling.
Aug 28 11:48 2005:
Nigi created deposit, withdraw, view commands for handling guild accounts.
Aug 27 22:37 2005:
Nigi upgraded helps of some commands to a new standard (they use make_help() function now). Others yet need it to be done - report any commands which do not have the correct outlook of helps (with colors and syntax/info/examples/skills/related info parts)
Aug 27 19:28 2005:
Nigi created 'priv' command for guildmasters to define custom guildmembers positions.
Aug 27 16:19 2005:
Nigi created global 'reject' command (it'll only work in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 15:39 2005:
Nigi created global 'preview' command (it'll only work in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 15:34 2005:
Nigi created global 'forgive' command (it'll only work in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 15:15 2005:
Nigi modified global 'count' command (in guildhalls 'count votes' syntax will work)
Aug 27 14:44 2005:
Nigi created global 'vote' command (it'll only work in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 14:32 2005:
Nigi created global 'demote' command (it'll work only in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 14:30 2005:
Nigi ate dinner.
Aug 27 13:24 2005:
Nigi created global 'promote' command (it'll work only in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 13:07 2005:
Nigi modified global 'leave' command (in guildhalls it'll allow players to leave a guild)
Aug 27 13:06 2005:
Nigi created global 'list' command (it'll work only in guildhalls though, local list from shops will work too)
Aug 27 13:06 2005:
Nigi created global 'query' command (it'll work only in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 13:06 2005:
Nigi created global 'join' command (it'll work only in guildhalls though)
Aug 27 09:54 2005:
Nigi made /std/modules/m_guild_join.c redundant - now all that stuff is in /daemon/guild_d.c and any room can be made a guildhall without any changes in room's code, the daemon holds now all guild data. User objects have Guilds, OGuilds and GuildsStatus variables for faster querying of these informations, but these are fully dependant on daemon's data and will be updated upon every login.
Aug 13 15:35 2005:
Nigi started rewriting guilds daemon to fit new standards - added GuildInfo class (definition in /adm/include/classes.h, file in /std/classes/guildinfo.c) for easier adding/removing of guilds.
Aug 13 15:13 2005:
Nigi added stumbling after receiving powerful blows in combat (also stumble time won't be so short as before for high-end chars, in other words it still might get you a few seconds to recover)
Jul 21 10:14 2005:
Nigi modified magic_d - in db files gesture phases may be defined without their type (since it'll be always 0 anyway)
Jul 20 16:41 2005:
Nigi modfied magic_d - now it'll call end_casting(object caster,string magic_type,string magic_name) in spell's function file. Check magic daemon's header or manual for details.
Jul 20 11:18 2005:
Nigi blehs and says that he modified 'background' command to accept additional string argument, which should be a comment about player's bg, eg mentioning errors a player made, thus making it easier to fix it.
Jul 20 11:16 2005:
Nigi modified background command
Jul 18 17:09 2005:
Nigi added %D token for prompt (check help prompt)
Jul 18 10:03 2005:
Nigi fixed swindle to not give skill increases if person fails to sell the item.
Jul 17 21:33 2005:
Nigi added parrying/shield blocking/unarmed blocking support for the new combat system
Jul 17 19:12 2005:
Nigi changed perform_move() to add disable value to move_delay, so you won't be able to leave the room as long as you are disabled (eg. not until you'll recover from an attack during the combat)
Jul 17 19:11 2005:
Nigi moved clean_up_attackers from continue_attack() to common_heart_beatstuff() in living.c, since continue_attack() do not have to be called automatically now.
Jul 17 13:21 2005:
Nigi Removed AType, FStyle, DStyle, FMood and MultiAttack variables. Created a single FightStyle variable to hold all these values (check /std/living/combat.c for details about bits). All old functions for setting/querying these values still work the same though.
Jul 17 12:25 2005:
Nigi added /adm/sefun/help.c which holds several functions for creating standard helpfiles. It is strongly advised to use make_help() sefun in commands' helpfiles.
Jul 17 11:05 2005:
Nigi also modified appraise command to show weapon class and damage type depending on attack type (swing/thrust) if appraise arms skill is high enough.
Jul 17 10:46 2005:
Nigi modified appraise command to display alternative armour classes, if appraise arms skill is high enough.
Jul 17 10:46 2005:
Nigi added armour ac modificators, depending on the damage type - eg. chainmail's base ac might be lowered in case of blunt attack; use set_ac(int base_ac, mapping alt_ac) where the mapping looks like ([int dmgtype:int ac, ..])
Jul 12 10:55 2005:
Nigi moved delay, damage type and modificator definitions to db files in /init/weapons/subtypes/
Jul 12 10:46 2005:
Nigi added optional 3rd string argument for set_disable function - a message to be displayed when disable time is over.
Jul 11 13:37 2005:
Nigi replaced old combat.c with the new version. Expect major errors. :P
Jul 11 12:23 2005:
Nigi removed improve_graf calls for defense/parry in check_on_pain. Now defense/parry/blocking skills will be improved when can_dodge/can_parry/can_block is called.
Jul 11 12:22 2005:
Nigi added definitions for defending/attacking styles (in /adm/include/combat.h)
Jul 11 12:21 2005:
Nigi added new syntaxes for the style command, to handle different defending/attacking styles.
Jul 10 17:20 2005:
Nexus informs that Nigi added 'mraces <race> base' syntax for checking racial base stat value which is important in some calcualtions in the mechanics.
Jul 9 13:40 2005:
Nigi removed faith skill, added separate faith skills for every deity, the one person believes in will be determined by the highest of these skills (must be at least 10 points above all others).
Jul 7 11:04 2005:
Nigi altered continue_attack() call in user.c and monster.c - now in users it will only be called if AUTOATTACK env variable will be set. Otherwise continue_attack() will be called by attack commands. In monsters it'll be called if certain conditions will be true.
Jul 1 10:37 2005:
Nigi modified remember/forget commands to handle runes (check their helps)
Jun 25 16:39 2005:
Nigi wrote rune daemon prototype and created /bin/runes/ dir for rune functions, as well as added appropriate definition for that dir in /adm/include/dirs.h
Jun 21 14:29 2005:
Nigi notices that somebody should take care of writing Casting Patterns and suggests to make number of phases equal to the casting time in the old system (time property in old db files).
Jun 21 14:06 2005:
Nigi modified spellinfo/powerinfo/miracleinfo to display Casting Patterns for wizzies.
Jun 17 13:26 2005:
Nexus moved some changed files from 3000 to 3500 (illness.c). That would be all last changes from 3000. Everything else will be done here on 3500.
Jun 17 13:25 2005:
Nexus moved some changed files from 3000 to 3500 (combat.c, food.c, _heal.c)
Jun 16 16:59 2005:
Nigi changed wands handling in magic_d. The daemon will seek for held wands (cannot be used from carry anymore) and try to match the pattern used by a player, if none of the spell patterns will fit.
Jun 15 19:14 2005:
Nigi added a temporary replace_string in /adm/sefun/query_dbs.c (line 66) to remove comma vs dot floats pattern errors.
Jun 15 15:11 2005:
Nexus prepared /init/animals/ for adding animals to HUNT_D
Jun 15 12:25 2005:
Nexus added HUNT_D deamon and ANIMAL standard object, as further developements of Nigi's files. Nocise: previous files are not removed yet.
Jun 8 18:39 2005:
Nigi added /std/modules/m_hunting_field.c and /obj/monster/wild_animal.c files to handle spawning wild animals in forests and such, check, test and tell me what you think.
Jun 8 12:06 2005:
Nexus removed mining, and added appraise value + alchemy to gnome initial abilities.
Jun 5 20:22 2005:
Nexus added one more hair trait for drows: pearl-white.
Jun 5 20:21 2005:
Nexus added subterran lore ability for drow race.
Jun 5 11:31 2005:
Nexus added ivory, lily-white, beige, platinum & ashy hair traits for drow race (correct me if it doesnt fit), and returned to them all white-based colours, which were previously removed by someone who have never seen a drow before. :>
Jun 5 11:18 2005:
Nexus added grey, dark-grey, ashen, dark & dusky skin traits for drows
Jun 4 16:05 2005:
Nexus added 'forest being' abilities to dryad and satyr .db files
Jun 4 15:28 2005:
Nexus removed 'eldar sight' from abilities in racial .db files. It was unused.
May 28 10:04 2005:
Nexus changed food object to suffer from spells with fire and water component.
May 13 10:58 2005:
Nexus added new medicament (salt) for healer's heal command.
May 12 16:04 2005:
Nexus added new medicament (rattle) for healer's heal command.
May 12 14:11 2005:
Nexus plugged an add_paralyze(x) function to combat.c for paralyze time manipulation.
May 11 18:06 2005:
Nexus added new medicament (glue) for healer's heal command.
May 11 18:01 2005:
Nexus adjusted oozes, slimes, gelatinous cubes to produce some vital component for healing practices
May 11 17:19 2005:
Nexus added multiplier in illness object for more control over illness time.
May 11 16:23 2005:
Nexus added new medicament (honey) for healer's heal command.
May 9 15:19 2005:
Nexus fixed sewers entrance to accept ghosts (limit bypass)
Apr 8 18:04 2005:
Nexus indentified and fixed some bugs with arrows and darts (hinderance, limbs).
Mar 14 11:16 2005:
Nigi increased number of items stored in player houses to 20.
Mar 8 20:58 2005:
Nigi made it possible to use languages when writing posts on boards (post <language> <title>). Certain boards (as the ooc board) might have set_no_lang(1) called, so no custom languages may be used.
Mar 5 13:03 2005:
Nexus swapped kobold's sight limits, to make them see better in the dark places (instead of lit ones).
Feb 28 17:28 2005:
Nexus added "chisel <rock>" in /std/rock file (granite, marble etc.), which allows you to make stone blocks out of them for building purposes (and train masonry too).
Feb 27 13:46 2005:
Nigi fixed summon/call (priest of mielikki/summoner won't be able to use summon to spawn a unicorn nor use call to spawn a djinn)
Feb 26 23:01 2005:
Nigi fixed cantrip to not remove afk status from people who turned it on.
Feb 26 15:03 2005:
Nexus added dart to make list
Feb 23 16:33 2005:
Nigi added "search <living>" syntax which works like ss probe, but only when done on unconscious/sleeping targets.
Feb 23 14:26 2005:
Nigi added "appraise my <object>" and "appraise <object> here" syntaxes.
Feb 23 11:19 2005:
Nigi added logging of banishments and rids + their reasons (/log/banish and /log/rid)
Feb 22 18:09 2005:
Nigi fixed query_protection in secure_d to return <wiz priv> instead of "Mudlib:std" for non-admin wiz user objects.
Feb 18 20:39 2005:
Nigi changed store/restore_items to keep them in the same order.
Feb 18 18:16 2005:
Nigi replaced "quit quit" with a single "quit". QQ still might be allowed by wizzies after calling enable_qq(1) in multi_d, in case of major changes.
Feb 18 10:54 2005:
Nigi fixed dragging items into houses and other clones.
Feb 13 14:31 2005:
Nigi and Nexus made awareness trainable.
Feb 12 18:58 2005:
Avenger fixed where_to_sink in underwater wilderness rooms so stuff won't sink into the same room
Feb 12 14:27 2005:
Nigi changed true sight to not reveal hidden people (it will still make seeing them a bit easier)
Feb 10 20:11 2005:
Nigi fixed restoring offline users in guild_d (guild_d now calls get_user_object in finger_d to get required data)
Feb 5 20:11 2005:
Nigi changed antimagic aura spell (non-dispellable spell, but dispels all magic from person when cast)
Feb 5 17:55 2005:
Nigi changed alignment system - added base value from which allowed range of alignment is evaluated.
Feb 5 17:55 2005:
Nigi changed quest daemon - players need both quests and skills for becoming a demigod
Feb 5 17:54 2005:
Nigi changed guild daemon - leaders have to be online for at least 15 hours in a month.
Feb 3 17:29 2005:
Nigi fixed handle_auras() for stealing actions.
Feb 3 12:56 2005:
Nigi made it possible to cut web during combat and altered web's strength.
Feb 3 12:14 2005:
Nigi added "test" command for creators.
Feb 2 18:26 2005:
Nigi set max limit of summoned creatures that can be unkept at the same time (A dozen of dragons was a BAD idea :>).
Feb 1 09:07 2005:
Nigi meant "the project daemon" instead of "/std/room/project.c" in the previous entry
Jan 31 22:14 2005:
Nigi added /log/project file to keep track of all projects stuff (/std/room/project.c writes to it).
Jan 31 16:05 2005:
Nigi added m_spellcaster.c module for use in mage npcs, to make them a bit more intelligent.
Jan 31 13:44 2005:
Nigi added "friend" command (see help)
Jan 31 09:30 2005:
Nigi added the new syntax for the cut command for all you masochists :>
Jan 29 13:29 2005:
Nigi changed enchant spell (too small items will be unable to hold spells, items "designed" to hold spells such as gems, wands, staves or rods will have more charges)
Jan 28 21:03 2005:
Nigi fixed fire object to be instantly doused underwater
Jan 28 19:59 2005:
Nigi fixed wither to cause death when fatal limb is destroyed. Beware!
Jan 28 16:17 2005:
Nigi oopses and says that he added info about required items in the project rooms (it is displayed when person donates the item or uses info command)
Jan 28 16:14 2005:
Nigi statistics
Jan 28 12:46 2005:
Nigi fixed rag ball (non-living objects won't try to catch it :>)
Jan 28 11:51 2005:
Nigi announces: Nexus added new smith command "decorate". Your valuable metals will have more use now.
Jan 27 17:25 2005:
Nigi noticed some npcs in /std/monster/ doesn't inherit monster.c and moved dressup to /adm/sefun/standard.c
Jan 27 17:14 2005:
Nigi made dressup function in monster.c - call it in a living and watch him getting nice clothes quickly :> check additional description in the file.
Jan 27 10:18 2005:
Nigi changed newbie school and char creation rooms to set appraise currency to the native one of the player race by default (a reminder: to get rid of the mysterious "worth coins" you should use "appraise in <system> currency" command)
Jan 27 09:03 2005:
Nigi fixed query_stat() to return 0 for non existing stats.
Jan 26 19:26 2005:
Nigi cheers after beating the record for the most clog entries in one day.
Jan 26 19:12 2005:
Nigi fixed convert mapping for meltdown command (sand -> glass, damascus -> steel). Thanks to Nexus for spotting that.
Jan 26 17:29 2005:
Nigi fixed picking feathers/scales from bodies (a single feather from chicken and few scales from a dragon was a terribly wrong :P)
Jan 26 15:57 2005:
Nigi fixed several problems in forge command ("centaur chain mail"->"centaur chainmail" - this was messing up limbs data, limited max required level for items to bwel, so no more "you need more then bwel.." messages and make it easier, or rather possible, to forge items with high quality)
Jan 26 14:43 2005:
Nigi created global thresh command, instead of a local one linked to the corn object.
Jan 26 14:21 2005:
Nigi made chill touch a non-stackable spell. Only a single one can affect target at a time.
Jan 26 14:02 2005:
Nigi fixed get_random_spell() in monster.c to not return spell with material components if the npc doesn't have such components.
Jan 26 14:01 2005:
Nigi fixed paralyze and hideous laughter to always display a message, instead of only when ok_to_kill() returns 1
Jan 26 12:52 2005:
Nigi altered beholdeers to not try to hypnotize people with who they're already fighting, since it'll always fail. They'll try something else instead *grins evilly*
Jan 26 12:51 2005:
Nigi says: While person was in 5 guilds already, and had "illegal member" status in some of them, it was impossible to rejoin them, because of 5 guilds limit. That has been fixed :>
Jan 25 11:44 2005:
Nigi fixed vendors to not block guilds list command (some vendors are in the guildhalls).
Jan 25 11:26 2005:
Nigi made body parts burnable.
Jan 24 14:36 2005:
Nigi made it possible to write on skins, although you have to prepare (see necro command) it first.
Jan 24 14:08 2005:
Nigi made it possible to write with blood.
Jan 24 11:17 2005:
Nigi changed summons to be pickable only for owners.
Jan 22 14:58 2005:
Nigi changed refining (it is not an instant process now, it requires more time and gives more chances for skill improves, if person refines bigger piles)
Jan 18 22:22 2005:
Nigi fixed drag command (attempt to drag to the non-existant exit will call remove_follower(), so the next move won't cause object to be dragged)
Jan 13 16:42 2005:
Nigi was forced by Nexus to say: "Nexus fixed alloy command to use equal parts of ingredients. 100 iron + 1 coal = 1 steel + 99 iron, not 101 steel like before."
Jan 13 09:25 2005:
Nigi fixed barbarian special commands to use proper limbs (headbutt - LIMB_HEAD instead of LIMB_FATAL, punch, elbow - LIMB_RING instead of LIMB_WIELDABLE), thanks to Taron for finding this.
Jan 9 20:26 2005:
Nigi changed "who -l" to not display who-off people in the freezer.
Jan 9 18:48 2005:
Nigi adjusted weight of forged weapons (standard weapon() function now depends more on min weapon size, less on quality)
Jan 6 11:49 2005:
Nigi changed meltdown command to improve metal quality when melting down items with higher wc/ac.
Jan 5 12:36 2005:
Nigi modified m_memory.c and m_store.c modules. Optionally m_memory.c may use true race (instead of race) for remembering - required for m_store to avoid creating bogus savefiles.
Jan 4 20:44 2005:
Nigi changed "list discrimination" outlook to more IC one (report any missing informations that should be listed there).
Jan 4 20:43 2005:
Nigi added offensive bonuses for flesh golems (after enchanting, so far only defensive bonuses could be given).
Jan 4 20:43 2005:
Nigi fixed max object encumbrance/capacity evaluating after casting enlarge/shrink.
Jan 1 19:39 2005:
Nigi fixed purge daemon to remove players mails upon character removal.
Nov 17 12:47 2004:
Nigi changed Status to query_status() in base_ob.c (move fun), so objects may overwrite that function and add some conditions.
Nov 15 19:58 2004:
Nigi added bake command. Now it is possible to bake a bread.
Nov 13 13:54 2004:
Nigi fixed eat/guzzle commands for disguised people.
Nov 5 12:30 2004:
Nigi removed guild restrictions for creatures summoned by the find familiar spell.
Nov 4 21:43 2004:
Nigi changed raw_move() to move() in m_dust module.
Nov 2 13:17 2004:
Nigi added 'int remove_event()' sefun, with this objects may remove their own events (really needed for mission daemon, correct me if i am wrong :))
Oct 31 18:36 2004:
Nigi fixed slave market in Qajiningrad (selling slaves no longer will give negative encumbrance to players)
Oct 31 11:31 2004:
Nigi created mission daemon and first mission object. It is still in testing phase. Expect frequent orc raids on ec :>
Oct 27 16:27 2004:
Nigi fixed __Cook function in kettles and made it possible to pour alcohols into other containers.
Oct 23 20:51 2004:
Nigi fixed a bug in evaluating hinderance, added some new things for blow/forge/carve/make commands (bottle,cup,fork,spoon,plate,vase,chair,table), changed fire to force burning non-players to extinguish themselves and finally decided to rest a bit.
Oct 22 14:48 2004:
Nigi says: Nexus fixed some nasty bugs in reinforce spell.
Oct 21 17:12 2004:
Nigi fixed sending mails to multiple players (now it accepts remembered names too)
Oct 21 15:05 2004:
Nigi thinks he fixed fleeing from combat - test and report
Oct 16 21:12 2004:
Nigi and Nexus added some names for the name generator.
Oct 15 20:42 2004:
Avenger changed damion's currency to be elven
Oct 14 10:47 2004:
Nigi changed breaking-kick to work on some non-living things like doors too.
Oct 11 17:25 2004:
Nigi made worgs mountable for orcs ( happy now, Nexus? :)
Oct 3 13:52 2004:
Nigi added standard shield.c file. It has both set_wield/unwield and set_wear/remove functions for defining wearing and wielding actions.
Sep 26 14:17 2004:
Avenger made closed eyes decrease coordination
Sep 26 13:27 2004:
Nigi fixed backstab to evaluate hit functions of weapons.
Sep 26 13:13 2004:
Nigi fixed hirelings to not flee from battle all the time
Sep 25 20:02 2004:
Nigi changed blood and snow tracks to reveal number of informations depending on tracking skill.
Sep 25 09:33 2004:
Avenger made divine to be castable at any fire
Sep 19 18:01 2004:
Nigi created hvendor.c and hireling.c in /std/monster/, also created guardhuman.c in /obj/monster/ - trainable hirelings may be now created.
Sep 18 16:28 2004:
Nigi modified query_mp(), query_max_mp() and add_mp() functions. Also added query_true_mp(), query_true_max_mp().
Sep 14 12:55 2004:
Nigi changed check_discrimination() (now "query" shows all skills/spells/abilities which are too low to join a guild)
Sep 11 16:44 2004:
Nigi fixed monster emotes (changed message type/text separator from : to | so messages "xx says: blabla" will work)
Sep 11 12:08 2004:
Nigi added heal command for healers (and because of that renamed previous heal command to wizheal)
Aug 31 19:53 2004:
Nigi fixed raw_move (it was reducing light in environment, but wasing adding it to the destination)
Aug 30 14:45 2004:
Nigi modified slip command (made possible to slip items in containers of other people)
Aug 29 19:51 2004:
Nigi added slip command (opposite of palm command, allows to hide item silently in the container)
Aug 29 09:26 2004:
Nigi changed query_id and id functions in herbs, so using names of unknown herbs wont work.
Aug 28 22:21 2004:
Nigi fixed reembedding arrows into players at relogin (reequip now calls directly equip_armour, since arrows cannot use standard methods for wearing stuff)
Aug 28 22:18 2004:
Nigi fixed arrows hinderance penatly (throw command must manually add hinderance, since it doesnt use standard __Wear function for embedding)
Aug 25 12:11 2004:
Nigi fixed "too long command" error in healers.
Aug 18 12:52 2004:
Avenger modified the marry command to be able to replace wedding rings (you have to perform the marriage again)
Aug 17 17:40 2004:
Avenger fixed the cobbler to produce both left and right boots :)
Aug 4 23:05 2004:
Nigi changed livings to automatically party join customer when they are bought. Slave hunting begins :>
Jul 10 13:08 2004:
Avenger fixed poison command to remove IDS from potion completely
Jul 6 20:52 2004:
Nigi added keys to the forge list (forge key from <material> for <person/door/key>)
Jul 6 19:22 2004:
Nigi fixed the storage system.
Jul 4 11:36 2004:
Nigi fixed die function of minotaurs.
Jun 29 19:49 2004:
Nigi modified sew command (sew wounds of <person> - for healers only!)
Jun 29 18:25 2004:
Nigi modified body.c so sun vulnerability wont work if it is cloudy.
Jun 29 17:15 2004:
Nigi created "no sun" property (locations with that property wont hurt people with sun vulnerability). Also changed dark forest to use that property.
Jun 28 22:46 2004:
Nigi fixed ridiculously high item weights when forged (carved/sewn/...) with low skills
Jun 28 20:03 2004:
Nigi changed standard mountable monster (/std/monster/mount.c)
Jun 28 17:26 2004:
Nigi fixed poison handling in backstab if damage=0
Jun 27 15:42 2004:
Nigi made bowstrings avaliable for make command (requires tendons - see help butcher).
Jun 26 11:49 2004:
Nigi fixed hinderance of embedded arrows.
Jun 25 23:16 2004:
Nigi added "pktime" command, so people wont wait hopelessly for quitting.
Jun 25 19:49 2004:
Nigi added multi attack option (see help style, and quit quit to update your char, if you want to use it :)
Jun 25 17:19 2004:
Avenger implemented magical gems
Jun 25 15:28 2004:
Nigi also added language support for paper object (write in <language> <text>, and see help for smiths' engrave :)
Jun 25 14:42 2004:
Nigi added language support for smiths' engraving command.
Jun 24 16:44 2004:
Nigi fixed snake rune (picking snake runed container will now paralyze thief, instead of the owner)
Jun 24 11:23 2004:
Nigi added "chars" command (see help)
Jun 23 18:19 2004:
Nigi added standard net object (/std/obj/net.c) - allows entangling limbs or whole person.
Jun 23 11:20 2004:
Nigi (hopefully) fixed stumble problems (stumble was continously increasing move delay, so after it was ended, person often had huge delay, before move was executed)
Jun 22 20:05 2004:
Nigi also changed room tracks (possible to remove them with water - pouring waterskin or raining)
Jun 22 19:58 2004:
Nigi added snow object (similar to blood object - people walking through will leave tracks)
Jun 18 20:50 2004:
Nigi changed banks (limited max value of a single transaction to about 9 obols, so people wont lose 90% of that money)
Jun 17 22:52 2004:
Nigi added "collect ores in <container>" to make life of miners easier.
Jun 17 20:06 2004:
Nigi changed item hinderance to depend on the material too, not only on item type (a note: since material can be set after hinderance setting, I had to change hinder checking, so it will add material hinderance - done in wearing and appraising item, hopefully thats all)
Jun 17 14:58 2004:
Nigi changed armour size checking to use armour_size instead of size (appraise, shrink, enlarge)
Jun 15 16:08 2004:
Nigi changed hinderance to have some more visible effects :>
Jun 15 15:28 2004:
Nigi made possible blocking with bare hands in unarmed combat (only if enemy hits you with bare hands too)
Jun 15 15:23 2004:
Nigi says: Nexus fixed jump psi power.
Jun 15 15:04 2004:
Nigi made possible shield blocking (uses shield skill).
Jun 14 19:49 2004:
Nigi changed "hide tracks" so you wont leave tracks after covering them and leaving the room (kind of walking away while covering them behind you :)
Jun 14 19:28 2004:
Nigi fixed get/take command (setting wielded weapon)
Jun 12 11:38 2004:
Nigi made possible digging without a shovel for races with claws.
Jun 12 11:21 2004:
Nigi made possible dissecting without knives for races with claws (although it is not easy to succeed)
Jun 12 10:50 2004:
Nigi modified style command (added "style all off" and "style all on").
Jun 11 22:16 2004:
Nigi changed satyrs to male-only race, and dryads/nymphs to female-only races.
Jun 11 12:23 2004:
Nigi fixed problem in base_ob.c (move wont unequip item if that item cannot be moved to target)
Jun 10 22:09 2004:
Nigi slightly modified newbie school (who list and newbie channel turned on by default)
Jun 10 15:29 2004:
Nigi made possible sewing of girths,scabbards,baldrics or sheathes.
Jun 10 15:15 2004:
Nigi changed allskills/spells/etc commands (optional guild name argument will show only abilities supported by that guild)
Jun 8 22:12 2004:
Avenger fixed a problem in the ed command (long pathname)
Jun 7 23:27 2004:
Nigi fixed player houses (looking into them / taking stuff from them)
Jun 6 09:28 2004:
Xavier fixed messages.c (Nigi, PLEASE damn check what you do when you are messing with simul efuns, if sefun.c won't load the mud won't come back after reboot, first check how sefun.c looks and that you HAVE TO update sefun.c and not the individual objects under /adm/obj/sefun!!!)
Jun 4 21:12 2004:
Nigi changed skins to keep traits of the living in their description, thus making it possible to gather trophies of killed enemies :>
Jun 3 14:56 2004:
Nigi changed emotes (soul_d) to have another argument which defines type of the emote (seeing/listen/smell/etc). Now someone should convert all avaliable emotes :>
Jun 3 14:54 2004:
Nigi changed notify to not send messages to people when person is invisible (if attribute "seeing" is passed to notify).
Jun 2 17:24 2004:
Nigi added new standard building site, which can be used for ic creation of some projects.
May 31 12:38 2004:
Nigi added "appraise quality <item(s)>" to make easier finding of the damaged items.
May 30 12:09 2004:
Nigi fixed items decay (removed breaking after the first hit, changed durability evaluating, made highly magical items indestructable, armours worn under other items wont receive damage)
May 27 21:50 2004:
Nigi changed the bell in the old mielikki temple to not annoy immortals. :)
May 27 12:40 2004:
Nigi fixed fly command (removed situation when you used it but nothing happened)
May 26 18:39 2004:
Nigi fixed stat bonuses and chill touch.
May 26 16:27 2004:
Nigi changed weapons decay to depend on the strength of the blow. Also changed armours to decay when hit.
May 25 23:21 2004:
Nigi fixed aid command to not get bandages from closed backpacks/pouches/etc.
May 25 19:30 2004:
Nigi fixed problem with names of the enchanted items.
May 25 19:13 2004:
Nigi added some new commands for the necromancers.
May 25 12:10 2004:
Nigi modified corpses to not give limbs, which alive monsters didnt have, to the zombies.
May 24 11:08 2004:
Nigi added a new command for thieves so they wont be so completely harmless :>
May 23 14:59 2004:
Nigi changed cast, pray and concentrate to not work when person is disabled (eg right after using transfer)
May 23 14:14 2004:
Nigi added "play" command and changed standard instruments file to make playing possible.
May 22 13:04 2004:
Nigi added support for "cant_move" fly attribute in user and monster files.
May 22 08:49 2004:
Nigi changed ooc room command (see help room)
May 21 15:11 2004:
Nigi fixed no_regen attribute to ignore target's body magii level if target has regen_body.
May 21 14:44 2004:
Nigi made further upgrades in the fire object. Be careful to not burn down whole elements city :>
May 21 08:43 2004:
Nigi added "water breath" to "is undead" attribute, so stupid undeads wont drown.
May 20 16:47 2004:
Nigi disabled stealing and getting not visible items from other people (eg rings under gloves)
May 20 09:56 2004:
Nigi disabled looking at not visible items on other people.
May 19 18:38 2004:
Nigi changed finger <person> to not show date of last login for who-off people.
May 19 17:42 2004:
Nigi changed steal and get commands to handle auras (firenet too)
May 19 10:33 2004:
Nigi fixed finger command to show only immortals and yourself if you have "who off"
May 19 00:14 2004:
Nigi hopefully fixed rearrange_party() to not allow staying in the back row in some cases.
May 18 23:00 2004:
Nigi changed torch to use the new fire object.
May 18 22:57 2004:
Nigi changed room emote to not cause error when no message will be passed, so emotes can do some other things as well, without altering players *grin evilly*
May 18 19:53 2004:
Nigi changed fire object to make some nice "people burning" effects possible :>
May 18 19:46 2004:
Nigi fixed evaluating black mantle strength.
May 18 19:23 2004:
Nigi fixed black mantle spell to change attributes instead of status
Apr 6 15:39 2004:
Xavier put Nexus's psionic blast code in game (now psi blast doesn't manashock automatically, but either does mana or psi point leak and if low on psi/mana it can cause mana shock/psi shock)
Apr 1 16:55 2004:
Xavier changed something in wear command so wear all partly works..note if you can't wear an armour piece because of wrong order and your hands get full you will have to rearrange things to work
Apr 1 15:30 2004:
Xavier bumped MudOS v22b11 to v22b14 + added own crash fix
Mar 30 10:26 2004:
Xavier fixed 2 crasher in driver code (#1 when pragma warning on + inheriting empty function foo containing obj after referencing to function foo, #2 a wrong MALLOC in own mapper code)
Mar 29 18:52 2004:
Xavier enabled to cast dispel against antimagic aura, though all other spell will fizzles still
Mar 29 18:04 2004:
Xavier fixed a general bug in combat, weapons with extra hit gave their extra damage after aura/stone skin etc handling
Mar 29 17:53 2004:
Xavier fixed scrying pool to have some delay between scry attemps
Mar 29 16:52 2004:
Xavier addedd repent command into holy altars & added a few words in help death about. NOTE: if your alignment is not ok for praying, using repent will decrease your skills like you died again but fix your alignment so you can pray afterwards
Mar 28 18:17 2004:
Xavier added new logo for login screen from Mammuth's older works thanks to Nexus's bugging :>
Mar 28 14:06 2004:
Xavier reworked init_castle() in castle daemon to eat less cpu
Mar 28 12:42 2004:
Xavier fixed finger command so WHO off players can still finger wizards, themselves and their linked characters
Mar 26 19:05 2004:
Avenger changed finger to work like 'who'
Mar 26 18:59 2004:
Avenger improved the help of 'restrict'
Mar 26 18:58 2004:
Avenger changed who to not work for people with 'who off'
Mar 26 18:58 2004:
Xavier changed list <channel_name> to not show WHO off players
Mar 26 18:09 2004:
Xavier changed scry ball to behave properly
Mar 26 17:48 2004:
Xavier removed users command, we have enough of these commands already (who, finger)
Mar 26 17:47 2004:
Xavier added setenv WHO on/off updatwed who and finger commands (wizzes are not affected by this setting, they have invis if they need)
Mar 26 16:13 2004:
Xavier fixed improve_graf() not to improve grafs where player has no guild which teaches that (ie wands wont teach spells to barbarians now)
Mar 26 15:05 2004:
Xavier added int valid_traits(string rac, string * traits) in feature_d & fixed disguise command to use this new function
Mar 25 19:29 2004:
Xavier changed clone_unique(fn) to clone_unique(fn, percentage) so unique artefacts doesn't pop up at the monsters 100%. If not specified then by default unique items have 5% chance to be cloned.
Mar 25 19:17 2004:
Xavier changed these (evil wear) leather hide boots to artefacts as they were supposed to /11 right boots, 10 left boots they give bonus only in pairs, have fun evil people/
Mar 25 19:16 2004:
Xavier fixed stat bonus giving/removing of some (evil) leather hide boots
Mar 25 19:15 2004:
Xavier updated unique daemon, not to just pop_up() artefacts in the domain at random places which were never obtained by a player but were removed from game, but they will be cloned back at the same mob/room later on
Mar 25 13:20 2004:
Xavier changed stealing NO LOGOUT it is 20 mins if you steal from players, and only 4 minutes if it is NPC (while npcs not yet actively hunt players, that might change in the future)
Mar 24 19:02 2004:
Xavier fixed combat.c so people who are tagged as NO LOGOUT who drop the link can still die now (not only attacked and take down to 0)
Mar 24 18:32 2004:
Xavier fixed set_background() in eliving.c to re-initialize apts in SKILLS_D
Mar 24 18:25 2004:
Xavier changed NO LOGOUT time from 10 min to 20 min for players who attack other players (ie attempt to PK) and players who rob another players, for people who get attacked by other players the NO LOGOUT time is still 5 minute
Mar 22 18:12 2004:
Xavier changed check_on_death() to check_on_death(object killer) and updated instances in library..was necessary to know the real reason of death (ie when bleeding but being hit by someone then don't be simple "bleeding to death" but Attackers[0]
Mar 22 18:11 2004:
Xavier fixed die() in monsters to evaluate __Die funp (from set_die()) even when reason was not object some quest mobs relied on it to be called on mobs death
Mar 21 17:28 2004:
Xavier added an initial starting blow for the quickdraw command
Mar 21 15:37 2004:
Xavier fixed feature_d to provide at least 2 traits as if other code relies on old bad behaviour they won't be broke
Mar 21 15:36 2004:
Xavier fixed basic_setter it was calling for 0 race specific trait from features_d (seems old system gave back at least two traits even when asked for none)
Mar 21 15:06 2004:
Xavier fixed skill improve rate (short/mid range improving should be better than before)
Mar 20 19:35 2004:
Xavier fixed chipmunk (to accept nut) and summoned bear (to stay as long as it was intended) in fun quest
Mar 20 16:47 2004:
Xavier updated feature_d so it can handle feature descriptions like &colour(eyed):all,!drow_kin;black,blue,brown,gray,green,coppery ie, all but drow_kin get those and then later on you can separately define fitting ones for that kin, this way you can exclude some unfitting general settings for given kins
Mar 20 14:13 2004:
Xavier changed skills_d.c so in recalc_guild_types() it fixes up player data according to the new guild types, also made some minor tweaks for beter memory usage
Mar 19 14:14 2004:
Xavier fixed eliving.c so ghosts do not improve skillmax, neither rot their current skills
Mar 18 19:31 2004:
Xavier fixed skillinfo, spellinfo etc (query_apt() is implemented in SKILLS_D now)
Mar 18 17:33 2004:
Xavier took out counting part of improving graf from eliving and placed into skills_d, from now on quit quit/relog wont boost improves (ie statistic is still there)
Mar 17 14:47 2004:
Xavier added resign as judge in courts, if someone want to cancel himself as a candidate for judge position during the voting process
Mar 17 14:18 2004:
Xavier added clean_up_votes() in m_register.c which removes votes on declined/uncitizened judges
Mar 17 14:01 2004:
Xavier avanger please check the comments and fix the file up, what that check_election_results() was meant to do? it is not implemented anywhere (did a grep in /d and /std no such function anywhere but your define)
Mar 17 14:00 2004:
Xavier made a TEMP HACK in check_on_voting(), /std/modules/m_register.c so current judges can decline while their mandatum is still not expired.
Mar 17 12:59 2004:
Xavier fixed _read.c to allow players without base_stats set to read paper from Xammuth (since query_stat() always return >=1 /chill touch fix?/ and _read.c had a check which depended on if it is undefined)
Mar 16 20:05 2004:
Avenger fixed the stat selection room to not dump new characters
Mar 10 19:32 2004:
Xavier added a new command 'herbs' you can check herbs known to you with it
Feb 7 15:35 2004:
Avenger improved the sphynx
Feb 7 15:35 2004:
Avenger fixed a few bugs with hole
Feb 7 13:29 2004:
Avenger fixed the beholdeer to use its eye again
Jan 13 20:14 2004:
Avenger implemented a sconce object for use in dungeons/houses
Jan 3 11:20 2004:
Avenger fixed infravision to be available for themes
Dec 31 19:09 2003:
Avenger fixed simple fire-based single target spells to not work underwater
Dec 31 19:05 2003:
Avenger was meant to fire based area spells :)
Dec 31 19:05 2003:
Avenger modified area spells to be ineffective underwater
Dec 30 09:53 2003:
Avenger changed incense burner a bit
Nov 25 12:35 2003:
Xavier foxed bow tattos (+aiming bonus when worn, -coordination (no such skill even) when removed) thanks to Nexus finding it
Nov 21 19:27 2003:
Avenger re-enabled fix body
Nov 13 22:28 2003:
Mammuth shao
Oct 5 15:53 2003:
Avenger implemented knock
Oct 5 15:09 2003:
Avenger added some skills/spells to several teachers
Sep 20 11:47 2003:
Avenger fixed handling of spells with no external function (currently only gem focus should be this kind)
Sep 18 23:40 2003:
Avenger fixed some things near Greywind's tower
Sep 17 21:31 2003:
Avenger fixed a weirdness with shadow rooms and climbable exits (shadow portals will no longer modify climbing in the original room)
Sep 14 19:28 2003:
Avenger added a kitchen to qajiningrad's pub. Its possible meat/herbs there
Sep 13 20:58 2003:
Avenger implemented command: remember herb <herb>
Aug 26 22:04 2003:
Avenger probably fixed a bug with guild boards, so guildmasters could remove notes
Aug 23 19:03 2003:
Avenger praying at an altar will now require that you have the correct alignment for your god (this may seriously affect you)
Aug 19 22:23 2003:
Avenger www seems to be back but you have to type to get to the main page (i guess Xavier will fix it completely soon)
Aug 15 16:37 2003:
Xavier fixed /std/monster/healer (someone put some extreme short limit on processed string's length and most of the processed texts were thrown into the sink)
Aug 10 18:03 2003:
Avenger fixed the ice caves to honor cold resistance
Jul 29 22:22 2003:
Avenger implemented forging of special items. (Changed corpse, skin, forge) See the bebilith hide as an example.
Jul 29 18:42 2003:
Avenger added a limitation to stat bonuses. It is now impossible to modify a stat to become negative or have a stat bonus bigger than 20.
Jul 25 20:15 2003:
Avenger modified corpses to inherit some attributes of their original bodies (this may result in weird bugs)
Jul 25 19:43 2003:
Avenger modified priest alignment checks (added siolan/miorghon, let themes to be saintly)
Jul 15 19:21 2003:
Avenger fixed the monstrous compendium to handle adjusted terrain types. Now tundra/jungle areas will spawn the correct animals.
Jul 12 01:18 2003:
Avenger fixed an ugly bug in the souvenir shield
Jul 12 00:23 2003:
Avenger modified the sp command to copy items of a player (see help)
Jul 10 15:44 2003:
Xavier raised the maximum character limit to 9 (we have enough disk place)
Jul 3 20:28 2003:
Avenger changed the shogun's ring a bit
Jun 26 19:43 2003:
Avenger added a new psionic power to those who may have it
Jun 26 19:13 2003:
Avenger fixed death when closed eyes, refitting with blacksmiths, Karnassos
Jun 24 21:19 2003:
Avenger fixed 2 smiths to handle keyrings
Jun 16 18:17 2003:
Avenger modified the siolan altars a bit *mad grin*
May 16 21:52 2003:
Avenger fixed disarm to reequip weapon for the correct actor in case of 'self disarming'
May 15 19:06 2003:
Avenger fixed accept/give once again, now it appears to be correct
May 14 18:02 2003:
Avenger changed generic damage spells. Please report any problems
May 8 20:41 2003:
Avenger fixed the mana store gems (also changed the wizard hats somewhat)
May 8 20:19 2003:
Avenger fixed children to not revolt against their parents, fixed controlled beings to not revolt so frequently
Apr 26 13:58 2003:
Avenger fixed the siolan altar (marriages)
Apr 24 21:30 2003:
Avenger implemented protective circle
Apr 24 20:18 2003:
Avenger fixed guild command: reject
Apr 4 19:11 2003:
Avenger fixed quickdraw to give a chance of improve (iaitsu)
Apr 4 17:25 2003:
Avenger fixed some burning demon sword to be more safe
Apr 4 17:23 2003:
Avenger fixed smenu/event_d to be less obscure, at least now it is possible to remove non-existent objects from the event schedule
Mar 18 20:20 2003:
Avenger fixed learning from scrolls
Mar 8 17:14 2003:
Avenger implemented new prompt token: %H, it will display the HP in percent
Mar 1 23:19 2003:
Avenger implemented 'forget all spells' for people who want to give up spell casting on a whim
Feb 16 20:11 2003:
Avenger created acid and fire potion recipes
Feb 13 20:39 2003:
Avenger most likely fixed arena
Feb 13 20:06 2003:
Avenger fixed scrolls
Feb 13 19:57 2003:
Avenger probably fixed sun vulnerability messages (causing spammy bug messages)
Feb 13 19:55 2003:
Avenger fixed the burning trolls
Feb 6 21:01 2003:
Avenger tried to fix division by zero (max_hp) when constitution is low
Feb 6 20:50 2003:
Avenger tried to fix some bugs in command bsing (bard's singing)
Feb 6 17:56 2003:
Xavier added two links to colour and black & white ATP logos on the WWW page of ATP (pics are courtesy of Mammuth) which can be printed for T-shirt (pics are HUGE 3800x3500 pixels for colour, and 2549x2716 for black & white)
Jan 15 22:18 2003:
Avenger fixed limb display in backstab (tell me if you see any more 0's)
Jan 15 22:17 2003:
Avenger restarted the regular arena event (it will happen every 10 mud days now)
Jan 2 01:01 2003:
Avenger fixed the deity restriction for necros
Dec 30 01:24 2002:
Avenger fixed a few bugs in the generic book object
Dec 28 00:45 2002:
Avenger modified backstab (implemented strangle, made backstab delayed, aimable, magical plus+poisons allowed)
Dec 23 19:50 2002:
Avenger made true sight to enable to see hidden people
Dec 23 17:19 2002:
Avenger fixed fatigue. If you fight and your SP goes beneath 0, you will go unconscious.
Dec 23 16:44 2002:
Avenger removed 'sun vulnerability' from the list of checked abilities (fix me won't remove it)
Dec 22 23:16 2002:
Avenger fixed: drinking from chalise, undying dog, throwing balls at people without free limb, uncountable items in vampire tower
Dec 20 20:21 2002:
Avenger modified barbarian commands to enable non-lethal fight
Dec 18 00:01 2002:
Avenger fixed some more bugs, including a non compiling room :/
Dec 17 23:34 2002:
Avenger fixed something in the Formentaure quest, heh
Dec 16 10:45 2002:
Avenger fixed furs/skins to be burnable by spells
Dec 14 22:16 2002:
Avenger fixed the mine cmd to not allow mining with broken tools.
Dec 12 22:02 2002:
Avenger gave dark elves (House of Oberon) sun vulnerability/resistance vs. magic
Dec 12 21:25 2002:
Avenger fixed a small problem with houses (put command)
Dec 9 16:24 2002:
Xavier fixed summon spell to set alignment for summoned critters to the caster's (so they can bless or whatever they like)
Dec 8 17:17 2002:
Avenger fixed the following problems: wand/dryad, shovel/stall, learning/warcry, learning/healer guild
Dec 7 20:47 2002:
Avenger fixed guildrooms to remove inactive leaders. (limit is 30 days)
Nov 29 17:42 2002:
Xavier added a new creator command 'standard' to easily test / clone stuff made by the standard_d daemon
Nov 27 10:54 2002:
Xavier added a set_no_recharge() function in m_charge, and fixed all ointments to be not reachargable (mana potion from 10 charges of ointment of mana gave more mana than the recharge spell cost)
Nov 27 10:26 2002:
Xavier fixed forge command to give target this_player() for carving shorter or taller (gave no target -> resulted in error)
Nov 26 17:25 2002:
Xavier fixed up /daemon/standard_d to be able to make standard weapons from blueprint, material, and description data all standardized for weight, price, quality, size, parryvalues, weaponclass etc
Nov 26 17:23 2002:
Xavier changed weapon.c to use standard_d in material hardnesses, also magical weapons are by default more durable
Nov 15 19:52 2002:
Avenger made forging of earrings possible
Nov 11 23:31 2002:
Avenger moved warcry to the common skill commands so samurai can use it
Nov 9 13:26 2002:
Avenger ok, there is now a genuine dark elf background. People who wanna be darkelves shall pick black/ebony skin and red eyes as a trait
Nov 9 11:54 2002:
Avenger modified the forge commands to allow syntaxes like: 'forge shield from iron for taller' or 'carve sword from wood for shorter'. The size will be 20% more or less, respectively. Also, the target shouldn't be around, only at the beginning of the process.
Nov 3 15:19 2002:
Avenger fixed a minor bug in m_field (harvesting)
Nov 3 14:23 2002:
Avenger refreshed the curtain code to use the same features as the door
Nov 3 12:02 2002:
Avenger connected the new goblin area, the area still needs npcs, and some special code
Nov 3 11:37 2002:
Avenger fixed the titles removed by the mountable PC code
Nov 3 10:32 2002:
Avenger reviewed the objects of the 'western' domain
Nov 1 23:45 2002:
Avenger made PC centaurs mountable
Nov 1 14:55 2002:
Avenger changed enchant to allow enchantment of more objects, this might cause enchanting some special objects buggy
Nov 1 08:37 2002:
Avenger says: *to not fail*-->*to find the weapon correctly*
Nov 1 08:36 2002:
Avenger modified disarm to not fail when you wield at least one weapon
Oct 31 21:22 2002:
Avenger fixed messages for samurai/chi
Oct 31 21:14 2002:
Avenger modified the kick command. (You can use it for a test of willpower by kicking heavy objects)
Oct 30 22:46 2002:
Avenger made shroud disable teleport to...
Oct 29 20:35 2002:
Avenger modified underwater/surface to set water to salty when terrain was set to 'sea'
Oct 18 21:48 2002:
Avenger fixed enchant to set the maximum charges correctly
Oct 18 21:33 2002:
Avenger modified detect/identify to display status of charged items
Oct 18 21:16 2002:
Avenger modified citizenship rules: switching citizenship is possible only after a year
Oct 18 21:11 2002:
Avenger implemented Nippon's courtroom. Changed qajin captain to give building license only to citizens of Qajiningrad.
Oct 18 20:45 2002:
Avenger associated 'songs' with the 'singing' skill. A necessary step to make songs affected by social aptitude
Oct 15 21:27 2002:
Avenger modified the beholdeer eyestalk to require wands skill
Oct 12 12:52 2002:
Avenger implemented Malkier, Qajiningrad too. Aireltown was open for a long time too
Oct 12 12:15 2002:
Avenger wants to note that Rashkahan had a courtroom for ages
Oct 12 12:13 2002:
Avenger implemented the courtroom for Arkanur
Oct 12 12:03 2002:
Avenger gave a 'board' to the priests of mielikki
Oct 12 11:47 2002:
Avenger fixed barkeep (check) in some special cases
Oct 11 19:26 2002:
Avenger made 'check <foodtype>' available in barkeeps (and other food/drink sellers)
Oct 11 18:56 2002:
Avenger opened Talis' kobold area. It isn't populated and typo fixed yet. So don't expect too much
Oct 10 20:33 2002:
Avenger modified magic protection spells to not stack with ironskin
Oct 8 19:37 2002:
Avenger created a mana store object (used by enchant/recharge)
Sep 28 19:12 2002:
Avenger added a few new spells to the priests of miorghon
Sep 28 19:11 2002:
Avenger created newsgroup for rhoe
Sep 15 02:47 2002:
Avenger fixed wands to set TargetFlag (this will fix the antimagic aura bug)
Aug 30 21:02 2002:
Avenger fixed a typo which caused all appraise skills unavailable for mercenaries (the guild name was 'mercenary' instead of 'mercenaries')
Aug 28 20:30 2002:
Avenger says: s/area/arena in the previous entry
Aug 28 20:29 2002:
Avenger found a sneak-in in the area which let some people in without protection (people with shadows like mask/lycantropy/etc)
Aug 28 20:13 2002:
Avenger implemented dust as a module. For dust objects you simply inherit M_DUST;
Aug 19 15:43 2002:
Avenger modified identify to not spit out the true name of a user, if the caster knows the person, he will know the remembered name
Aug 19 15:23 2002:
Avenger removed the check for the "keep" property in get(), move_to_player can check this property
Aug 19 13:55 2002:
Avenger modified forge (necklace is a possible item), also improved the wizforge command
Aug 19 13:25 2002:
Avenger changed immolate to bypass stoneskin
Aug 14 22:45 2002:
Avenger fixed sneaking (caused by the changed exit code)
Aug 12 16:51 2002:
Xavier fixed truesight check in sefuns so it gives bonus on hide see and enables seeing invisible but no longer enables you see hidden people if they hide very well
Aug 12 16:46 2002:
Xavier changed driver to use the invisible() sefun for resolve_dynamic() so there will be no longer Someone (trying to hide)
Aug 12 12:11 2002:
Avenger modified water creation
Aug 4 15:37 2002:
Avenger implemented new function: query_bard_party - to find targets who are in the team of the bard AND in the same room
Aug 4 14:03 2002:
Avenger implemented the work song
Aug 4 14:03 2002:
Avenger modified the eliving to handle song improves
Aug 4 10:33 2002:
Avenger finished the major works on bsing, implemented the valor song completely.
Aug 3 22:32 2002:
Avenger fixed base_ob/raw_move() to adjust light of the source environment (with check if we have a valid environment). This will fix players quit quitting with light
Aug 3 22:25 2002:
Avenger fixed remove in translucent containers (light level is now correctly changed)
Aug 3 22:24 2002:
Avenger fixed drag, jump (changed exits affected these)
Jul 31 19:16 2002:
Avenger fixed earthquake spell to not affect flyers
Jul 31 19:02 2002:
Avenger tries another approach of implementing run_away()
Jul 30 22:08 2002:
Avenger halved the skill rotting speed
Jul 30 21:11 2002:
Avenger probably fixed bumping/fleeing into blocked rooms (no longer possible)
Jul 28 21:50 2002:
Avenger fixed the arena to not allow lycantropes and other special cases (because the driver cannot handle multiple shadows correctly)
Jul 24 18:54 2002:
Avenger fixed lycantropy to restore original size
Jul 21 17:22 2002:
Avenger fixed some rare problem with special exits (this may have screwed some other tricky exits)
Jul 20 16:08 2002:
Avenger moved the marry command from altars to create a noble command
Jul 20 12:54 2002:
Avenger modified trolls to attack by bite too, trolls head may be disabled without instant death (most trolls regenerate back anyway ;)
Jul 20 12:47 2002:
Avenger changed withdraw in banks to accept plural coin names
Jul 12 18:18 2002:
Avenger made writing require inks. The colour of the line will depend on the ink used. (No ink was required in the past)
Jul 12 17:13 2002:
Avenger modified ships to show outside room items (including weather items) too.
Jul 12 16:44 2002:
Avenger fixed splitting of skins/furs etc. (It wasn't intended to be splittable after bundled)
Jul 10 09:57 2002:
Xavier changed doors so if both side of door are outdoor and the guy is flying high, he can fly over the door.
Jul 8 20:27 2002:
Avenger fixed some bugs with sewing pouch/backpack
Jul 7 15:58 2002:
Avenger fixed two minor problems with bakemono valley
Jul 4 20:27 2002:
Avenger made object parsing handle all/every. You can type: look at all fish or look at every sheep (so you can refer to multiple objects which have no plural form)
Jul 3 22:29 2002:
Avenger modified barbarian commands to make nonsense target limbs impossible
Jul 1 01:05 2002:
Avenger changed noble cmd divorce a bit, it is possible to divorce from a non existent player
Jun 30 18:26 2002:
Avenger changed common_heart_beat to return 0 when status is unconscious or similar (mobs issued various commands while unconscious) this may affect users as well
Jun 27 13:42 2002:
Xavier changed remember's regexp a bit so now you can check 'remember stocky faerie' or 'remember blue-eyed male elf' to see wheter you know any of such
Jun 27 13:41 2002:
Xavier changed remember to list remembered names in alphabetical list
Jun 26 23:38 2002:
Avenger fixed fleeing in rooms with non-standard exits. (hopefully)
Jun 16 13:35 2002:
Avenger implemented 'quickdraw'. the command is intended for samurai
Jun 16 13:33 2002:
Avenger fixed enchanting of create spells (gave it spell strength)
Jun 16 13:32 2002:
Avenger finally fixed burnable objects to not get damaged when targeted by a non-aggressive spell
Jun 16 12:24 2002:
Avenger hacked add_kill to use truesense 0 always when registering a kill, this is a hack, probably we shouldn't resolve names at this point
Jun 13 13:39 2002:
Xavier fixed /bin/spells/resistance to send appropriate messages depending on spell/miracle/psi
Jun 13 12:15 2002:
Xavier changed /obj/item/fire.c so when get() is called it will start to burn...sideeffect that dragging fire, and prolly other stuff where you need to touch (ie capable to get) will burn you at least once
Jun 13 11:22 2002:
Xavier fixed a glassknight to have this IS_CONSTRUCT flag (it went unconscious in a fight and it was pretty strange to see) prolly many golems could use this cumulative bitfield
Jun 13 11:21 2002:
Jun 13 11:20 2002:
Xavier fixed cast summon list (use spell level like at real check)
Jun 12 13:20 2002:
Avenger modified fly (non-zero time to modify altitude)
Jun 12 11:49 2002:
Avenger improved the whetstone
Jun 12 11:31 2002:
Avenger modified something in the web based background editor
Jun 10 10:47 2002:
Xavier added some fire aura effect to firenet, so it burns but hitting the guy will hurt you
Jun 7 12:20 2002:
Avenger fixed grouping (grouping with other objects when the callback doesn't group)
Jun 7 12:19 2002:
Avenger fixed heart beat in paralyzed+free action
Jun 5 18:36 2002:
Xavier fixed _refit smith command (extreme failure rate was due to checking foring skill on the armour not the f*ckin player!)
Jun 1 14:48 2002:
Avenger fixed something in the jump psi power
May 26 11:34 2002:
Avenger implemented mudlib level material component handling
May 24 17:48 2002:
Xavier changed go_unconscious() so in berserk you keep consciousness
May 23 10:56 2002:
Avenger fixed a bug in kill_hp function. When there was no magical/defensive protection allowed it didn't damage limbs. This reduced the effectivity of at least the wither spell
May 20 13:16 2002:
Avenger fixed yet another message problem with charged items
May 19 01:23 2002:
Avenger fixed stores to not store items containing other items
May 18 19:01 2002:
Avenger fixed fighting while paralysed but affected by free action
May 18 18:40 2002:
Avenger finished bard's singing from paper ability. (One can write a song onto a paper then other bards can sing it)
May 18 00:15 2002:
Avenger created 'query_users_in_domain' function. (It could be used to send messages to players in a specific domain)
May 17 19:39 2002:
Avenger fixed augment_body to give limbs at least 1 points of max damage. This fixes division by zero bugs on weak monsters weakened further by spells.
May 14 00:53 2002:
Avenger fixed a bug in save. it didn't warn about more than 100 items
May 12 18:01 2002:
Avenger modified the show command to remove the hidden status of the object shown
May 12 10:17 2002:
Avenger fixed assisting. In case an npc attacks its comrades will assist too. (They assisted only if they were attacked.)
May 12 01:09 2002:
Avenger fixed a few cosmetical problems with wands
May 12 00:48 2002:
Avenger refined the fleeing formula a bit more (immobile or incapable opponents can't block fleeing)
May 11 23:50 2002:
Avenger fixed deadly cloud's kill_hp attribute + it now checks on resistances
May 8 22:03 2002:
Avenger implemented deep oceans
May 8 21:39 2002:
Avenger implemented climbing in the shadow plane (climbing exits are now copied into shadow rooms)
May 6 23:26 2002:
Avenger finished easter egg code. (/d/wizards/bin/easter)
May 6 22:06 2002:
Avenger fixed grease when cast on people. Also improved killing hands.
May 5 20:01 2002:
Avenger fixed some spells regarding the shadow plane (no way to enter the shadows from the outer planes)
May 5 17:46 2002:
Avenger implemented automatic cavern generation for mountain areas in the wilderness
May 5 12:21 2002:
Avenger fixed some obscure problem with emote patterns when the target was missing and pattern contained %tv
May 5 11:22 2002:
Avenger implemented douse/extinguish as a standard verb
May 4 14:52 2002:
Avenger fixed meltdown to use list_of_objects instead of list_array (thus it will group items of the same name)
May 4 13:00 2002:
Avenger modified go_unconscious to make possible custom strings
May 4 10:53 2002:
Avenger fixed the cure miracle to work in special cases when there is no wound but an injury could be healed.
May 4 10:35 2002:
Avenger added if(!depts[dept]) return 0; to secure_d/line 644 (Fasthand's bugreport)
May 1 20:12 2002:
Avenger fixed a terrible big bug with ooc logins, it could remove all of the items (actually it even tried to nuke the character file too)
May 1 10:24 2002:
Xavier fixed about 20 typos thanks to Lissilinde's hard work!
May 1 10:07 2002:
Xavier changed soul_d to use %SN instead of %Sn in ^verb context this means using the D_DEFINITE flag for conversed names (The black-eyed blarg smiles instead A black-eyed blarg smiles.)
Apr 25 20:36 2002:
Avenger improved movement control. Emotes work again in some cases when movement is limited. see movement.h
Apr 24 19:09 2002:
Avenger changed lockpick slightly. It won't report success when the lockpicked object reports failure. Modified /std/bag to handle picking locks differently than opening locks, so there won't be keys and such appearing. You can use set_bag("pre pick",<string|function>) to set custom lockpicking messages/functions
Apr 23 18:57 2002:
Avenger modified can_fit in /std/scabbard to report how many items could fit
Apr 23 18:29 2002:
Avenger fixed disarm to be able to smash non-weapon objects out of the opponent's hand
Apr 23 18:26 2002:
Avenger fixed holding/carrying cursed items
Apr 21 04:26 2002:
Xavier added additional check for mapp() in stat effect (for old objects)
Apr 20 19:14 2002:
Avenger fixed the 'game pieces' quest
Apr 20 18:18 2002:
Avenger fixed cmd_d to not disable hiding when it isn't intended
Apr 20 18:17 2002:
Xavier did some cosmetic fix on treat/ligate messages (say tough skin at most races but shaashkaa where it is exoskeleton)
Apr 20 17:59 2002:
Avenger modified tame to calm horses down and make them more rideable
Apr 20 17:49 2002:
Avenger implemented a way to get random rooms easily. You can call "/d/<domain>/bin/citymap"->get_a_room(); to get a random room in a given domain
Apr 20 17:46 2002:
Xavier removed stupid paralyze check from chill touch -> paralyzed people can be chill touched, also since it shows up in affected list you can't do it additive
Apr 20 17:28 2002:
Xavier updated chill touch to use stat effect ->ie you cant remove it's stat minuses with quit quit/relog
Apr 20 17:22 2002:
Xavier updated /obj/effect/stat.c to enable simultaneous stat changes in one effect & fixed /bin/spells/stat_changer to use new format
Apr 20 11:58 2002:
Avenger and Marje introduced a new area
Apr 20 11:58 2002:
Avenger improved fleeing from combat
Apr 19 19:50 2002:
Avenger changed fleeing from combat (fleeing from a large group of opponents will be virtually impossible)
Apr 18 18:30 2002:
Avenger changed banshee's wail spell name to wail. (people who lost it might ask for it at any admin)
Apr 16 23:58 2002:
Avenger modified snake rune to be triggered by opening a warded container
Apr 16 20:17 2002:
Avenger implemented reduce_damage function which must be called from do_damage/kill_hp to reduce/increase damage by resistances/vulnerabilities
Apr 15 23:59 2002:
Avenger modified livings to not see rooms when sleeping and moved
Apr 15 19:13 2002:
Avenger fixed vortex spell to not allow flying after move. (using 0x08 in fly removes flying after moving)
Apr 15 17:58 2002:
Avenger implemented can_fit function in scabbards. (This will calculate grouped object numbers), modified _sheathe cmd to use this function
Apr 15 11:00 2002:
Xavier fixed warcry (some if() else was in wrong order resulting always no success)
Apr 14 15:05 2002:
Avenger fixed traps to not interact with ghosts by default. (You can still use set_trap("no ghost",1) to make them interact)
Apr 14 15:02 2002:
Avenger fixed bows to improve skill when damage is 0 (contact is made but damage is resisted completely), also fixed wielded projectiles use 'melee' skill, thus wielding an arrow won't improve projectile skills
Apr 14 13:08 2002:
Avenger fixed wands to be able to used on objects in the inventory
Apr 13 17:09 2002:
Avenger finished scrolls. It is possible to write spells on scrolls and learn them
Apr 13 14:48 2002:
Avenger modified casting/movement. (People can't move right after casting)
Apr 13 14:11 2002:
Avenger changed decay back. (If you want to implement it do this: void decay() {}
Apr 13 14:09 2002:
Avenger made 0 decay weapons: set_decay_rate(-1);
Apr 12 15:16 2002:
Mammuth adds a new adverb: smelly... From now, you can fart and burp smelly... :)
Apr 4 19:17 2002:
Xavier fixed scryball not to display of smell/sounds in the observed environment
Apr 2 23:13 2002:
Avenger changed login/internal_remove to destruct the user object with the 'nostore' flag
Apr 1 18:14 2002:
Avenger fixed cut (it is now a delayed command)
Apr 1 15:14 2002:
Avenger fixed bags to not allow living things break free so easily. also strengthened the rat trap
Apr 1 14:38 2002:
Avenger fixed /std/living/skills. Now skills consisting only of a bonus will be displayed. (resistances too)
Apr 1 11:33 2002:
Avenger opened a third cavern to the ice caves, refreshed navigation (citymaps can now report room numbers). It is easy to create a room counter by going through all domains querying citymaps
Mar 31 18:00 2002:
Avenger fixed a bug with calculating parry (first time the weapon was wielded, its parry stat wasn't used)
Mar 31 17:25 2002:
Avenger improved appraising weapons
Mar 31 16:06 2002:
Avenger made ghosts unable to break limbs
Mar 31 16:05 2002:
Avenger fixed ghosts to not stumble
Mar 31 16:05 2002:
Avenger fixed teachers to let characters learn a skill if it is 'amateur' for additional coins. Normally skill learning depends on intelligence, so this means less bright people will need more lessons to learn a skill :)
Mar 31 11:45 2002:
Avenger removed weakness/strengths as an allowed permanent property (fix me checks)
Mar 31 10:41 2002:
Avenger added syntax: style both <limb>s off/on
Mar 30 19:49 2002:
Xavier scripted various flavours of set("strengths",...) set_property("weakness", ({"fire", "cold", ..})) ie all obsolete stuff to the new set_graf("resistance", "fire", x) style /128 mobs affected/
Mar 30 13:59 2002:
Avenger implemented the wands skill
Mar 30 12:49 2002:
Avenger fixed assisting mobs
Mar 30 12:38 2002:
Avenger fixed mobs to not introduce again and again
Mar 30 12:08 2002:
Xavier fixed auras vs long weapons (long polearm helps, also any considerable length weapon help, however weapons where you hit with edge etc counts smaller)
Mar 30 11:55 2002:
Avenger fixed invisibility for sleeping
Mar 30 09:38 2002:
Avenger fixed turning undead with holy symbols worn
Mar 29 16:52 2002:
Avenger probably fixed the double wielding bug. (at least fixed one problem)
Mar 29 14:33 2002:
Mammuth smiles happily.
Mar 29 00:17 2002:
Avenger changed something similar in Arkanur forest
Mar 29 00:11 2002:
Avenger cleaned up exits in abyss virtual area (stupid exits do not require an add_action for quite some time)
Mar 27 18:32 2002:
Avenger fixed some minor problems with fill cmd
Mar 27 10:28 2002:
Xavier added an init_stat_maxes() at the end of add_stat_exp() so hp, sp, maxes, body weight etc will be updated due to stat changes
Mar 27 10:23 2002:
Xavier fixed describe_current_env not to show light levels if we are blind + some minore cosmetic fixup
Mar 26 20:17 2002:
Avenger fixed a few minor issues with cut/shear
Mar 26 15:37 2002:
Xavier fixed some minor cosmetic on nightrolls
Mar 26 13:01 2002:
Xavier modified go_berserk(int t, function eb) so if already in berserk 't' will only change the berserk time
Mar 26 12:57 2002:
Xavier updated butcher (enabled to butcher in berserk without skill improve & just for hacking)
Mar 26 12:05 2002:
Xavier removed barbarian OWNITEM scabbards, baldric, sheathe from barbarian are, sorry for players using it they will have a note for missing items
Mar 26 12:04 2002:
Xavier removed all OWNITEM scabbard, baldric from tanner replaced with standard objs, and fixed up mobs in the area to use the standard ones (for mobs you must do new(OB_SCABBARD, query_size()) to have them in correct size and not forking the standard with NO SIZE!
Mar 26 12:02 2002:
Xavier added the new scabbard to the barbarian camp tanner
Mar 26 11:55 2002:
Xavier added a new scabbard in /obj/items which can be worn on the back made by Indriq
Mar 23 20:59 2002:
Avenger modified the swim command to use the previous feature too
Mar 23 20:57 2002:
Avenger modified water rooms to not allow moving if the character fails a swimming check
Mar 23 18:24 2002:
Avenger fixed dismiss summoner command
Mar 23 18:24 2002:
Avenger fixed smoking/cooking to accept other heat sources
Mar 23 14:52 2002:
Avenger made a display of background file revision when the player tries to 'follow rainbow line'
Mar 22 11:22 2002:
Xavier fixed glassteel and sharpen spells to clear the appraise values
Mar 22 02:03 2002:
Avenger made some balancing on the souvenir fullplate. (No more infinite charges, but it can be recharged)
Mar 21 10:27 2002:
Avenger fixed say/ask to handle languages better. (cmd_d now handles valid languages as a different token)
Mar 21 09:46 2002:
Avenger fixed show/look to handle certain nonmaterial objects
Mar 21 09:32 2002:
Avenger fixed monsters to work like Xavier imagined :)
Mar 20 01:25 2002:
Avenger rewrote the chaos hounds. Now they cause wounds according to the combat rules. (their gnawing attack is linked to their head)
Mar 19 18:03 2002:
Avenger changed restart_heart to use the same move_to_startpoint function
Mar 19 14:37 2002:
Avenger fixed relogging into cloned objects. (The player will be moved back into the cloned object if it still exists, or it will be moved back to the environment if it doesn't exist). Later we might consider cloning the object again for extra fun ;)
Mar 19 14:32 2002:
Avenger fixed value adjustment for wooden trunks (other carved items will simply lose their value when carved from)
Mar 19 14:31 2002:
Avenger fixed m_bow and throw cmd too
Mar 19 14:29 2002:
Avenger fixed the hit command in case of hitting ghosty/solid bodies
Mar 19 14:25 2002:
Avenger fixed show_body_magii_eff function in /std/living/combat (it got a 4. parameter for the victim, so it isn't necessarily attacker[0])
Mar 19 11:54 2002:
Xavier fixed monster.c so mobs in team will always assist each even so they are different race
Mar 19 11:53 2002:
Xavier added `int in_my_party(object leader, object him)` in party daemon
Mar 18 18:37 2002:
Avenger modified transfer/teleport demi commands to break casting/breakable skill attempts
Mar 18 17:09 2002:
Avenger changed some little features in backflip
Mar 17 12:17 2002:
Avenger changed skill success calculations to use stats with half weight (opposed to skills)
Mar 17 10:50 2002:
Avenger fixed barkskin (it was my fault :)
Mar 15 10:41 2002:
Xavier added overrid for remove_interactive()
Mar 14 18:06 2002:
Avenger implemented anti-magic aura
Mar 13 19:20 2002:
Avenger fixed some messages in /std/living/follow
Mar 12 22:30 2002:
Avenger fixed screwed up tattoo. Also removed attack when someone resists an offensive spell
Mar 11 00:13 2002:
Avenger fixed the blindness miracle
Mar 9 02:40 2002:
Avenger fixed dark veil
Mar 5 22:17 2002:
Xavier fixed setenv xxx to void to test on wheter lower cased emote exist in player, so players can now remove the defaulted emote adverbs
Mar 4 14:46 2002:
Xavier added CB_CAN_BERSERK flag into skill callbacks, fixed combat.c not to be able to start new skills in berserk which don't have the flag, fixed barbarian skills to have the flag -> people can't use non barbraian skills in berserk
Mar 3 16:11 2002:
Avenger changed climbing to make it more difficult with lost pedals or full hands, and less difficult with extra wielding limbs, like a tail for kobolds
Mar 3 14:11 2002:
Avenger fixed guilds to take racial abilities into account (these are permanent thus must be counted)
Mar 3 13:53 2002:
Avenger fixed regenerating of multiple limbs in healers
Mar 2 22:25 2002:
Avenger fixed the double wielding skill and possibly other bugs (wielding/unwielding a single handed object didn't change the NumWielded variable)
Mar 2 17:57 2002:
Avenger added add_hunted(object ob) to /std/living
Mar 1 22:21 2002:
Avenger implemented some code to catch cheaters
Feb 28 18:55 2002:
Avenger changed barkeeps to allow custom 'no money' action. Rewritten bluegirls pub to use standard barkeep
Feb 25 14:36 2002:
Xavier moved Stumble down to combat.c fixed combat round to skip when stumbled (so skip remaining hits in the stumbled round) also stumbling now disrupt spell casting
Feb 25 14:13 2002:
Xavier added query_saved_aid() and updated telldev to use it, hopefully now you can communicate with disguised people again
Feb 25 13:42 2002:
Xavier fixed vendor's to put on their wares on sale only when they can move (ie not sleeping, paralyzed, etc)
Feb 24 20:12 2002:
Avenger changed shadow gate/portal in a few places
Feb 24 08:36 2002:
Avenger recreated the magic scroll. It is now possible to write/learn spells on scrolls and invoke them.
Feb 24 08:36 2002:
Avenger fixed a minor problem with standard damage spells (bolt, magic missile etc)
Feb 23 14:12 2002:
Avenger fixed accept command in guildrooms to not display the true name of the accepted character to the guildmaster
Feb 23 14:03 2002:
Avenger fixed a few minor issues with tattoo
Feb 23 13:54 2002:
Avenger fixed the exits command
Feb 22 23:35 2002:
Avenger fixed stopblood to not heal immediately
Feb 21 20:32 2002:
Avenger fixed most of the silverforest goblins to not clone new objects if there are objects around. (This should be done in all frequently hacked areas to cut back on heaps of discarded items)
Feb 21 19:22 2002:
Avenger modified juggling to check on item size. Also it will now calculate with free carrying capacity, not maximum carrying capacity. So it will be harder to juggle if the player is overloaded with heavy objects.
Feb 20 19:28 2002:
Avenger fixed set_race to remove objects first then change race, so changing race doesn't disturb sight limit if you have a sight limit modifying object. (There might be other similar side effects)
Feb 20 12:10 2002:
Xavier fixed up stop following was abused to check on from distance wheter a player moved from one location (ie follow someone move away, and watch for ditched message)
Feb 19 19:52 2002:
Xavier changed dive so it is using move queue now and is no longer 0 time action. (all extreme swimming skill character with _LOW_ age will be dealt according to rules)
Feb 19 19:29 2002:
Xavier changed swing_alimb(), unswing_alimb() to alter NumWielded accordingly (not if limb is LIMB_TWO_HANDED_IDLE tho) updated equip_item_to_limbs()/remove_item_from_limb() to alter NumWielded only if the limbs are !LIMB_NO_SWING, basically turned off hands to cause double wielding imprives when holding weapons in them
Feb 19 18:07 2002:
Avenger modified drag to allow dragging of living things only once/reboot. This was necessary because people abused this feature
Feb 19 16:57 2002:
Xavier fixed sefun capable_to_cast() to check on all held item wheter it enables casting not only the first
Feb 18 16:45 2002:
Xavier fixed bump's suffering call it gave no obj in call
Feb 18 16:45 2002:
Xavier supplied this_player() and action as parameters for suffering() evaluation in m_response and did aminor fix as well
Feb 17 13:39 2002:
Xavier updated commands.c gateway for the web help to handle colours more gracefully
Feb 16 21:07 2002:
Xavier fixed call_out parameters of return_home in /std/monster (mobs were generating errors cause of switched args)
Feb 16 15:30 2002:
Avenger fixed return_home in monsters (if they cannot move for some reason they will attempt return_home later)
Feb 16 15:25 2002:
Avenger fixed potion prices in Zella's hut
Feb 16 15:01 2002:
Xavier fixed bodytypes of bugbear, shaashka, obsidiman, nightgaunt, snakeman according to new balance
Feb 16 14:59 2002:
Avenger fixed ooc invisibility checks for channels
Feb 13 16:50 2002:
Avenger changed acid aura to handle different materials. (gold is obviously resistant to acid, as some other metals too)
Feb 13 16:42 2002:
Avenger made a new function for weapons to query the original short name. (Useful for effects that change the original short)
Feb 13 13:08 2002:
Avenger fixed some mirrors/walls in various places :)
Feb 13 11:29 2002:
Xavier added RACE on/off in setenv to set the alternative modes
Feb 13 11:27 2002:
Xavier updated driver to enable alternative remembered_name [race] format.
Feb 12 19:58 2002:
Avenger implemented the long awaited feature: faeries will be seriously damaged by casting negative energy (necro) spells. they could eventually lose their souls.
Feb 12 14:44 2002:
Xavier changed skill/spell/etc loss calculation, so at low fitness condtition you lose more skills etc
Feb 12 14:06 2002:
Xavier added spell component vs vulnerabilities check in spell casting (this will make possible to turn faeries to nightgaunts if casting enough negative energy spells forexample)
Feb 12 12:54 2002:
Xavier fixed stats command (was displaying infravision even when you had not)
Feb 12 11:21 2002:
Avenger fixed setenv to be able to remove any variables not just default emotes
Feb 12 10:12 2002:
Avenger improved help for skillinfo farming, ride.
Feb 11 23:26 2002:
Avenger fixed some more bugs with book binding; fixed tattoos left in rooms to self destruct
Feb 11 18:54 2002:
Xavier fixed m_wearable to handle "one special" armours correctly (ie lets have a "protection ring" with +15 AC and another with +100 defense, equiping both, then removing second caused stupid things)
Feb 11 00:40 2002:
Avenger fixed the binder to accept sheets of papyrus too
Feb 11 00:39 2002:
Avenger fixed some annoying quest bugs, (unmilkable cows, vanishing keyring, brownie village)
Feb 10 17:11 2002:
Xavier & Avenger fixed init_d (update grafs correctly for race, guild, bg changes, and added capability to init/remove dynamic stuff)
Feb 10 15:23 2002:
Avenger fixed 1-2 places using the standard 'push' command
Feb 8 19:47 2002:
Xavier fixed run_away() to stop skill/spell automatically if apropriate before running
Feb 8 19:47 2002:
Xavier made livings on _LOW_ stamina go unconscious
Feb 5 13:19 2002:
Xavier updated user.c to call purge_d with correct params as well
Feb 5 13:17 2002:
Xavier updated _cleanupusers.c to use PURGE_D, updated PURGE_D to call GUILD_D with correct params, updated GUILD_D's destroy_membership() to wipe for candidate, thrown status correctly (not only for the guilds the player is in)
Feb 3 11:53 2002:
Xavier added some temp hack at setup_race() in init_d to fix up old races with the new attributes
Feb 3 11:37 2002:
Xavier fixed _stats to show infravision at "vision", added infravision as ability at /init/races, fixed init_d to check for ability at race init rather than having the special_race... stuff
Feb 2 22:46 2002:
Xavier replaced mercyful to merciful (in merciful death ability) all around, to mirror the correct grammar
Feb 2 19:34 2002:
Xavier fixed m_teacher to use ability/skill grafbases for checking on spell casting, etc requirement
Feb 1 16:35 2002:
Xavier widened space at spells/skills/resistances/etc so long spellnames like negative plane protection, or resistance like negative energy vulnerability now fits in
Jan 31 13:38 2002:
Xavier fixed m_teacher to check for grafbase of skill + ability when checking on spell casting level or faith etc etc
Jan 30 10:06 2002:
Xavier fixed up /obj/illness/* to have set_disease() set (is claustrophoby handled by ILLNESS? anyway there it is not set for sure so elves can still be prone)
Jan 30 10:04 2002:
Xavier added set_disease() to /std/obj/illness.c and fixed up can_catch_it() for handling disease resistance
Jan 29 22:53 2002:
Xavier fixed init_d to always update reistances/abilities at race change & added similar guards at /repair/init_values so fix me will remove obsolete abilities/resistances & always update abilities/resistances even they get less thab before
Jan 29 22:21 2002:
Xavier fixed up init_d to handle natural armour/natural wc increase by age as graf bonus & thus fix me wont complain inconsistency for aged such players
Jan 29 22:00 2002:
Xavier added resistances in /init/races & code for handling, updated init_d, added resistances command
Jan 29 19:42 2002:
Avenger made brownies/faeries and other races with inborn spell casting ability to immune to manashock
Jan 29 14:37 2002:
Xavier removed level 40 cap from monsters, this was a remnant of old exp system which is obsolete by now
Jan 29 13:33 2002:
Xavier put in the race balance things (/init/race/*, init_d, races.db, minor tweak on appraise ability xxx command)
Jan 27 17:28 2002:
Xavier fixed some stupid case for kill_hp() & no environment
Jan 27 14:26 2002:
Xavier added sun vulnerability & forest being abilities
Jan 27 14:10 2002:
Avenger fixed heal by making the second (regen) parameter optional
Jan 27 14:03 2002:
Avenger improved soul commands to accept multiple word IDs
Jan 26 19:12 2002:
Avenger fixed something on fit_armour after Xavier left :)
Jan 26 18:03 2002:
Xavier and Avenger (hopefully) fixed wear code for wearing stuff on multiple choice limbs
Jan 26 17:21 2002:
Xavier switched params of text_skill() to avoid any current code be broken like appraise
Jan 26 16:57 2002:
Avenger fixed 2 bugs introduced by Xavier. 1. limbs didn't heal naturally, 2. appraise skill didn't work
Jan 26 15:09 2002:
Avenger created the testemote command
Jan 26 15:01 2002:
Avenger changed the fill command to set the short/long desc of containers when filled with water. (This will remove their original, special descriptions)
Jan 26 11:16 2002:
Xavier added a regenerate flag to limb healing and heal, this causes (by some random chance) to regenerate limb, change from sevred or broken to disabled, and from disabled to functional
Jan 26 10:45 2002:
Xavier changed troll bodytype from slaad to troll & removed the FATAL flag from troll's head
Jan 26 10:32 2002:
Xavier fixed get (it was enabling players to get items from other nonsleeping non uncon, non paralyed guys) after the recent changes
Jan 26 10:22 2002:
Xavier changed abilities command to show no ability level above ability 1000 (this is to list abilities like hard death, etc where level info is not needed)
Jan 26 10:20 2002:
Xavier added a few new abilities for the upcoming race balance: mercyful death, gard death, quick learner, fast learner, water being & there is more to come
Jan 25 14:17 2002:
Xavier fixed shortrest to use skill_callback instead of paralyze
Jan 24 19:51 2002:
Xavier updated stealing codea bit, heavier objects are now harder to steal & armours worn on more than 1 limbs are impossible to steal
Jan 23 21:30 2002:
Xavier fixed logs.h for standard_d permission & fixed armprints.db not to bug for the moment
Jan 23 19:35 2002:
Avenger set int 5 as the lower limit of reading ability. (characters lower than int 5 can't read)
Jan 23 19:29 2002:
Avenger made objects report 'object' as object type, not base object. (quality check depends on this)
Jan 22 20:41 2002:
Avenger created a voting system (it could be used for IC/OOC votes)
Jan 21 18:19 2002:
Avenger fixed dismantling of buildings (it will allow the builder to build another building now)
Jan 17 23:16 2002:
Avenger made sheriffs and judges able to change people's registration
Jan 11 23:31 2002:
Avenger fixed the judge voting system
Jan 7 23:33 2002:
Xavier changed aura spell's effect, with a long enough weapon you get less or no damage from aura spells (long means > 120 cm, in case of swords or staves where you hit not with the end of the weapon it is even longer and a bit randomized)
Jan 6 20:48 2002:
Avenger fixed perfumes to keep their smell over reboot, fixed a few minor problems with ships (leave is a standard verb)
Jan 5 15:52 2002:
Avenger improved the smith's refit command to be able to remove excess bodyparts. (You can refit a chainmail for a snakeman for example)
Jan 5 14:30 2002:
Avenger fixed repair appearance (lost pedal limb check)
Jan 5 14:02 2002:
Avenger implemented some parts of the bard song system
Jan 5 13:14 2002:
Avenger fixed | separator in notify
Jan 5 13:13 2002:
Avenger wishes you a happy new year
Dec 30 15:06 2001:
Avenger fixed a possible problem with leap
Dec 30 13:47 2001:
Avenger fixed the blindness spell
Dec 30 13:46 2001:
Avenger fixed spell strength calculation (bugged it when fixed wands)
Dec 30 11:28 2001:
Avenger fixed the ancient 'portal' spell to actually working
Dec 23 15:27 2001:
Avenger made torches 'blunt' when extinguished, 'melee' when lit
Dec 23 12:43 2001:
Avenger fixed arrows to not stick always into the target
Dec 23 12:37 2001:
Avenger fixed a few projectile weapons to 'need wield'
Dec 22 10:52 2001:
Avenger implemented 'appraise smithy' command. People with some forging skill can tell what materials could be worked on in a smithy
Dec 21 20:19 2001:
Avenger fixed poison bit handling in weapons
Dec 20 23:12 2001:
Avenger implemented severity flag in illness (cure disease already tried to query it) Use set_severity. severity=100 means only a caster with a good skill could fix it, severity=1000 means an uncurable disease
Dec 16 16:25 2001:
Avenger fixed a few little incompatibilities (mudlib changes) for the stolen sword quest
Dec 16 15:16 2001:
Avenger fixed custom vendors to correctly address people (invisible people will make them mutter:)
Dec 16 15:06 2001:
Avenger fixed money exchanging, it now allows: exchange smerduk to elven currency to convert all your smerduk to elven. (if you use elven rupee, then it won't give you higher coins than rupee)
Dec 16 14:31 2001:
Avenger enabled board command for ships as an alias of enter
Dec 13 18:44 2001:
Avenger implemented stop counting, pour oil into flask, fixed some more NPC names
Dec 4 18:17 2001:
Avenger fixed the broken limbs bug again (adding flag, not setting it exclusively)
Dec 4 17:43 2001:
Avenger fixed relogging with magical tattoos
Dec 4 17:15 2001:
Avenger fixed barbarian commands fighting against unconscious opponent
Nov 30 19:31 2001:
Xavier added some balancing stuff to the mask (transfer fail, teleport fail, healing fail) & raised max number to 5
Nov 30 17:08 2001:
Xavier fixed steal/pick also made stealing from hand harder and some other glitches (uncon, paralyzed, sleep etc)
Nov 18 17:57 2001:
Avenger fixed wishing well in faerie forest
Nov 18 17:57 2001:
Avenger made: fletching skill, flight arrow making, removing scales/feathers from skins.
Nov 17 08:41 2001:
Avenger implemented brief mode inventory (look is still displaying the long format)
Nov 15 19:16 2001:
Avenger fixed an old bug with broken arms while wielding something in the attached hand
Nov 12 18:00 2001:
Avenger fixed the entrance of the Siolan altar
Nov 12 17:37 2001:
Avenger fixed steal to not display telltale message about getting the item
Nov 11 16:26 2001:
Avenger changed IS_IMPR_INVIS to IS_CLOAKED
Nov 11 10:19 2001:
Avenger fixed is_on_same_height function to return true when one of the objects is in the inventory of the others
Nov 10 23:26 2001:
Avenger created a new potion
Nov 10 22:38 2001:
Avenger created the smoke command as an alternative of cooking
Nov 10 21:56 2001:
Avenger fixed refilling of potions on relog (maybe other recharging stuff too), fixed name of sohei gem focus
Nov 10 15:48 2001:
Avenger made possible carving from crystal/obsidian
Nov 10 15:43 2001:
Avenger fixed the following bugs: turned npcs will die correctly (die callback is called), it is possible to pick rock from a rubble
Nov 9 17:32 2001:
Avenger fixed the following bugs: wearing more than 3 robes is impossible now, getting lost by a skyship in tinmine forest, silver arm is working again
Nov 8 05:02 2001:
Chikatek fixed timezone daemon to show correct offsets and abbreviations, and added the UTC offset.
Nov 6 19:21 2001:
Avenger split xn notify tokens to xn and xN, N will start the name with 'the' if it is not a name but an outlook, n will prepend it with indefinite article. For example: %sN may result in: the stupid-faced elf, while %sn may result in: Xavier :P
Nov 5 23:34 2001:
Avenger fixed html changelog to accept <> marks
Nov 5 23:33 2001:
Avenger does some more <test>
Nov 5 23:24 2001:
Avenger does some
Nov 4 15:41 2001:
Xavier added CB_CHECK_HITS flag for skill callbacks..this causes a willpower/wisdom check for skill when the guy is getting hit during trying to acomplish the skill and possibly disrupting it like at spells (could be used at demi teleport forexample)
Nov 4 12:36 2001:
Avenger added the syntax: drop into
Nov 3 18:35 2001:
Xavier fixed reduce_graf() it was not influencing stat_exps!!!! thus die and regaining skill points resulted in positive stat exp on long run. also added a flag for reduce_graf() so it can be now used to reimburse death by bugs with a controlled (all stuff logged) way
Oct 30 15:57 2001:
Xavier bugfixed & added a new oriental background (thanks to Ati) to the selection
Oct 28 16:27 2001:
Avenger hacked weapon class changes when the weapon is wielded
Oct 28 12:52 2001:
Avenger put reset_eval_cost in user setup. (hopefully this won't result in hangs but will fix eval cost errors at login)
Oct 28 12:06 2001:
Avenger fixed limb creation. (left arm accepts the ID of arm, etc)
Oct 28 11:53 2001:
Avenger changed user object to let players quit in cloned rooms. They will be placed back to the environment of the room if possible. (If it is not possible then they will still be in trouble)
Oct 25 15:22 2001:
Xavier added spreading the plague for undeads (undead hitting a living foe unarmed + hard enough and the foe failing constitution check)
Oct 24 13:27 2001:
Xavier removed check_ciritcal() in NON_LETHAL combat mode (thanks to 'suggestion :))' of Darkyn/Asgard on hun channel)
Oct 23 11:38 2001:
Avenger meant poison.h in the previous entry
Oct 23 11:37 2001:
Avenger made different poisons possible, see potion.h for ideas, ask me for details.
Oct 22 16:57 2001:
Avenger made npc smithies able to refit armour/weapons
Oct 21 14:12 2001:
Avenger fixed charged objects to store spell level, execute_spell_casting to use this level for wands and improve the correct skills/spells when a wand is used
Oct 21 12:31 2001:
Avenger made affect_living automatically resolve notify tokens, no need of separate hacks for it. (no need of the tricks done in tattoos for example)
Oct 19 19:43 2001:
Avenger fixed all possible cases of wearing stuff, also unwearable stuff won't be dropped anymore
Oct 19 19:23 2001:
Avenger implemented 'list inactive' in guildrooms to list inactive guildmembers
Oct 19 17:47 2001:
Chikatek know, I use telnet about 50% of time
Oct 19 09:10 2001:
Xavier updated combat sequence (had soem major flaws at paralyze/uncon and still capable to cast)
Oct 19 04:24 2001:
Chikatek may need to test this
Oct 18 12:25 2001:
Xavier fixed improve of endurance skill, it happened at adding an elem to the move stack thus before moving even when guy HAD NO STAMINA TO MOVE, and place dit in the move_player() fun at user.c when the actual movement was done (also improve rate now depens on stamina used up for move)
Oct 14 22:14 2001:
Avenger fixed house building
Oct 14 18:29 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug with the glitterdust wand ( it was a general bug in charged objects)
Oct 14 00:17 2001:
Avenger fixed handling of unique artifacts
Oct 13 12:59 2001:
Avenger implemented bard's lore command, all artifacts need a history written in /doc/history to be effective
Oct 12 19:20 2001:
Avenger made altars keep track of marriages, also made holy water useful in consecrating unholy places.
Oct 7 19:27 2001:
Avenger changed move_to_player to always display the environment of the moved object (except if the destination's environment is the same) [you will see from where one gets an object, or if you unbridle a horse]
Oct 7 16:15 2001:
Avenger made mounts able to wear armours put on them (changed mount object/put cmd)
Oct 6 14:20 2001:
Avenger enabled the samurai guild
Oct 6 14:20 2001:
Avenger improved m_register. (auto register is now correctly capitalizing title, purge_d removes deleted players from registries, guild/outlaw daemons correctly handle new guild/registry objects)
Oct 1 13:50 2001:
Chikatek rewrote 151 topic helps, adding colour and format where none existed.
Oct 1 13:14 2001:
Xavier added special keyword to focus, so current sohei members may exclude other castout etc, who want to snoop on the guild
Oct 1 13:13 2001:
Xavier fixed up focus for sohei, it is now requiring 'gem focus' psipower (taught by Ying Chai), decreases faith, added aquamarines at Huang Lee
Sep 30 16:22 2001:
Avenger fixed aptitude calculation for non-skill masteries. spells use magic, miracles use religion, etc.
Sep 29 14:21 2001:
Avenger implemented message classes for monster emotes (similar to room emotes)
Sep 28 21:29 2001:
Avenger made wizforge command to easily reproduce player made objects
Sep 28 19:46 2001:
Avenger made dest wiz cmd to always display filenames it destroyed :>
Sep 27 15:31 2001:
Xavier added support for 'multi level' improve so rare skills can improve better (we dislike triggers for skill improvement)
Sep 27 15:30 2001:
Xavier fixed up standard door/lockpicking command
Sep 27 11:16 2001:
Avenger made outlaw_d remove (save) all registries when it is destructed. (If its remove() called at reboot, all registries will be saved)
Sep 26 18:55 2001:
Avenger completely rewrote get_object(), please report any problems with wiz functions like: call, dest, etc.
Sep 25 12:28 2001:
Avenger implemented a way to keep track of outlaw status, citizenship, etc for regions
Sep 24 15:39 2001:
Avenger and Xavier fixed some minor cosmetical problems with resolve_dynamic and colour conversion (object list, more function)
Sep 24 11:54 2001:
Xavier eliminated print() and write() deffered funs from news (print() is now causing no color/dynamic tag conversion!!! cause of msgclass SYSTEM)
Sep 24 08:53 2001:
Xavier changed terminal initialization's place (moved from receive_message() to setup()) -> no more checks on every message wheter i have term info, do it once at setup()
Sep 23 01:12 2001:
Avenger created random backgrounds for 1. chars
Sep 22 13:54 2001:
Avenger made snakemen to not stumble by putting this line in add_stumble: if(!query_max_pedals()) return;
Sep 22 12:41 2001:
Avenger fixed races page on www to convert colour codes to html tags
Sep 22 11:46 2001:
Xavier *laughs* but anyway fixed more object that it will do a proper terminal_colour() on the stuff and then paginate the lines..otherwise files with extreme long lines or string arrays containing such lines calculated wrong
Sep 22 11:44 2001:
Xavier okay
Sep 22 00:31 2001:
Avenger made restricting of skills by guilds possible (for example a mercenary can't achieve more than expert mastery in spell casting)
Sep 20 23:32 2001:
Avenger made one handed staves possible (they are not awkward anymore)
Sep 9 19:20 2001:
Avenger created base routines for regional outlawship (set/unset/query_outlaw(region)
Sep 9 14:27 2001:
Xavier added access to "Help" group for using clog (see above)
Sep 9 14:27 2001:
Chikatek proportioned help files into the new directories, and added some colour to keywords.
Sep 9 14:16 2001:
Xavier added new help directory defines in dirs.h (for Chikatek), updated _help.c to handle these & made dynamic 'topic' creation for help command (see 'help topic(s)' )
Sep 9 11:07 2001:
Xavier and Avenger tracked down/eliminated a problem in resolve_dynamic() (yesterday night :)
Sep 5 09:27 2001:
Xavier added CB_CONTINUED flag for skill callback and support for it, fixed meditate use it instead using paralyze
Sep 5 08:31 2001:
Xavier fixed meditate/kujikiri (removing 0 time action, and fixing for no rest property)
Sep 4 21:31 2001:
Avenger fixed a complex bug in weapons move function. Weapons need to be properly unequipped/reeuipped after a failed move if they are already wielded
Sep 1 19:44 2001:
Xavier fixed kujikiri, cause of 0 time action
Sep 1 18:57 2001:
Xavier fixed elven lifeguard (it was asking bad way for help)
Sep 1 18:47 2001:
Xavier fixed beholder slayer creation code (it had some huge HOLE in more details so users can't guess the process)
Sep 1 18:46 2001:
Xavier fixed weapon.c (IS_BROKEN weapon is max clumsy AND won't check for extra_wield() fun when no wa yto hit with it or get bonus for it)
Sep 1 14:18 2001:
Xavier enter with a true heart and a clear and a clear mind
Aug 30 14:23 2001:
Xavier fixed serious bug in unarmed fighting (dtype was badly calculated, and bits were not set correctly..resuled in spectral claws not giving magic level, and unrmed creatures not using their correct damage types)
Aug 19 23:52 2001:
Avenger implemented 'jump' a psi power
Aug 15 11:40 2001:
Xavier fixed globe (ice prison forexample) effect to suffocate target only if he is inside the globe
Aug 15 11:40 2001:
Xavier changed /std/magic.c to inherit weapon instead enhanced weapons will keep weapontype, however this whole enchat should be done entirely different way, maybe with some hooks or whatever and some + code in the standard lib to handle
Aug 6 18:32 2001:
Xavier fixed missing send messages when damage was 0 in combat round
Aug 6 14:51 2001:
Xavier mreged some code in send_messages() (innefective hit is no longer handled as an's a simple hit msg now with apropriate msgs from type dbs) updates all /init/weapons/types/xxx.db files +1 elem for each to show innefective hit/bite/claw etc (as gain the uniform hit innefectively is more colorful and apropriate)
Aug 6 14:22 2001:
Xavier added new identifier in body type files (like 'HEADUSED:fu&#in big teeth') and support in race_d/combat to use it & updated like 15 body types
Aug 5 22:44 2001:
Avenger implemented >5000 new rooms. (A large virtual mining area)
Aug 5 22:08 2001:
Avenger fixed a few problems (about 3) with bow
Jul 30 08:38 2001:
Xavier fixed m_bow to use skill callback in reloading => NO swinging when reloading, you get messages WHEN you start reloading, and WHEN you finish reloading
Jul 30 07:42 2001:
Xavier fixed sand's colour handling (if not yet mixed don't error on negative colour index) which ould be called form forge as well
Jul 29 16:27 2001:
Xavier fixed torch.c which used old query_htype() format (now obsolete, grep -r revealed only this occourance anyway)
Jul 29 16:21 2001:
Xavier updated hittypes in weaprints.db
Jul 29 16:20 2001:
Xavier added set_hit_types() in weapon, fixed suport in body.c at equiping item, added 'dtype' apropriate field for each diff hittype in /init/weapons/hittypes
Jul 29 15:00 2001:
Avenger moved peek into the command family of look/peer
Jul 28 19:31 2001:
Avenger fixed a problem with splitting herbs, also improved vials to be made of coloured glass
Jul 28 16:03 2001:
Avenger made possible to colour sand (for glassblowing)
Jul 27 18:45 2001:
Avenger improved the count command, created salt useful for preserving food (distilling sea water)
Jul 27 17:05 2001:
Xavier fixed add_guild() to remove the guild from old guilds list (ie, leaving mercenaries + joining mercenaries should not have a trace in old guilds when the join actually were done) => guilds can still check old guild criteria/discriminatoion AND number of guilds can be calculated correctly now
Jul 22 16:16 2001:
Avenger made some connections from silverforest to neighbouring areas
Jul 22 00:31 2001:
Avenger fixed a few objects using get_damage( array, int) to get_damage(string, int)
Jul 20 11:08 2001:
Xavier fixed unequip_item() in weapon.c /checking LIMB_GRAFT should be performed on 'Wielder' not this_player()/
Jul 18 23:37 2001:
Avenger removed leave_inventory, while it might needed later, add_encumbrance could be used for player houses too. (the only place where leave_inventory was used)
Jul 18 23:36 2001:
Avenger fixed: throwing weapons used in hand check melee skill + no more fatal stumbles.
Jul 18 12:35 2001:
Xavier think leave_inventory() is obsolete since add_encumbrance() is ALWAYS called in the environment left, when the move is OK and obj actually left the place, therfore overriding that fun could do the same functionality (sounds a bit hackish tho but 1 less call_other)
Jul 18 12:19 2001:
Xavier fixed claws/spectral claws
Jul 16 22:48 2001:
Avenger implemented 'leave_inventory' callback for moving objects. This is called in an object when someone leaves its inventory.
Jul 15 11:35 2001:
Avenger and Mammuth have implemented the web based background editor
Jul 14 21:31 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug with wielding magical weapons (magic and other features didn't work since Xavier changed weapon_types)
Jul 7 21:05 2001:
Avenger improved the command: converse
Jul 5 12:01 2001:
Xavier fixed _open.c (check is_on_same_height() only if !present(x, TP))
Jul 3 16:19 2001:
Xavier fixed killing hands psi power to make transparent ONLY_NATURAL wc/magic level/hit type/damtype changes
Jul 3 16:18 2001:
Xavier added a new 'int Natural' elem in alimb class, fixed body.c to set it from lattr when creating new alimbs, and use it when removing item from limb, added new funs set_alimb_natural(), query_alimb_natural()
Jul 3 15:13 2001:
Xavier fixed repeated "You get on your feet" msg when stumbled in living.c
Jul 1 23:12 2001:
Avenger made obsidiman no_bleeding, merman water_breathing (also made the possibility of other special racial setup in init_d)
Jul 1 18:34 2001:
Avenger implemented feather falling spell
Jul 1 17:33 2001:
Avenger created possibility to leave the background editor until the backgrounds are fully working for all races
Jul 1 13:46 2001:
Avenger made the 'exits' command so DIKU addicts may rejoice
Jun 29 18:46 2001:
Avenger fixed ice prison/resilient sphere (they are smashable again)
Jun 29 18:09 2001:
Avenger fixed receive_message for the MIXED message class. (Using "+"+msg+"+" for explode)
Jun 28 00:32 2001:
Avenger have improved background approval (the command 'background pending' will list all backgrounds)
Jun 25 10:20 2001:
Xavier fixed healer to note always (even in dark or too bright) when he ain't see the 'customer'
Jun 24 14:30 2001:
Avenger implemented the hit command
Jun 24 10:33 2001:
Avenger fixed vendor's check to display wearing locations
Jun 23 13:23 2001:
Avenger implemented LIMB_GRAFT, made cursed/graft weapons unable to disarm
Jun 22 23:14 2001:
Avenger made the 'DEAF' flag filter some message types
Jun 21 21:11 2001:
Avenger hopefully fixed reaccepting into guilds
Jun 21 12:06 2001:
Xavier fixed fit_armour() in body.c to generate apropriate unfit messages
Jun 20 17:15 2001:
Avenger fixed remove_limb to readjust indices in ALimbs/UALimbs after removed an element of Limbs.
Jun 19 23:09 2001:
Avenger fixed persistent rooms, like the Mielikki shrine (someone made ResetNum non-static, this caused some rooms not to reset at load) (*peers Xavier*)
Jun 19 00:04 2001:
Avenger fixed arrows (after Xavier's change in armours)
Jun 18 09:46 2001:
Xavier fixed add_item() to use the current architect cause Avenger missed the point
Jun 17 13:28 2001:
Avenger fixed add_item in room after Xavier screwed it up
Jun 15 15:31 2001:
Xavier fixed _divec, _enter.c, _leave.c, _follow.c, living.c & aliminated C_EXIT define from lib
Jun 15 15:08 2001:
Xavier changed the classp exit types in /std/room.c to arrayp
Jun 13 16:47 2001:
Xavier changed the two args of load_map() efun, for consistency & added a new feature for map.dat file OBSTACLEs are available just like rivers on boarders, also added support for mapping query_map_exits(string map_name, int x, int y, string prefix)
Jun 12 16:00 2001:
Xavier added a sample map (/init/maps/first) with READMEs
Jun 12 15:40 2001:
Xavier added man pages for load_map(), purge_map(), show_map(), query_map_bits(), query_map_alt(), set_map_coord(), save_map() efuns
Jun 12 15:27 2001:
Xavier compiled a new driver with outland map support
Jun 9 22:48 2001:
Avenger fixed some messages in appraising armours
Jun 8 21:41 2001:
Avenger just fixed a few problems with limbs/armours. Casting offensive area spells in no attack places. Restricted guilds. Fixed guzzling stone objects (for obsidimen). *yawn*
Jun 8 19:32 2001:
Xavier fixed _appraise.c (display_limbs(ob->query_actual_limbs() || PO->fit_armour(ob->query_limbs()) )
Jun 8 18:57 2001:
Xavier fixed m_custom., _forge.c to use new limb defines
Jun 8 18:23 2001:
Xavier fixed /std/monster/healer
Jun 8 18:23 2001:
Xavier scripted 400+ armour files to new format manually edited 40+ files for set_limbs() & 50+ files for armour()
Jun 8 18:18 2001:
Xavier changed set_limbs() format in armours, added support for it in body.c and m_wearable
Jun 7 16:12 2001:
Xavier fixed all the remaining mobs with add_limb() now they everywhere uses the #defines in limb.h combat.h so hopefully more flexible for future changes, also fixed many shitty code (like tooths wielded in head :>
Jun 6 15:34 2001:
Xavier fixed all ocourances of query_attrib_limbs(), query_limb_attrib() in /bin /std
Jun 6 15:25 2001:
Xavier rewrote /init/bodies/README & revised/fixed 52 body descriptor files in /init/bodies
Jun 6 14:27 2001:
Xavier fixed _body creator command to display new limb types correct
Jun 6 14:24 2001:
Xavier fixed numerous commands to use these functions (cast, sohei, bodyartist, barbarian, _style.c)
Jun 6 14:24 2001:
Xavier fixed body.c to use new LimbType elem in limb class, added query_type_limbs(int type), query_limb_type(string limb) in body.c
Jun 6 14:23 2001:
Xavier implemented new limb types (see limb.h), fixed up race_d.c, body.c to handle them
Jun 5 16:18 2001:
Xavier added appraise spell, miracle, power, ability in _appraise.c cause the people were bugging me for it
Jun 5 10:15 2001:
Xavier set FREE_ACTION in user_bak.c (so people can check their underwater WWW builder created areas without swimming skill)
Jun 4 14:25 2001:
Avenger fixed some weirdness in forge (sewing and carving moved the raw material into the container sometimes, causing confusion), also implemented the tailoring skill. It is now possible to: cut wool from sheep, spin wool, dye wool, weave wool, (wool could be silk or cotton as well). It is possible to sew some stuff from fabrics.
Jun 4 12:06 2001:
Avenger and Chikatek opened the bathhouse of EC
Jun 3 11:36 2001:
Avenger made the first 'special' emote code. Ruffle will remove combed hair. Umm, we have implemented combs too...
Jun 2 23:10 2001:
Avenger fixed set_broken(0) for armours
Jun 2 12:10 2001:
Avenger changed a line in the logon object (ooc logins won't refresh the 20 mins timer)
Jun 1 20:42 2001:
Avenger fixed the arena to be compatible with Xavier's mixed message type
Jun 1 15:02 2001:
Xavier added the first mixed room emote at square (a la 'mixed:a+b+c')
Jun 1 14:59 2001:
Xavier changed the delimiter '|' in mixed msg class to '+' so we don't interfere unresolved dynamic flags ever
Jun 1 14:34 2001:
Xavier changed the arrayp msg format for ({see_and_listen,see,listen}) to message(MIXED, "see_and_listen|see|listen", ...) & fixed all occourances in the lib
Jun 1 12:07 2001:
Xavier added support for clumsy appraise of non held weapons (using calc_clumsy() from weapon.c) it's not touching wield_fun and in such cases people won't die by appraise, but won't get extra wield's affect on clumsy
Jun 1 11:38 2001:
Xavier updated move(), reworked get_clumsy() in weapon.c
Jun 1 10:18 2001:
Xavier implemented refit command for smiths, see help refit
May 31 22:04 2001:
Avenger implemented string stupid_exit(string dir) function for rooms. Now ships tell confused newbies to leave the ship before moving in random directions
May 31 18:27 2001:
Avenger and ulver opened the barbarian camp
May 30 19:57 2001:
Avenger fixed grouping (1. it won't screw up multiple groupings, but it will work as Xavi intended, new objects will group to old ones)
May 28 13:29 2001:
Xavier changed grouping behaviour a little (group newly picked objects to the old one, so in case you have darts in your non swinging hand, after picking new darts you won't have the darts in the swinging free hand but in oyur non swinging one)
May 27 12:43 2001:
Avenger implements glassblowing
May 27 11:22 2001:
Avenger enhanced nose command to work on objects
May 27 10:04 2001:
Avenger implemented base-level resistance routines to replace old magic resistance+strengths/weakness/immune code (this will use percentage numbers for all kinds of damagetypes not only for magic resistance)
May 25 21:04 2001:
Avenger implemented food decay (food will rot after a week) calling preserve_food() will make it fresh for another month
May 24 19:22 2001:
Avenger separated magic item from charged item. (It is possible to make charged weapons/armours with little effort now)
May 24 16:14 2001:
Xavier fixed convsersed_name(int bits) calls in /cmds/ooc
May 24 16:13 2001:
Xavier implemented handling of set("sinfo", x) in armours, bags, scabbards (setting it 1 will show dynamic sizeinfo in their varargs query_short(int bits)
May 24 16:11 2001:
Xavier added support for varargs query_short(int bits) in armour, bag, scabbard
May 23 12:07 2001:
Xavier made some quick hack on /std/surface.c (guys with waterbreath will do different msgs, short tags) ie, no more 'A carp appears below the surface coughing' *lol*
May 22 15:48 2001:
Xavier fixed conversed_name(int bits) in /daemon (/adm/daemon has no instances) so basically almost all standard stuff is ok now, save for cmds
May 22 15:26 2001:
Xavier fixed the whole /std /adm/sefun for conversed_name(int bits) each place we use now the apropriate bits
May 22 12:17 2001:
Xavier optimized resolve_dynamic() for mem allocation (using extend_string() now as Marius suggested)
May 21 17:26 2001:
Xavier removed memory leak from efun, huh DREALLOC(x, COUNTED_STRLEN(x), TAG_MALLOOC, "f_reaolve_dynamic") was not working as i expected, so we use a fix char buffer now and create string at the end only
May 21 16:47 2001:
Xavier need to fix up all damn commands now and other instances to use the 'bits' on conversed_name()
May 21 16:46 2001:
Xavier added #define NO_RESOLVE ({HELP, SYSTEM, BROADCAST}) to messages.h and support in user.c
May 21 16:45 2001:
Xavier added manual page from resolve dynamic (man resolve_dynamic)
May 21 16:12 2001:
Xavier recoded resolve_capname() efun, it is called now resolve_dynamic() and understands 2 dynamic tags, conversed name, and size info
May 21 16:09 2001:
Xavier oinks sadly on the above comment :->
May 21 16:09 2001:
Xavier ed /adm/include/global.h
May 19 15:07 2001:
Avenger made the fishing net more useful in combat
May 18 19:43 2001:
Avenger limited mail subject line in 30 chars after receiving a mail with message in the subject line :#
May 17 10:52 2001:
Xavier last change means to AVOID ':' in room emotes (but anyway who would use emotes with ':' mark), suggested msg classes are: listen, smell, seeing, dream (dream msg class is shown only to people who are sleeping so kewl effects can be done)
May 17 10:50 2001:
Xavier added some message class support for room emotes (ie 'smell:You smell blabla.' works now)
May 16 11:43 2001:
Xavier added 'int LimbType' in limb class & grepped all user objects to have correct sized class element (preparing to move limb type bits to another bit field, freeing up space for other stuff)
May 16 08:56 2001:
Xavier fixed move_player() in user_bak.c (leave msgs was screwed up)
May 14 11:09 2001:
Xavier fixed combat.c if we hit opponent but it's auras (ie stoneskin) bufered our damage, we will still disrupt our invis
May 14 10:56 2001:
Xavier with the assist of Chikatek debugged/fixed bug in combat.c (fight stopped when guy from party back attacked mob, and front people moved off, cause mob was not hunting attacker)
May 14 07:22 2001:
Xavier updated can_remove() in m_wearable (at remove() there was no TP and in case of cursed items it could cause runtime errors)
May 12 18:07 2001:
Xavier added variable size support for moneybags, pouches, scabbards, sheathes, baldrics, staff girths, backpacks which shows in relative to player size vs armour size in query_short() as well
May 12 17:00 2001:
Xavier fixed forge to the new armour system, and fixed numerous armours (wizard hat, minya, badges, brooches etc to be wearable by everyone) (Avenger see list in /d/AS_FIXED)
May 12 15:58 2001:
Xavier updated disarm (can disarm now anything in hand) and barbarian commands headbutt/elbow (they won't aim for legs anymore by default)
May 11 15:32 2001:
Xavier updated m_custom and joe, now custommade stuff is correct size, also stuff made at joe
May 11 15:31 2001:
Xavier updated m_wearable setup_armour(string type, string material), set_armour_size(int as) this new formula to set type/material will force cretors to set it otherwise the armour will be simply iron
May 11 12:44 2001:
Xavier debugged and fixed http_d with the help of Hazzlen & Fauch (when header came in multiple parts data corruption appeared)
May 11 09:57 2001:
Xavier updated _meltdown command to use skill_callback (to avoid 0 time meltdown)
May 10 14:10 2001:
Xavier implemented setup_armour() at m_wearable which will be used later on for armours (type,material,size all influences noise, hinder, etc) also at wear if armour size is not specified at a mob, it will be a perfect fit on mob armour.
May 10 14:07 2001:
Xavier changed armour size stuff & made preparations to change set_armour_type(string type) to setup_armour(string type, string material, int armour_size)
May 9 17:59 2001:
Avenger improved vendors' check ware function to tell people the wearing location of armours.
May 8 23:45 2001:
Avenger fixed a few things in m_wearable (kept the warnings)
May 8 08:49 2001:
Xavier changed armour size checks to give only warning till we clear up things (ie all rings, medals etc, mobs properly wear sruff etc)
May 8 08:48 2001:
Xavier added armour size 98 (smaller can be worn but not bigger) useable for moneybags, sheathes, scabbards, baldrics bags, but not for girth, backpack tho
May 6 22:12 2001:
Avenger implemented armour size. default armour size is for people between 40-80 kg, -1 means 20-40, 1 means 80-160, 99 means magical armour
May 4 22:48 2001:
Avenger made rings unwearable over other armour (gloves). You must wear rings first.
May 4 13:36 2001:
Xavier added delete_graf() to eliving (fix for removing stat_exp() on forgeted spells etc)
May 3 22:35 2001:
Avenger relaxed the armour hidrances a bit, it is still producing mana shocks, but it is not so dangerous now
May 3 18:06 2001:
Avenger modified headbutt to not initiate laughing in plants, animals or monsters (only playable races) well, this roughly covers the sentient races who are able to laugh.
May 3 08:46 2001:
Xavier fixed all mobs in elf city (who called military or responded to attack) to do it after attack not in is_invincible() check
May 2 18:06 2001:
Avenger made another modification on the abovementioned weapon (wield callbacks' first argument is the wielder :)
May 2 16:01 2001:
Xavier fixed glue's weap? some weird code was there i guess it does now what was intended (bug happened when glue was in a cage and cage was in a player's botomless pouch)
May 1 14:14 2001:
Avenger connected nomads domain (1700 new rooms)
Apr 30 19:43 2001:
Avenger made hall of heroes for the barbarian camp (steppe domain)
Apr 30 15:22 2001:
Avenger finished the sylph quest
Apr 30 10:33 2001:
Avenger upgraded driver to v22.2b11
Apr 27 11:27 2001:
Xavier updated converse_name() efun, recompiled driver to convert people names to Someone automagically while cant_see() returns true (insuff or too bright light, or blind)
Apr 25 18:22 2001:
Avenger modified the ooc area to allow people to other's building areas if they were invited by the builder
Apr 22 20:05 2001:
Avenger made broken armours to fall down/lose their magic (blame chikatek :)
Apr 22 19:34 2001:
Avenger fixed broken bags
Apr 22 13:54 2001:
Avenger started to implement stables
Apr 22 08:56 2001:
Avenger fixed one handed spears (they were awkward)
Apr 21 14:07 2001:
Avenger improved 'fix me'
Apr 20 18:19 2001:
Avenger made ALL previous and future shop storages non teleport :P
Apr 19 12:22 2001:
Xavier fixed currency exchange in banks (had to use float for calculations to avoid overflow)
Apr 19 12:08 2001:
Xavier updated healer 'show ' works for simple cases (severed,broken,disabled or injured limbs) to enable low iq trolls with low common lang. knowledge getting some basic services
Apr 19 12:06 2001:
Xavier fixed mirror image vs true sight (true sight people are not hitting images)
Apr 18 18:34 2001:
Avenger changed cause of death for some cases when the killer left the room by the time of death
Apr 17 18:56 2001:
Avenger relocated the hell to Arkanur
Apr 17 15:37 2001:
Xavier fixed m_guild_join, m_teacher (become in guild join will tell which skill/spell etc is needed & both objs now use grafbase!!! for requirement checks)
Apr 16 10:55 2001:
Avenger improved blocking (bumping)
Apr 16 10:05 2001:
Avenger fixed stumble/movement again
Apr 16 08:57 2001:
Avenger implemented the pk command for explaining pk
Apr 12 19:23 2001:
Avenger fixed assistp sefun
Apr 11 22:33 2001:
Avenger fixed travel start to move ooc users to the ooc square
Apr 10 21:13 2001:
Avenger fixed vitalize_limb and cure_fracture
Apr 10 18:28 2001:
Avenger improved the 'no hide' flag in rooms to accept arbitrary strings
Apr 7 17:03 2001:
Avenger implemented a new quest
Apr 7 15:08 2001:
Avenger fixed the player list to show 'you' if the player is on the list
Apr 7 15:02 2001:
Avenger fixed abort to abort only known abjurer spells
Apr 7 12:50 2001:
Avenger made the qajin mobs a bit more intelligent
Apr 6 15:35 2001:
Xavier fixed receive_message() for arrayp args, now invis casters are not seen casting an only gesture spell (might be heard tho), same for other combos
Apr 4 15:20 2001:
Xavier restructured user setup, invis user after quit/relog should be invis again
Apr 2 18:48 2001:
Xavier fixed teleport rooms to check P_NOTELEPORT for own memorized places (nice escape was to remember noteleport place and use Quazar later on for a small fee)
Apr 2 18:44 2001:
Xavier changed sheathe command, (if only weapon's name specified it will try to find a fitting scabbard which can_carry_weapon/not_too_big_or_small/can_hold_that_weapon_type)
Apr 1 23:39 2001:
Avenger fixed some possible escapes from strings in the room builder (it is far from perfect, a serious hacker could still gain wiz privileges :)
Apr 1 14:32 2001:
Avenger fixed old monsters using set_limb_hit
Apr 1 14:31 2001:
Avenger fixed effects to work safely with the mirror image on limbo
Apr 1 14:21 2001:
Avenger changed 'invisible' fun to check on unconsciousness, this will result in most unconscious guard will let you pass (this is the desired effect)
Mar 31 15:28 2001:
Avenger fixed a cummulative bonus in kujikiri (and possibly other features which increased healing bonus)
Mar 31 14:28 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug with flying ships
Mar 28 22:00 2001:
Avenger moved aura check before special hit evaluation (so spiders won't poison through stoneskin, and many other such weirdness are not possible anymore)
Mar 28 17:14 2001:
Xavier fixed some minor bugs in body, updated _style.c command
Mar 28 15:10 2001:
Xavier grepped all user's save files to change old limb class to new limb class
Mar 28 15:09 2001:
Xavier put in the new body.c/combat.c (atatcking limbs are handled in different ways)
Mar 28 10:52 2001:
Xavier added feature daemon initialization to 'mraces init' command
Mar 28 10:48 2001:
Mammuth make a few new feauters for merman
Mar 27 19:53 2001:
Avenger fixed up explosion in the mines, now it can be heard only in the mine domain
Mar 26 21:54 2001:
Avenger fixed improve_graf for non existent skills
Mar 25 20:28 2001:
Avenger fixed dispel in most objects (dispel now takes 2 parameters)
Mar 23 11:56 2001:
Xavier fixed dam type settings in body.c
Mar 23 01:16 2001:
Avenger created the shadow shield and ice dagger spells
Mar 23 01:04 2001:
Avenger improved the style and hold commands slightly
Mar 22 14:33 2001:
Xavier split LIMB_TWO_HANDED to LIMB_TWO_HANDED_USED, LIMB_TWO_HANDED_IDLE &* fixed body.c to handle attacking limbs etc correct
Mar 22 10:23 2001:
Xavier added string support for "no attack" prop in rooms. If string is supported then that will be displaye dinstead of the standard "Greater powers blabla" note you MUST end yuor string with a '\n'
Mar 21 17:27 2001:
Xavier made transparent race changes possible (ie statexp stays the same, only stats are adjusted depending on statex values and race)
Mar 20 15:20 2001:
Xavier grepped all set_graf in domains from melee to unarmed combat
Mar 20 15:07 2001:
Xavier changed /std/monster to give unarmed combat skill instead melee to standard mobs
Mar 19 16:14 2001:
Xavier fixed limb WC, NaturalHit recalculation in fix_limb()
Mar 19 16:14 2001:
Xavier and Avenger implemented unarmed combat skill, removed torch skill, reworked melee skill
Mar 19 08:54 2001:
Xavier added IS_CASTING bit into make's disallow proto
Mar 19 08:42 2001:
Xavier updated weapon.c to handle two-handed xxx skills for 'skill level requirement' check when apropriate
Mar 16 14:21 2001:
Avenger made an example for m_guardian (see /d/sewers/sew10a.c)
Mar 16 14:14 2001:
Avenger changed m_guardian to guard items on the ground
Mar 15 12:00 2001:
Avenger fixed drop to use 'styled off' limbs when dropping items directly from a container
Mar 15 11:51 2001:
Avenger fixed drag command
Mar 15 10:38 2001:
Avenger fixed aborting mail replies in news (if the message body wasn't cleared it sent the newsgroup entry to the author)
Mar 14 15:16 2001:
Xavier reminds himself to do skill check (too powerful) in hold for two-handed wielding with the check of two-handed xx skill instead of normal one
Mar 14 13:19 2001:
Xavier rewrote _skills, _spells, etc so you can list skills by skill group, spells by spell groups, etc, rewrote helps for commands, added help for skill-groups
Mar 14 11:15 2001:
Xavier fixed two minor bugs in combat (ie strengths was checked on type not hit type like piercing, slashing etc) and can_hit() was calculated wrongly
Mar 14 11:15 2001:
Mammuth assisted to Xavier :)))
Mar 14 11:14 2001:
Xavier and Mammuth eliminated 'two handed' skill, implemented two-handed blade, blunt, axe, staff skill, updated user version to remove old/add appripriate new skills
Mar 13 17:33 2001:
Avenger fixed dying with closed eyes (eyes will open ;)
Mar 12 19:39 2001:
Avenger fixed the handling of area silence
Mar 12 19:15 2001:
Avenger fixed purge_d to call guild daemon with destroy_membership(guild,NAME) so it will actually remove destructed player from guilds
Mar 11 23:40 2001:
Avenger fixed fix_limb to handle double wielding correctly (on login)
Mar 11 11:45 2001:
Avenger fixed flying with damaged wings
Mar 9 11:59 2001:
Xavier added proto to _transfer (so it can't be used while being paralyzed/disabled/sleep/etc) and fixed up convertion rate, now it depends on wis/wpr
Mar 7 17:06 2001:
Xavier updated teleport sell (move_player was still bad)
Mar 6 14:39 2001:
Mammuth nad Xavier fixed King Thorbald... He will accept the horns in every kind of containers, from now...
Mar 4 14:45 2001:
Avenger fixed and enhanced the arena
Mar 4 11:04 2001:
Avenger implemented m_guardian module
Mar 3 23:38 2001:
Avenger made spinning wool possible (it is only thread, we will need weaving too, and it is still not the end of it)
Mar 3 21:25 2001:
Avenger fixed do_alias in monsters. Now npcs can block/swim etc again. (commands that would resolve directions didn't work for npcs)
Mar 3 20:45 2001:
Avenger cleaned up some bodyartist commands
Mar 3 17:51 2001:
Avenger made mail aliases possible (now you can mail people you remembered as xy)
Mar 3 11:27 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug in describe_living_inventory (this one also didn't know anything about double wield/no swing flags)
Mar 3 11:14 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug in fix_limbs, and bugs in break_limb, disable_limb, these functions didn't use second wielding limb/limb no swing flags
Mar 2 19:57 2001:
Avenger implemented LIMB_NO_SWING limb state flag (to temporarily turn off attacking with a limb)
Mar 2 18:56 2001:
Avenger created fort woods longbow, an example object for wieldable+wearable objects
Mar 2 18:55 2001:
Avenger fixed another bug with wearing wielded items (this was the other way around)
Mar 2 18:46 2001:
Avenger fixed one bug with wielding worn items (longbow for example)
Mar 2 14:25 2001:
Mammuth added shrink spell to primrose spells' list
Mar 2 13:36 2001:
Mammuth updated the listing page at
Feb 28 23:58 2001:
Avenger made guilds to remove inactive guildleaders (right now, people who haven't logged in for 24 days, 3 mud years, will be removed from leadership)
Feb 28 21:39 2001:
Avenger modified 'read' to accept enhanced syntax (my/here)
Feb 26 20:00 2001:
Avenger supposedly fixed the weight problem with refining ores (the ore tried to recompensate weight on its own, which is now done by the base object)
Feb 25 21:31 2001:
Avenger implemented raft (you can 'stand on raft')
Feb 25 19:37 2001:
Avenger implemented verb 'stand up'. For rooms you can use __Stand(string where) too
Feb 24 13:49 2001:
Avenger implemented magic potential management in weather_d
Feb 21 22:44 2001:
Mammuth added a new vote link to the website (right.html) Thanx to Chikatek forthe link
Feb 21 21:43 2001:
Avenger implemented the spell: shrink
Feb 21 21:28 2001:
Avenger made possible to summon/bring in npcs in the arena
Feb 21 21:03 2001:
Avenger and Mammuth has removed the mouse ring, it caused too many problems, maybe later (never) it will be fixed
Feb 20 12:42 2001:
Xavier fixed rearrange_party() call in combat.c, party rows are calculated now correctly whenever any changes happens (all member dies/leaves first row, flys up etc)
Feb 19 23:59 2001:
Avenger fixed look all in closed containers (you can't look at things in opaque and closed containers)
Feb 19 22:02 2001:
Avenger and mammuth made their own helpfile :)
Feb 19 20:50 2001:
Avenger fixed the hideous laughter spell
Feb 19 07:42 2001:
Xavier added name block, removed where command, updated finger command for blocking name|where, updated finger daemon for handling
Feb 18 15:21 2001:
Avenger fixed some 'wrong request' html screens
Feb 18 10:23 2001:
Avenger slowed down healing
Feb 14 23:15 2001:
Avenger made possible to control something for 'unlimited time'
Feb 14 13:27 2001:
Avenger fixed a bug in disguise
Feb 13 15:55 2001:
Avenger changed disarm to calculate with clumsiness
Feb 11 16:00 2001:
Avenger did the upgrade_user function too
Feb 11 15:54 2001:
Avenger included a fix for limbs in the 'fix me' code. Automated user upgrade needed
Feb 11 15:11 2001:
Avenger fixed a problem with wearing multiple armours of the same type, but introduced another problem with old playerfiles (removed a structure element from limb class) It should be cleared
Feb 10 16:39 2001:
Avenger fixed some bugs in the castle daemon
Feb 8 23:24 2001:
Avenger opened the priest of miorghon and bard guilds (they are not yet fully supported)
Feb 7 17:16 2001:
Xavier changed the WWW page of AtP, so connecting from the WWW page now uses a JAVA applet now instead the old telnet HREF
Feb 6 12:20 2001:
Xavier fixed up killing hands, it won't mess up claws anymore (created a new effect which handles additive stuff)
Feb 3 16:34 2001:
Avenger implemented another part of the treasure finding quest using some old code pieces, thanks for Chikatek for the riddles
Jan 27 13:42 2001:
Avenger fixed the wed ring
Jan 27 13:07 2001:
Avenger modified guilds to not allow people younger than 5D playtime to be leaders
Jan 26 21:26 2001:
Avenger created the handler for the new karma system
Jan 25 20:09 2001:
Avenger changed parduks back to hands
Jan 20 23:18 2001:
Avenger created the spell 'disc'
Jan 20 11:59 2001:
Avenger has changed the labyrinth quest a little
Jan 15 20:22 2001:
Avenger created the odesc noble command
Jan 15 20:21 2001:
Avenger created another small quest
Jan 10 23:58 2001:
Avenger created a small quest for the coach station
Jan 7 20:54 2001:
Avenger changed healers. restore_payments should be called after set_name()
Jan 3 19:09 2001:
Avenger modified say/ask to not let people spam too much
Jan 3 18:09 2001:
Avenger implemented 'animal friendship' for aggressive monsters
Dec 30 20:40 2000:
Avenger changed calculations of skill aptitude. changed commands: allspells/allskills/allmiracles/*info
Dec 29 22:43 2000:
Avenger improved emote to accept "emote Today %sn looks happy." type strings
Dec 29 22:43 2000:
Avenger rewrote notify() because strings like "Today %sn ..." type strings caused bugs. (First two letters are valid notify directives)
Dec 29 18:26 2000:
Avenger removed automatic faith/spell casting skill of monsters. Monsters that use these skills will get the same level after first spell casting
Dec 27 23:44 2000:
Avenger fixed bows to handle auras
Dec 27 23:12 2000:
Avenger fixed throw to handle auras (mirror image, stoneskin)
Dec 27 18:31 2000:
Avenger created harvestable cereals (they could be harvested/threshed/ground)
Dec 27 18:30 2000:
Avenger fixed 'teams' to show remembered names
Dec 25 16:49 2000:
Avenger finished castle daemon
Dec 25 12:21 2000:
Avenger modified rooms to not always forbid moving into the inventory of something else
Dec 24 22:52 2000:
Avenger adds the previous should have been: player's inventory
Dec 24 22:51 2000:
Avenger changed object parsing to accept things in players environment even when player is blind
Dec 21 20:46 2000:
Avenger changed 0 stamina from no move at all to huge delay in move. So people with 0 stamina will be able to move sloooowly
Dec 19 23:39 2000:
Avenger created 'castle' wiz command and started implementing the 'build' command.
Dec 18 16:29 2000:
Xavier fixed up can_move_player() with the stamina check (now players wont run freely without movement points)
Dec 18 14:32 2000:
Xavier updated animate dead spell for new format
Dec 18 14:30 2000:
Xavier added arg 'undead' in make_new_body(object ob, int undead) of corpse.c so undead's corpse is restored faithfully, and IS_FATAL bits are cleared on limbs.
Dec 17 16:45 2000:
Avenger created psionic blast power. (for the not -yet- existing psionicist guild)
Dec 17 11:16 2000:
Avenger implemented psionic blast effect (similar to mana shock), it will be possible to block someone from using psi for a certain time
Dec 14 23:03 2000:
Avenger fixed emote/chat to disable faked chat with npcs
Dec 14 08:46 2000:
Avenger fixed rooms to not bug out on delayed replace_program
Dec 13 20:02 2000:
Avenger imped another miniquest
Dec 13 00:07 2000:
Avenger made a basic hack for displaying race descriptions on the www pages
Dec 10 18:19 2000:
Avenger changed treat to use skill_callback
Dec 10 16:03 2000:
Avenger changed alloy/meltdown/forge to use material hardness database
Dec 9 14:15 2000:
Xavier changed HOST -> __HOST__, GATE -> __GATE__ in html dynamic tags (so IS_GHOST in changelog wont be replaced to host forexample)
Nov 5 12:05 2000:
Avenger fixed a bug in the player builder with breaking long strings in arrays that contain the delimiter themselves
Nov 5 10:07 2000:
Avenger made priests of mielikki suck at blade/knife
Nov 5 10:07 2000:
Avenger implemented material hardness (weapon decay is based on it)
Nov 3 18:35 2000:
Avenger removed kill_hp from remove() in firenet so it won't kill people in arena (hopefully)
Nov 1 13:57 2000:
Avenger fixed the storagerooms (hopefully)
Oct 31 22:35 2000:
Avenger fixed stoneskin to handle BYPASS_STONE correctly
Oct 30 12:54 2000:
Mammuth fixed setter.c
Oct 30 07:29 2000:
Xavier fixed _backstab.c to use kill_hp() with correct damagetypes -> stoneskin is blocking it again
Oct 28 21:41 2000:
Xavier updated nose command, now you sniff the room you are in and also, at higher level smelling skill you get a bit more information
Oct 28 10:41 2000:
Xavier fixed up warcry, better checks, developing fear resistance by successful savings, instant but throat needs some rest before tryin again
Oct 28 10:03 2000:
Xavier fixed finger_d to restore props, thus where_block is handled correctly even for not loged people
Oct 26 17:56 2000:
Xavier fixed kill_hp() in combat.c
Oct 25 20:54 2000:
Avenger fixed aeval's energy shield (/obj/effect/dazzle will use the damagetype given outside)
Oct 25 18:46 2000:
Xavier fixed up all mobs who had fireshield like auras on them (fireshield, acid aura, dazzling aura, halo of light, green aura) and created the effects for the missing ones
Oct 25 16:47 2000:
Xavier updated /std/obj/effect.c to enable permanent effects /set_permanent(int p)/, updated stoneskin effect to use this flag instead overriding a few funs
Oct 25 16:37 2000:
Xavier made all attack in continue_attack() to be a TOUCH_ATTACK
Oct 25 16:34 2000:
Xavier made temp hack for set_stoneskin() in monster.c to avoid few mob doing errors
Oct 25 15:32 2000:
Xavier removed old stoneskin/mirror image/fireshield wired in code and recreated them as effects
Oct 25 15:31 2000:
Xavier implemented new layered aura handling in combat.c
Oct 23 15:11 2000:
Avenger changed altars to forbid attacks if they are sacred enough
Oct 19 13:28 2000:
Avenger created decrease_graf(type,name,amount), it is the opposite of improve_graf (without checking aptitude)
Oct 12 21:59 2000:
Avenger improved armour wearing logic. (armours that are wearable in optional parts will look for free limbs)
Oct 11 17:55 2000:
Avenger created tan cmd
Oct 11 17:32 2000:
Avenger modified skin to set AC to pelts
Oct 11 13:46 2000:
Xavier fixed translate() for UPPER case letters (lower case syllables gives format for upper case as well)
Oct 9 19:40 2000:
Avenger disabled language translation because of an unexpected bug
Oct 8 16:52 2000:
Avenger created /std/room/mud :>
Oct 6 19:59 2000:
Avenger standardized the storage room code
Oct 4 14:05 2000:
Avenger changed backstab to a new style command
Oct 4 13:53 2000:
Avenger implemented get_weapons(living, ({weapontype}) ) to simplify search for specific weapontypes wielded (used in many places of the lib)
Sep 29 12:55 2000:
Avenger fixed truename problem with summoned creatures
Sep 19 23:56 2000:
Avenger fixed a damn ugly bug with skill athropy (Skill rot chance was depending on theoretical level, not practical!)
Sep 19 21:55 2000:
Avenger implemented REPLACE_PROGRAM macro to employ safe replace_program calls, use it instead of replace_program
Sep 19 14:27 2000:
Avenger fixed the snake rune and many other spells
Sep 18 11:29 2000:
Avenger upgraded driver to v22.2b5 (with patch in lex)
Sep 17 18:29 2000:
Avenger started to implement court system (/std/modules/m_register)
Sep 16 14:28 2000:
Avenger removed unused callouts from potion fouling
Sep 16 14:27 2000:
Avenger implemented shiplines
Sep 12 18:44 2000:
Avenger created 'song' ooc command for submitting songs
Sep 12 12:07 2000:
Xavier changed describe_living_inventory() sefun not to show the covered armours (ie whats bellow a cloak) (checking OWN inventory still shows the full stuff)
Sep 11 18:03 2000:
Avenger changed the basic setter to allow special races for experienced players if an admin wants so (call setter;toggle_enhanced)
Sep 10 09:11 2000:
Avenger fixed projects to allow joining to projects with registered names (not true names)
Sep 7 19:44 2000:
Avenger modified the woodcutter and gudz to teach some skills
Sep 6 08:32 2000:
Xavier fixed up /std/obj/effect.c so 'dispel magic' now work with less efficiency even if spell is not given (as extra argument)
Sep 4 13:06 2000:
Avenger ported back address function into /adm/obj/socket (so it is possible to login to the mudftp). Ftp is still buggy.
Sep 1 21:50 2000:
Xavier fixed up cast.c to stop searching when casting, and perform cast/pray (old way was that an already started search disrupted casting which started later)
Aug 31 14:59 2000:
Avenger fixed the werespider not to gain levels for each attacker (also fixed monsters to not set levels higher than 40)
Aug 30 18:16 2000:
Avenger modified instant shutdown admin cmd to save playerfiles before shutting down
Aug 30 18:11 2000:
Avenger modified /std/user to save players and equipment in the same place (moved it from quit() to remove() )
Aug 30 18:09 2000:
Avenger modified shutdown_d: users->force_me("quit quit") to catch(users()->remove() );
Aug 30 18:08 2000:
Avenger modified master object: users()->force_me("quit") to catch(users()->remove() )
Aug 29 22:54 2000:
Avenger changed trip to optional usage of weapons, dissect ruins faith
Aug 27 16:41 2000:
Avenger made /obj/house/fence (you can use it similarly to doors), but it is climbable instead of open/close. You can use set_size and set_difficulty for climbing
Aug 26 22:40 2000:
Avenger created a small tool for checking guild relationships (~/item/matrix)
Aug 25 14:06 2000:
Avenger made optional function in /std/monster/vendor: string check_valid_item(object ob) (for example leather merchants could buy only leather stuff)
Aug 19 00:22 2000:
Avenger has written another background
Aug 9 18:59 2000:
Avenger implemented juggling
Aug 9 18:58 2000:
Avenger changed back to b25, since b31 crashes too much
Aug 8 12:48 2000:
Avenger fixed make in regard of grouped objects
Aug 7 13:20 2000:
Avenger installed Driver: MudOS v22.1b31
Aug 5 14:29 2000:
Avenger fixed sinking in surface code (next inventory called on moved object!)
Aug 4 18:17 2000:
Avenger removed set_heart_beat 1 from monster::create, it is called in init anyway
Aug 4 11:23 2000:
Avenger storerooms returning 1 on is_store_room will keep potions from rotting
Aug 3 19:35 2000:
Avenger wishing well is operational (/d/fforest/firestar/rooms/fairy1x2)
Aug 2 14:01 2000:
Avenger made subscribe/unsubscribe to accept * in group names (you can subscribe guild*)
Jul 31 17:09 2000:
Avenger made possible more colourful exit descriptions
Jul 30 19:39 2000:
Avenger made function type argument for add_long. You can use add_long("chair",(:function_which_describes_chair:);
Jul 30 16:48 2000:
Avenger fixed a bug with following through enter exits
Jul 30 12:30 2000:
Avenger fixed project rooms to list projects under the registered name (instead of true name)
Jul 29 09:08 2000:
Avenger will move /obj/item/ to /obj/armour
Jul 28 13:26 2000:
Avenger changed /std/obj/effect (heart_beat)
Jul 27 10:04 2000:
Xavier fixed next_guildmax in skills_d to leave your old max untouched even when your current guilds gives none (skill rot will do the rest in eliving)
Jul 26 17:00 2000:
Xavier fixed guild_d which was not loading and caused players to be booted
Jul 25 22:48 2000:
Avenger fixed stat changer spell effect
Jul 24 19:57 2000:
Avenger fixed exits in the new surface code and implemented frozen surface too
Jul 24 17:17 2000:
Avenger grepped all weapons containing skill level
Jul 24 10:46 2000:
Avenger changed set("skill level") to set_skill_level in weapons
Jul 23 21:53 2000:
Mammuth make homepages as a self-trained webdesigner since 1996.
Jul 23 15:28 2000:
Avenger made do_notify simulefun callable from outside (used in tattoos)
Jul 23 12:26 2000:
Avenger changed cmd order to parsed like most other commands (unconscious and sleeping players can't use it now)
Jul 22 16:34 2000:
Avenger made possible the manufacturing of arrows
Jul 22 16:33 2000:
Avenger improved the custom robe code (cost cmd)
Jul 22 14:52 2000:
Avenger fixed a bug where invisible people couldn't see their own actions
Jul 22 14:30 2000:
Avenger fixed the living object (SaveAId-->SavedAId)
Jul 22 00:53 2000:
Xavier and Avenger tracked down disguise bug (forgetting people who disguesed twice or more)
Jul 20 22:37 2000:
Xavier updated weather daemon to use query_ground() || "ground" for lightning msgs where it is aplicable
Jul 20 22:32 2000:
Xavier updated lightning/thunder msgs (thanks to Chikatek for new descriptions & ideas on using ground type in msgs depending on place where it happens)
Jul 18 17:22 2000:
Xavier updated weather_d (rain + strong wind = storm + LIGHTNING) lightning may struck in at various distances fear when YOU are the target :>
Jul 17 22:03 2000:
Xavier updated weather_d (dawn and sunset is announced to players) thanks cool desc depending on Clouds to Chikatek
Jul 14 20:45 2000:
Xavier grepped 888 weapon save files from old format to new format
Jul 13 22:39 2000:
Avenger removed __Weapon and __Weapon_nosave from weapon. Expect major bugs :>
Jul 11 14:35 2000:
Xavier updated surface/underwater so player get IS_SWIMMING only if they really are (not ghost, not flying, not free action)
Jul 9 12:02 2000:
Avenger made citymap inheritable. You have to call its create function like ::create(locations,OWNROOM)
Jul 8 15:50 2000:
Xavier put all_inventory()->net_dead() and all_inventory->restart_heart() in user.c to the apropriate place so effects can be freezed while user is not interactive and restarted later
Jul 8 15:49 2000:
Xavier created /obj/effect/protection.c for spells like magic shield, cloak etc
Jul 8 15:48 2000:
Xavier created /std/obj/effects.c inheritable for cloned effect objects
Jul 8 00:17 2000:
Avenger fixed Xammuth (replace QCN with conversed_name() )
Jul 5 15:39 2000:
Xavier threw away all junk from user.c remove() concerning nuke, PURGE_D does everything now (for rid, suicide, purge and unborn ppl)
Jul 3 16:48 2000:
Xavier fixed user.c to use purge_d
Jul 3 16:47 2000:
Xavier created purge_d, rewritten purge command to use it (souls, accounts, items)
Jul 2 23:15 2000:
Avenger made frost giant background
Jul 2 23:01 2000:
Avenger finally found why the bakemonoes tend to group in large numbers :)
Jul 1 09:15 2000:
Avenger made forest bears a lot more intelligent (/d/fforest/monster/bear)
Jun 28 18:40 2000:
Avenger merged bgtest and bg commands
Jun 28 18:16 2000:
Avenger fixed user_bak after someone screwed it up
Jun 27 20:36 2000:
Avenger created a 'traitor' background for dwarves and gnomes. (any underground + clan organised race)
Jun 27 18:11 2000:
Xavier run _cleanusers.c which resulted the removal of ~2700 users (with their items/accounts/links/guildpositions)
Jun 27 18:09 2000:
Xavier created pusers admin command to remove old version users/users with OOC age less than 5 hours + not on since 20 days
Jun 27 18:06 2000:
Xavier backuped save files
Jun 25 18:00 2000:
Avenger found and fixed a nasty bug in skill atrophy (skills.c line 126)
Jun 25 17:50 2000:
Avenger created most of a generic half- outcast background
Jun 24 17:24 2000:
Avenger tied sp and hp to weakness. It is also possible to give temporary hit points by adding negative weakness.
Jun 24 16:55 2000:
Avenger made the third nightgaunt background, we just need a calm little zone for newbie gaunts
Jun 24 16:51 2000:
Avenger made clargeddin dwarf background and tailor shop for dwarves. Now Malkier has all the needed trappings to be a starting place for dwarves.
Jun 21 20:01 2000:
Avenger reworked add_death. Shadow objects are able to deny adding entries to the death list. Alignment won't change either in this case.
Jun 19 16:09 2000:
Xavier changed basic_setter so non dwarven females gets invalid_traits as ({"shaved","bearded","beardless"}) therfore no females will have any kind of beard stuff
Jun 19 16:08 2000:
Xavier changed feature_d generate_traits() to varargs string * generate_traits(string race, int amount, string * invalid_traits)
Jun 16 08:16 2000:
Xavier fixed feature_d (all+race specific features are joined) so same category feature won't be given twice
Jun 14 00:00 2000:
Avenger fixed rolldown menu again after Xavier screwed it up. Now it is good even on netscape.
Jun 13 16:32 2000:
Xavier fixed rolldown menu's in www builder so order of menupoints won't be messed up after selection (Ave: the pattern was ok just missed the order of params :)
Jun 11 22:16 2000:
Avenger made new callback in m_chat. handle_unknown() is an overridable function for chatters when they don't see the player
Jun 11 20:30 2000:
Avenger made optional creation parameters (level, gender) for standard bear, lion and wolf. (usage: ob=new("/obj/monster/wolf", level, gender) )
Jun 11 19:33 2000:
Avenger fixed something in master object which could help crackers to learn passwords :>
Jun 11 18:52 2000:
Avenger rewritten smell to use the command parser. Removed direction stuff, that is implemented in nose anyway.
Jun 11 17:58 2000:
Avenger removed a funny line from cmd_d. (Near line 244). It made me unable to login at home. Second arg. of check_privilege is 'ignored objects on stack' and not a privilege. It was my fault, i wonder why it didn't happen before
Jun 11 10:52 2000:
Avenger put back the old death room :>
Jun 11 10:41 2000:
Avenger implements weakness after death (another feature to make death less pleasant)
Jun 10 19:32 2000:
Avenger fixed the selection boxes (light/room type) in the html builder.
Jun 10 13:35 2000:
Avenger made doors to be able to hidden.
Jun 8 22:51 2000:
Avenger fixed removal of curses.
Jun 8 12:05 2000:
Xavier updated resolve_capname() so when you see someone disguised as you, you see xy disguised like you or Your twin (depending how well it is done)
Jun 8 12:03 2000:
Xavier updated www-builder so at first time at project description the form is clearer and if too short and must write longer the stuff already written stays in the form
Jun 4 01:41 2000:
Avenger made gemcutting
Jun 2 20:38 2000:
Avenger moved terrain to separate variable, Xavier grepped all the files.
Jun 2 13:05 2000:
Xavier added a roll down file list in builder form so players can check what files they already created, added delete button to delete unwanted files, fixed up clear form
Jun 1 23:41 2000:
Avenger created ooc gateway for player created rooms + modified domain_d to allow players to their creation
Jun 1 23:41 2000:
Avenger modified www/gateways/room.c to update existing objects at save_room
Jun 1 16:30 2000:
Xavier wired WWW room creator in AtP Home Page
Jun 1 16:30 2000:
Xavier updated room creator to give some intro and to make user define a description for the area before opening a project.
Jun 1 09:10 2000:
Xavier updated array formation in room code creator for www room builder (so it makes a nicer and working format)
Jun 1 08:11 2000:
Xavier made online WWW room creator to work (does edit, load, save, quota) further room adds can be implemented later :>
May 29 21:32 2000:
Avenger upgraded driver to v22.1b23, hopefully patched pluralize efun in packages/contrib.c too.
May 29 07:17 2000:
Xavier added clean_up() { return 0; } in http_d (since DAEMON does a destruct() there which is pretty much not suitable with a socket obj hanging around still binding to the port)
May 28 18:32 2000:
Avenger made hiding/sneaking effective again
May 28 17:59 2000:
Avenger hacked move in weapons to reequip correctly after a failed move. (for example if you pick a knife with a closed backpack + collect)
May 24 18:20 2000:
Mammuth says: dear Xavier, there is NOT netscape 5.0 ... only 4.73 or prewiev of version 6.0
May 24 15:47 2000:
Xavier changed 201 POST command successful -> 200 OK /thanks to Ooze, netscape 5.0 was not understanding it before/
May 24 15:45 2000:
Xavier fixed html_decode()
May 23 17:30 2000:
Xavier removed efun html_decode() from http_d till its a CRASHER :> (using LPC HTML_decode() till)
May 23 17:29 2000:
Xavier created a new http_d which actually understand and speaks HTTP protocol (request, reply and error handling)
May 21 22:17 2000:
Mammuth said: Hey Avenger take out that sux where command, and Avenger did it..
May 21 15:27 2000:
Xavier created man for html_decode()
May 21 15:18 2000:
Xavier implemented string decode_html( string ) efun, it changes '+' to ' '; '%XX' to char 'c' correspondin to the hexadecimal values unless 'c' is '\r' in which case it is skipped
May 21 08:54 2000:
Xavier rewrote /adm/obj/socket.c (now socket obj behaves as a good socket)
May 17 20:23 2000:
Mammuth test
Apr 16 12:12 2000:
Avenger fixed sliding down on prism keep rainbow + prism keep bottom
Apr 16 12:01 2000:
Avenger probably fixed the party daemon
Apr 15 11:25 2000:
Avenger separated appraise flags from tmp properties
Apr 12 00:29 2000:
Avenger fixed update to behave correcly when updating shadows
Apr 8 21:27 2000:
Avenger made clay bricks
Apr 8 16:42 2000:
Avenger modified kill to allow switching of target
Apr 8 16:42 2000:
Avenger implemented accept
Apr 5 14:51 2000:
Avenger made giving fires impossible (it was a good trick, but too lethal :)
Apr 4 21:07 2000:
Avenger and mammuth have created 2 quests in two days
Apr 4 21:06 2000:
Avenger says environment should be replaced with inventory in the previous entry :>
Apr 4 21:05 2000:
Avenger made soul_d to accept targets in your environment (pet cat, rat, dog, etc)
Apr 4 13:51 2000:
Avenger fixed meril and other healers to be compatible with say to. (Sucker mammuth, i knew it will cause problems :)
Apr 2 15:59 2000:
Avenger changed run_away to accept a reason string, return a success value, and in the monsters case, move back the monster after a time.
Apr 1 11:00 2000:
Avenger made some skills unlearnable from teachers (racial abilities, faith)
Mar 30 22:33 2000:
Avenger created enchant spell
Mar 30 15:55 2000:
Avenger fixed Ulver's camp gate
Mar 30 10:24 2000:
Avenger changed spells to be compatible with wands
Mar 27 13:39 2000:
Mammuth and Avenger created barrels. Check /d/sforest/obj/barrel.c
Mar 27 01:36 2000:
Xavier changed kill_ob to add the new attacker to the end of attacker list instead of being the first entry
Mar 26 22:09 2000:
Avenger changed /std/magic slightly. See /d/sewers/mons/wand for an example
Mar 26 20:42 2000:
Avenger implemented 'hide tracks' feature
Mar 26 20:23 2000:
Avenger fixed some stuff in chop/saw
Mar 26 18:00 2000:
Mammuth forced Xavier to code 5 lines... Kewl!!!
Mar 25 16:41 2000:
Avenger made forge to work on weapons too
Mar 25 15:53 2000:
Avenger made the help system compatible with synonyms (see the carve/forge command)
Mar 25 15:37 2000:
Avenger created carve as a synomym of forge (of course it will be slightly different)
Mar 25 15:08 2000:
Avenger created new sefun: get_weapons. See man
Mar 25 14:29 2000:
Avenger fixed some stuff using old call 'refill' to '__Fill'. holy water, analyse, poison
Mar 24 23:12 2000:
Avenger fixed dragging to 'enter' exits
Mar 24 23:11 2000:
Avenger fixed dragging to 'enter' exits
Mar 24 23:11 2000:
Avenger fixed carts/mounts
Mar 23 18:21 2000:
Avenger refreshed the block command
Mar 21 15:34 2000:
Avenger fixed dazzle to not affect unconscious, paralyzed or undead creatures
Mar 21 14:39 2000:
Avenger removed email rule from the rules (we have never enforced it)
Mar 20 17:55 2000:
Avenger fixed bump/warcry a bit
Mar 13 18:14 2000:
Avenger fixed fear and gave it to the barbarians
Mar 12 11:17 2000:
Avenger fixed bug with scouting in no exit areas
Mar 5 11:31 2000:
Avenger modified mount to be able to convert to ticket
Mar 5 11:30 2000:
Avenger modified living to be able to convert it to a non living object (keeping the object)
Feb 16 14:33 2000:
Avenger fixed traits vs. regular ids. old players need to type 'fix me'
Feb 14 16:40 2000:
Avenger modified wilderness to not show special room descs
Feb 14 16:22 2000:
Avenger modified drinks: pouring won't remove the traces of the previous liquid, washing will do it, washing will remove poisoning too.
Feb 14 14:43 2000:
Avenger says: smashing chests and doors is easier if you use an axe
Feb 13 00:36 2000:
Avenger fixed add_long bug
Feb 12 19:27 2000:
Avenger fixed queue_d (timed spell effects)
Feb 10 23:46 2000:
Avenger made area spells compatible with non living targets
Feb 9 19:50 2000:
Avenger moved pray from priest to altar
Feb 9 19:34 2000:
Avenger improved run_away to use 'enter exits' correctly
Feb 7 21:30 2000:
Avenger implemented SKILL_CB flag check in cmd_d
Feb 7 21:16 2000:
Avenger put in the chance for catching plague in dissect code
Feb 7 17:14 2000:
Avenger fixed stat exp calculations (query_race-->query_true_race)
Feb 5 17:06 2000:
Avenger made so, that creatures with 'venom' ability will resist poisons to some degree
Feb 5 16:45 2000:
Avenger created the secrete venom command
Feb 5 16:44 2000:
Avenger fixed the poison command
Feb 5 11:14 2000:
Avenger created the repair command
Feb 1 20:09 2000:
Avenger fixed druidhome navigation map. also fixed start/stop messages in scout
Feb 1 19:49 2000:
Avenger fixed the navigation map of the ice caves and magecity
Jan 30 22:11 2000:
Avenger created the long awaited restrict admin command
Jan 29 13:53 2000:
Avenger made the backflip command
Jan 29 13:26 2000:
Avenger made the afk command
Jan 29 01:14 2000:
Avenger fixed some smith commands
Jan 25 21:09 2000:
Avenger improved check admin command. -q (quality) option will look for missing terrain types
Jan 24 20:47 2000:
Avenger implemented notify_move. You can register an object which will be notified by 'after_move_around'. One example of usage is a persistent detect traps ability
Jan 23 13:15 2000:
Avenger made iron as default material for standard weapons and armours
Jan 23 13:04 2000:
Avenger made a generic tell device
Jan 22 17:23 2000:
Avenger made run_away use obvious exits instead of any exit
Jan 22 14:01 2000:
Avenger fixed cloning of non-existing objects in shopkeepers
Jan 22 09:44 2000:
Avenger changed make. Implemented clay tablet, self appointed prophets should be happy now
Jan 22 01:45 2000:
Avenger fixed the peek command to use valid skills
Jan 22 00:12 2000:
Avenger thinks he fixed waterskins and potions for reload.
Jan 16 22:33 2000:
Avenger helped the www gurus a bit
Jan 16 22:07 2000:
Mammuth and Xavier updated the Spells page on the WWW...
Jan 15 23:01 2000:
Avenger fixed a bug in add_alert
Jan 15 18:32 2000:
Avenger probably fixed the multi character control.
Jan 14 00:00 2000:
Avenger created meltdown command for smiths.
Jan 13 14:29 2000:
Avenger cleaned up smash command, put in flood control.
Jan 12 19:36 2000:
Mammuth smiles happily
Jan 12 19:35 2000:
Fasthand created email address to reach head admins.
Jan 12 15:51 2000:
Xavier fixed weather daemon so if there was old snow and temperature is below 0 then snow stays
Jan 12 11:34 2000:
Xavier fixed /std/room.c (No weather items, id for indoors room; speed up of some old code)
Jan 8 21:38 2000:
Avenger fixed the skill/spell etc repair function to work with the new skill system (it will be more effective now on fixing illegal skill/spells/miracles and such)
Jan 8 13:41 2000:
Avenger created guildlines. It is a channel with the guild option on. Currently the summoners have such a line. chan summoner on will tune in.
Jan 8 01:26 2000:
Xavier updated weather_d so it handles watery surface now
Jan 8 00:23 2000:
Avenger reminds you that if you have some basic burnable item, please inherit M_BURNABLE. It is fast, convenient and burns to ashes :)
Jan 7 23:36 2000:
Avenger created pools of blood *muhahaha*
Jan 7 18:00 2000:
Avenger modified mob combat emotes to use notify. (Use %tn instead of 'you' in monster attack emotes)
Jan 6 18:47 2000:
Avenger fixed something in the project daemon
Jan 6 15:51 2000:
Avenger created more domain maps for the scout command
Jan 5 17:29 2000:
Xavier fixed _sign.c
Jan 4 23:42 2000:
Avenger implemented lower_cap function will make only the first letter of a string lower case
Jan 4 22:56 2000:
Avenger created the 'liturgy' skill, sign of gods rituals
Jan 1 15:01 2000:
Avenger created cleanse command for the priests of themes
Jan 1 14:52 2000:
Avenger changed statistics, it now displays disconnected people too
Jan 1 14:39 2000:
Avenger cleaned up the noble commands too
Dec 30 23:17 1999:
Mammuth upgrades the world map on the WWW a bit. Check out: move your mouse over the cities or other places. Not finished yet.
Dec 29 23:10 1999:
Avenger fixed stunmode fight, so you can actually stun enemies
Dec 29 22:46 1999:
Avenger fixed set_limb_state (again ?) I have a deja vu.
Dec 28 01:27 1999:
Avenger cleaned up the put command too
Dec 26 23:37 1999:
Avenger cleaned up godtitle/teleport demigod commands
Dec 26 00:05 1999:
Avenger fixed some stuff in ores
Dec 25 23:49 1999:
Avenger created the forge command. (First beta version ;)
Dec 24 02:57 1999:
Avenger fixed the fill command (more than one bug)
Dec 21 22:51 1999:
Avenger modified headbutt (it will use query_ground instead of 'on the floor')
Dec 20 20:38 1999:
Avenger fixed the sucker cauldron in the dwarven mines
Dec 20 13:13 1999:
Xavier fixed Banshee's wail so mobs actually get angry for this treatment
Dec 19 21:20 1999:
Avenger implemented chat command to maintain knowledge groups
Dec 19 19:56 1999:
Avenger and Xavier installed MudOS driver v22.1b22
Dec 19 14:15 1999:
Avenger created militia for the elf city on the island (hehe)
Dec 19 13:08 1999:
Avenger cleaned up the commands a bit. (fixed some help messages, removed some crap)
Dec 19 12:53 1999:
Avenger found the mem command crashing the mud without any notice, removed
Dec 19 12:08 1999:
Avenger implemented knowledge groups for m_chat. (register_group). More work needed.
Dec 18 17:53 1999:
Avenger made drying grate for drying herbs
Dec 18 00:08 1999:
Avenger placed the rainbow bridge to the prism keep in the game. It will appear only in every 30. mud day.
Dec 17 22:18 1999:
Avenger created campfire miracle for Themes
Dec 17 00:07 1999:
Avenger created destroy undead miracle (using the area spell handler)
Dec 16 22:24 1999:
Xavier put magic.c gateway in work (for MAGIC link on WWW); patched skills_d to handle multiple groups (basically for miracles)
Dec 16 13:14 1999:
Xavier fixed up _forget.c so you can forget spells/miracles you know at 0 level as well
Dec 16 02:57 1999:
Xavier fixed up user statistics on WWW page
Dec 14 00:48 1999:
Avenger remade the 'nose around' command
Dec 14 00:45 1999:
Avenger fixed something in the ladder which apparently crashed the mud :>
Dec 13 23:40 1999:
Avenger refreshed the pull command (it is now a new style command)
Dec 13 23:01 1999:
Avenger fixed some stuff in the horse (after_move_around should be called in the inherited object too, movement queue uses it)
Dec 12 21:56 1999:
Avenger found a serious bug in set_limb_state. (Wings state was fuzzy). Also skeletons had wings!
Dec 12 16:03 1999:
Avenger implemented the resilient sphere spell
Dec 12 16:03 1999:
Avenger changed some small things in combat. (bleeding messages, no magic resistance when cast a spell on oneself)
Dec 12 01:57 1999:
Avenger added 'write background' feature to the custom background room
Dec 12 01:40 1999:
Avenger implemented party assist (autoassist)
Dec 7 19:38 1999:
Avenger made /std/obj/arrow. All arrows must inherit this object.
Dec 7 17:58 1999:
Avenger removed colour codes from set_paralyzed in the leap code (set_paralyzed shouldn't have ansi codes coz it uses notify_fail)
Dec 6 21:35 1999:
Mammuth was idle and didn't do anything...
Dec 5 18:02 1999:
Avenger made /std/room/storage for storerooms
Dec 5 14:09 1999:
Avenger modified unique_d (object_save in function got_lost() )
Dec 5 10:26 1999:
Avenger removed old nightmare of primary_start (now users have one start point saved, where they logged out)
Dec 5 03:04 1999:
Avenger fixed m_bow
Dec 4 17:00 1999:
Mammuth fixes cast.c and wonders why some wizards don't check their codes after editing.... (point avenger)
Dec 3 23:00 1999:
Avenger made bgtest and langtest for testing backgrounds and languages
Dec 1 21:43 1999:
Avenger fixed resurrection miracle
Nov 22 11:54 1999:
Xavier finished background setter and background daemon (tree like query type is still missing tho)
Nov 16 20:12 1999:
Avenger made pouring decrease poison level of drinkable stuff
Nov 15 22:32 1999:
Avenger hacked party_d/first_row to not count himself as reachable opponent :>
Nov 15 22:29 1999:
Avenger modified combat again (clean_up_attackers/is_attacker will now remove some people from both lists) (itself and unconscious enemy if in stunmode)
Nov 15 12:33 1999:
Avenger moved clean_up_attackers to the start of continue_attack (I hope it will fix those weird bugs appearing in the debug files rarely)
Nov 14 02:59 1999:
Mammuth needed to check to ChangeLog homepage again... sorry
Nov 13 23:19 1999:
Avenger fixed skill categories for skillinfo/homepage
Nov 13 22:46 1999:
Avenger checked the new ChangeLog.html
Nov 13 22:05 1999:
Mammuth modifies ChangeLog.html a bit
Nov 13 21:36 1999:
Avenger modified rid command to remove player from guilds/links
Nov 13 14:04 1999:
Avenger changed doors appearance in rooms to please Mammuth :)
Nov 12 10:41 1999:
Avenger put destroy_membership in nuke player (so deleted players will be removed from guilds)
Nov 6 13:51 1999:
Avenger finished some parts of the background setter. (Equipment/starting location are still needed.)
Nov 3 20:25 1999:
Avenger created counter for 'defiled by plague'. Priests can bury corpses. If they pass corpses unburied, they will receive faith loss
Nov 3 20:25 1999:
Avenger created the drag command (follow.h got another follow type: F_ONLY_ONCE, this will remove the follower after one movement)
Nov 3 20:23 1999:
Avenger created seed/fruit/tree and beehive (see them in /obj/wilderness)
Nov 3 20:23 1999:
Avenger added MOVE_TO_SAME in move.h (move in base_ob will check if the dest is the moved object, otherwise it would give a driver level error)
Oct 31 16:26 1999:
Avenger finally bugfixed the movement stack
Oct 16 11:07 1999:
Avenger put in moldman quest (it is still not finished)
Oct 16 11:06 1999:
Avenger improved m_custom
Oct 15 19:33 1999:
Avenger made some 'small' changes in max_and_rot() of skills :>
Oct 4 00:21 1999:
Avenger modified set("read" to set_property("read". Be aware!
Oct 3 20:54 1999:
Avenger installed the smith guild (commands: engrave, refine). guildroom: /d/mines/dwsmith. (There is another smithy somewhere else where you can do these commands)
Oct 2 16:47 1999:
Avenger created smith guild command: engrave
Oct 2 15:12 1999:
Avenger created new quest (/d/elf_city/rooms/merch) ask silverthorn about work
Sep 29 23:02 1999:
Avenger created m_custom for custom tailor/armour shops
Sep 26 22:55 1999:
Avenger removed 0 wimpy. (People with negative stamina will flee)
Sep 26 12:37 1999:
Avenger patched dig to take care of the query_ground() feature of rooms, it is possible to dig holes 'on the ground' or 'in the grass'.
Sep 20 12:47 1999:
Avenger fixed poisoning to hurt the torso only (base part)
Sep 14 00:29 1999:
Avenger implemented 'marry'. see /obj/item/altar
Sep 9 18:46 1999:
Avenger huh, fixed another bug in drinks. (initialised variables like int full=1; are not saved!)
Sep 4 20:38 1999:
Avenger fixed /obj/item/paper and made it available for players.
Sep 4 11:29 1999:
Avenger created /obj/item/forcefield. (Usage: FF->move(room); FF->setup(direction,1);
Sep 4 10:45 1999:
Avenger changed sefun/describe and cmd_d slightly regarding blindness. Also created /obj/item/blindfold (now a spell causing blindness would work by setting IS_BLIND status in livings)
Aug 25 00:05 1999:
Avenger fixed a bug in the command remember
Aug 14 15:30 1999:
Avenger grepped set_property("indoors" --> set_indoors( and query_property("indoors") --> query_indoors()
Aug 11 10:50 1999:
Avenger modified speak_language in lang_d (1. don't return -1 on a driver bug, 2. use language coming from the race of the character for distorting speech)
Aug 6 13:39 1999:
Avenger made sneaking to take longer than walking and other cosmetic changes in /std/room:use exit
Aug 5 14:15 1999:
Avenger made kick command for mercenaries (changed some stuff in move_to_player as well)
Aug 4 17:20 1999:
Avenger changed consolidate to pluralize names 'a with b' correctly
Aug 1 16:53 1999:
Avenger modified eliving skill improve check again (now skills won't get higher than max)
Jul 31 00:31 1999:
Avenger made analyse command for herbs
Jul 30 18:39 1999:
Avenger created herb_server/potion_d/mortar for managing herbs and potions.
Jul 30 18:26 1999:
Avenger modified send_messages in combat module. (Now it is possible to put adverbs directly behind the verb) xy hacks deep into zx's head with his sword.
Jul 25 17:04 1999:
Avenger fixed something in drinks.
Jul 23 14:57 1999:
Avenger hacked mailer to be able to export messages (e). It is just a temp. hack, fasthand should look into it
Jul 19 22:50 1999:
Avenger made command: splint
Jul 18 17:49 1999:
Avenger implemented room emotes. Use set_emotes(frequency, ({strings}) ) from rooms
Jul 15 23:07 1999:
Avenger modified allskills (see help)
Jul 15 21:10 1999:
Avenger removed "mmout","min","mmin" etc message classes
Jul 15 11:55 1999:
Avenger fixed set PATH="/cre/wizname/bin" (it still does not work because of check_privilege, but it does not lock the wizard who set it)
Jul 14 21:08 1999:
Xavier fixed stumble not to break limb while stoneskins are on
Jul 9 14:31 1999:
Xavier fixed up query_casting_time() (calculate with float to avoid stupid cases of integer truncation/ only floor() at the end)
Jul 8 21:43 1999:
Xavier reimplemented xy (fighting with z) in its correct place /adm/sefun/describe.c
Jul 2 15:40 1999:
Avenger modified gems. (Use /obj/item/gems or OBJ_GEMS) For non-random gem you can use new(OBJ_GEM, index)
Jul 2 13:00 1999:
Xavier wants Avenger to create /obj/item/fire.c if he removes objects which are used (forexample make fire isn't work now)
Jul 1 17:06 1999:
Avenger removed /std/lightsrc.c (there is a module m_lights for this effect)
Jul 1 17:04 1999:
Avenger removed /std/poison.c object. There is already a command for poisoning. Poisons are simple drinks.
Jun 27 22:29 1999:
Avenger made /obj/item/waterskin :)
Jun 27 19:12 1999:
Avenger made possible to look through transparent/open doors. (windows)
Jun 24 10:04 1999:
Avenger fixed skill callback in /cmds/verb/skills/_pick. (All such stuff should be fixed)
Jun 23 09:06 1999:
Xavier fixed _fix.c and some of the /d/wizards/repair/... AVENGER: forget write() please use message(INFO, ...) in such OOC stuff!!!
Jun 21 14:41 1999:
Avenger Implemented another callback in move_to_player (__Get) see example in /d/coyot/rooms/n_well
Jun 20 16:59 1999:
Avenger implemented poisoning property. (If you set it in a monster, it will have poisoned flesh) corpse inherits it, then butcher/guzzle will calculate with it too
Jun 20 16:47 1999:
Avenger poisoning will be moved to generic object. (food, corpses, weapon, livings are all carry it in themselves, so it should be in the generic object, IMHO)
Jun 18 18:30 1999:
Avenger suggests new background patch: birth time
Jun 18 18:28 1999:
Avenger patched bg_d for don't choke on missing background patches.
Jun 17 19:23 1999:
Xavier updated dream_d so .u dreams can be dreamed by anyone, .f only by females and .m only by males
Jun 16 21:28 1999:
Avenger removed the second email entry from finger_d. *hehe xavi*
Jun 16 20:43 1999:
Avenger added some spice for dreams. Emotes and some special tokens like $YOU, $RACE are available, see /init/dreams for examples.
Jun 14 15:43 1999:
Xavier fixed /std/eliving to support TO in collect_user_commands() so players don't have to quit/relog fter joining guilds to have guildstuff. AVENGER: think before doing sumthin :P
Jun 11 22:23 1999:
Avenger tells you: Beware, the callback called from the edit object got another (second) argument: aborted. So the args in the callback are: filename, abort, extra args
Jun 11 20:29 1999:
Avenger modified /adm/obj/edit end_edit()
Jun 10 17:00 1999:
Xavier fixed move_to_player() (excluded collecting small animals right into bags when you cannot pick them)
Jun 10 14:08 1999:
Xavier update /init/dream/ directory (completed missing .txt tags, gave more descriptive names than dream1.txt, fixed line drops in the last 5 dreams Mammuth cut/pasted)
Jun 10 12:43 1999:
Xavier updated finger_d & removed some crap. (quit quit, quit, disconnect is handled in order now)
Jun 8 19:34 1999:
Avenger made possible set_property("fire ",1)
Jun 8 11:55 1999:
Xavier fixed multi_d to work, but has to rewrite the crap later to clean up some serious bullshit
Jun 6 01:08 1999:
Avenger implemented subterran/wilderness lore
Jun 5 17:10 1999:
Avenger made emotes drawn in bright white.
Jun 1 21:21 1999:
Avenger finished the quest in the mutant forest. (Huhh, this quest is complex!)
May 31 14:25 1999:
Avenger fixed BROADCAST and STATUS type messages won't be blocked by sleeping (there was a missing ,)
May 31 11:21 1999:
Avenger put the melissana quest in effect
May 28 15:39 1999:
Avenger made party invite/party join
May 24 20:41 1999:
Avenger fixed some cosmetic stuff in m_chat
May 24 14:22 1999:
Avenger modified get to work slightly differently for the 'take' synonym
May 24 13:42 1999:
Avenger connected gdesert to the wilderness
May 23 23:59 1999:
Avenger made /obj/item/arrow. It will stick in wounds, etc.
May 23 11:02 1999:
Avenger revived gauge command
May 23 00:51 1999:
Avenger made generic spell for give one specific temporary strengths/weakness attribute
May 22 18:18 1999:
Avenger made separate %so and %sO|self for the correct objective in notify
May 22 17:03 1999:
Avenger changed cmd_d to store commands for monsters only once. All monsters get all IC commands
May 22 15:39 1999:
Avenger made synonyms: wield, examine, consider
May 22 15:38 1999:
Avenger modified hold/wear to accept items in the environment
May 22 11:48 1999:
Avenger implemented command daemon interface for adding synonyms (cmd command)
May 22 11:39 1999:
Avenger implemented command synonyms (the help system use it too!)
May 22 10:40 1999:
Avenger removed query_background from cmd_d.collect_user_info (backgrounds won't give extra commands)
May 21 20:27 1999:
Avenger modified add_stat_bonus to be able to give temporary stat bonuses. There is a third argument which is the time for the bonus
May 21 19:33 1999:
Avenger fixed init_d.init_race if race is 0
May 20 13:35 1999:
Xavier fixed orb so creator is not the obj but name of obj which is saved -> a restored orb can be shattered/extinguished
May 18 20:20 1999:
Avenger modified force_me to allow only CMD_VERBS to be forced. (ooc and wiz commands cannot be forced on monsters)
May 18 12:04 1999:
Xavier fixed /bin/spells/summon to be generic (and not for only summon spell)
May 9 19:12 1999:
Avenger modified m_chat to be a bit more 'chatty'
May 7 17:26 1999:
Avenger put back godtitle
May 5 21:14 1999:
Avenger fixed remove curse to heal shadow curses (lycantropy, cowardice)
May 4 17:20 1999:
Fasthand updated http_d to deny requests which have more ..'s than normal directory names in the dirname.
May 4 16:54 1999:
Fasthand admits that resolv_path is bogus.
May 3 20:08 1999:
Avenger fixed weapons. (Now magical weapons will return magic_level in query_damage_type() ) for the new body/combat system
May 1 20:49 1999:
Avenger modified stamina limit to -50 for walking. Negative stamina should make people to collapse when not in fight.
Apr 29 22:22 1999:
Avenger fixed /std/living/combat
Apr 25 20:58 1999:
Avenger slightly modified m_wearable and m_bow. See /d/valley/obj/murderbow and quarrel for details
Apr 24 20:36 1999:
Avenger fixed hexadecimal conversion in /adm/sefun/strings
Apr 24 06:07 1999:
Xavier fixed and improved /obj/item/keyring.c (now short, and long changes as you have keys on your keyring)
Apr 19 23:03 1999:
Avenger implemented air exits (only flyers can leave in that direction)
Apr 18 21:32 1999:
Avenger modified search herbs to work in rooms which do not have set_property("herbs"...)
Apr 19 01:31 1999:
Avenger wrote man for m_hideable
Apr 10 14:27 1999:
Avenger fixed set_race to change the outlook. So now race change will update the outlook.
Apr 7 17:59 1999:
Avenger fixed surface/underwater to stop heartbeat if there is no living in them. (This will help on cutting back on HBs)
Apr 7 16:24 1999:
Avenger fixed unique_d. (250/253. line) need a .o postfix for object filenames
Apr 6 21:59 1999:
Avenger made mammuth admin. Also fixed a sucker bug which made most monsters not to lose their heart beat thus causing lotsa heartbeats (thanks to mammuth)
Apr 5 20:45 1999:
Avenger included a MULTI_D->unlink(name) line in /std/user:remove(1). Deleted players will be unlinked.
Apr 5 12:42 1999:
Xavier fixed casuality in combat sequence, first hit, then bleeding, going uncon, severing a limb, stop blocking, etc
Apr 5 11:03 1999:
Xavier changed send_messages for final, now it means just as it is, damage is limb_hp relative, max damage is 100% damage on a limb. NOTE now forexample pulverizing a foot is easier than pulverizing leg, or body cause less hp on foot
Apr 5 11:02 1999:
Xavier updated body.c combat.c for new stuff
Apr 5 11:01 1999:
Xavier and Avenger improved body types, now different races can have different natural wc, damage type and hit type
Apr 3 18:58 1999:
Avenger started to improve race_d interface. See command mbodies
Apr 1 21:08 1999:
Avenger made some small changes in fforest (eliminated 2 climb add_actions)
Apr 1 20:57 1999:
Avenger improved climb class by a message member, climbing messages are now customisable.
Apr 1 00:47 1999:
Avenger rewrote silver forest rooms (phew)
Apr 1 00:28 1999:
Xavier fixed NON_LETHAL combat, now DamageType &= ~(DT_PIERCING|DT_SEVERING|DT_BREAKING) therfore while in stun or mercy mode you won't go for breaking, chopping and mutilating limbs
Apr 1 00:00 1999:
Xavier fixed Avenger's patch in check_on_limb() so guy's won't go unconscious by smalest hit in stunmode
Mar 30 19:12 1999:
Avenger changed target limb and damage type handling in sohei commands
Mar 30 17:47 1999:
Avenger laughs at Xavier. (query_state/attrib_limbs)