ChangeLog of After The Plague

Aug 20 13:55 2018:
David added missing spell descriptions for Acid arrow, Flame Arrow, Resist Magic, Lightning Aura, Ugliness and Write and also made Acid Arrow actually cause acid damage.
Aug 19 20:53 2018:
David made dragging require at least one free hand.
Jul 19 17:40 2017:
David started experimenting with a new hunger & thirst system: now characters by default need less food & water than before, but recovering HP & SP naturally increases the requirements so that if you are always wounded and/or tired you might need to eat and drink as much as before, or even more. Recovery speed currently doesn't matter, only having Hit and Stamina points below the maximum.
Feb 26 16:58 2017:
David made harakiri ask for confirmation.
May 29 21:35 2016:
David fixed a bug enabling one to try to enter <anything> while riding to get free riding skill raise checks.
May 29 20:53 2016:
David made 'skin' always tell immediately if a body is already skinned and 'sew' make moneybags of the proper size.
Dec 21 20:30 2015:
David removed the 'experience' field of score and the associated 'previous' property, as in the new experience/quest system it's going to be mostly clutter.
Jul 2 13:17 2015:
David fixed some issues with equipment for starting backgrounds
Jun 12 12:33 2015:
David added a 'report rename <report ID> <new name>' syntax.
Apr 5 16:37 2015:
David made lockpicking kits not break all of the time on failures
Jun 8 21:09 2014:
David made 'can gesture with this in hand' status for wands and staves preserved through reboots.
Jun 6 21:58 2014:
David fixed the resist magic spell to use the regular resistance function.
Jan 29 14:58 2014:
David made wielded cursed weapons actually be dropped when the limb is lost/chopped.
Jan 22 13:01 2014:
David fixed an issue with ptell causing errors if one tried to send empty messages, allowed shadows and mortals to ptell each other IF in the same realm.
Jan 21 18:41 2014:
David made manifest cost based on light/darkness level, updated helpfile to show actual cost.
Jan 18 20:01 2014:
David fixed the aim command to NOT require an environment - meaning many NPCs that were meant to aim for specific body parts when created but did not now do.
Jan 10 20:46 2014:
David fixed a nasty issue with auras doing excessive damage and not respecting weapon length properly.
Jan 3 18:20 2014:
David made itemless players no longer generate saved item (empty) folders, slightly reducing clutter.
Jan 2 20:35 2014:
David reworked resurrect, allowing auto-teleporting to an altar, but at a much higher cost. Also slightly raised base cost but added a discount for having high faith skill.
Dec 30 20:42 2013:
David fixed an ancient, very annoying bug with resurrect not 'touching' the material-realm room(and thus spawning altars as needed). Load_object does NOT include checking resets, apparently.
Sep 7 00:12 2013:
David changed the base graf maximum to not be influenced by stats, in preparation for other changes.
Aug 15 22:31 2013:
David fixed limb regeneration allowing regrowing of severed hands/feet before arms/legs.
Aug 9 19:38 2013:
David made 'important' login messages(unread mail, errors...)bold red.
Apr 12 21:33 2013:
David made all 4 basic resources have their regeneration rates halved in combat, although recovering hp no longer requires the 'regenerate limbs' ability.
Apr 12 16:19 2013:
David changed guild rooms loading: NPC spawning is delayed by a beat, which should hopefully be enough to prevent bugs not loading properly because of excess code.
Apr 2 14:10 2013:
David implemented a basic login/logout warning system. If an user has the WHO envvar set to 'extra'(=2), they will be warned when other users log in/out IF these other users have WHO set to 2 too. Rationale: this supplements the who command, and if there are not many players regularly checking in, provides more chances for interaction.
Dec 31 18:18 2012:
David fixed a severe issue in m_wearable;because __Remove used TP instead of AS_worn, if armour was broken in combat then it would look like it had ended up in the attacker's hands.
Dec 25 16:01 2012:
David changed remembering places; if there are many, they will be displayed gradually through callouts. This should prevent(or at least, make extremely rare) runtime errors due to excess loading of rooms.
Dec 24 15:43 2012:
David updated the 'info' command to handle ambiguity - that is, when there are grafs of different types with the same name.
Dec 19 19:00 2012:
David made graf rotting displayed with a red R in graf lists - this includes volontary rot.
Sep 29 19:44 2012:
David made the outer planes(limbo, hell...) count as shadow areas, thus letting shadows hang there without losing EP.
Jul 12 20:51 2012:
David doubled the effect of guild aptitude bonuses on graf caps - thus making it possible to reach the highest levels with appropriate fixed guilds. Note that this is likely to be a temporary measure, until the learning and guild system experiences another relevant revamp.
Jun 3 14:21 2012:
David fixed an old issue with equipment not being restored properly to guild NPCs - restore items should be called AFTER a NPC has a body with limbs!
Apr 13 23:31 2012:
David should have fixed an issue with shrinking empty liquid containers filling them; do report any issues.
Mar 25 19:49 2012:
David fixed a nasty issue with RACE_D and limb HP;previously if your bodytype did not share the name of a race, you could end up with the wrong amount of HP per limb.
Mar 17 17:15 2012:
David made flying in combat provide attack and defense modifiers based on skill(and appropriate improve_grafs); note that at low skill levels there will actually be penalties for the flyer.
Mar 15 21:52 2012:
David changed the character-switching time limit from 20 to 5 minutes; hopefully players will not abuse this.
Feb 24 15:13 2012:
David made analyse and lockpick only use up ONE of a stack of herbs/toothpicks.
Feb 19 20:25 2012:
David fixed an issue with the board command which caused problems when trying to change board access settings.
Feb 11 23:16 2012:
David implemented the HIDERAISE environment variable, if for some reason you get too many graf raise messages and consider them annoying. Set at 1, you will only be shown when you reach a new named level(poor, not very good, average..). Set at 2, you will never get improve_graf messages.
Jan 27 12:19 2012:
David fixed a very old issue with spell attributes not being displayed properly(for both wizards and mortals)
Jan 21 16:10 2012:
David updated the race daemon and database to no longer include the redundant magic resistance field. MR is instead to be given to race as a standard ability/resistance.
Jan 20 18:44 2012:
David made ghosts immune to hunger and thirst, preventing annoying messages.
Dec 25 19:29 2011:
David should have fixed a bug involving virtual areas, exits, and the shadow realm.
Nov 5 21:49 2011:
David implemented the dodge skill, and tweaked defense/attack rolls to make the general attack/defense skill be worth half as much as the specific one you're using. Example: increasing your general attack or defense skill by 100 will usually be equivalent to increasing all of your weapon or dodge/block/parry skills by 50.
Nov 3 20:15 2011:
David fixed a bug which made NPCs not load with the proper levels of natural armour and weaponry.
Oct 30 20:45 2011:
David ensured that guild NPCs will get clothes if they don't have anything in inventory when spawning.
Sep 2 17:49 2011:
David fixed a minor bug with trying to read non-existing notes from guild boards.
Dec 30 14:53 2010:
David disabled skill rot for the time being - as for the future, it could come back in a much reduced form, or just be gone for good.
Dec 30 12:47 2010:
David removed all skill oppositions - magic masteries will no longer oppose one another or attack(and attack won't oppose magic). This is one of the first steps in coding a fairly different skill system.
Dec 28 18:41 2010:
David changed displayed graf levels somewhat - now novice->beginner takes just a raise more than amateur->novice, one of the very best starts later, highmaster no longer exists(if a better alternative name exists, it could be put in place) and instead legendary starts earlier. This means 'best who ever lived' is the REAL maximum which can be displayed. You will no longer be shown as BWEL and very far from BWEL - which was just silly - but rather would be (roughly)legendary midway to BWEL.
Dec 28 18:34 2010:
David worked on /adm/sefun/describe.c, rebuilding the graf_title function - now it has an optional 'detailed' argument which also returns how far you are from the next skill level.
Dec 22 21:38 2010:
David fixed a bug in improve_graf which made it not consider racial bonuses for purposes of showing the special messages when a named graf level was reached.
Oct 10 23:31 2010:
David introduced the 'info' command(check helpfile), which obsoletes skill/spell/miracle/power/songinfo by guessing the graf type.
Sep 13 13:20 2010:
David fixed the shutdown code(shutdown_d.c, _shutdown.c) and remove() in /std/base_ob.c, ensuring that guild armouries and NPC have their items saved properly.
Sep 6 20:58 2010:
David made 'learn <power name> power' work for learning from NPC, previously only psi worked.
Sep 5 00:01 2010:
David fused 'guzzle' command with eating - bestial races/obsidimen now can just 'eat' body parts/stones.
Jul 9 15:22 2010:
David fixed m_custom.c: NPC who sell custom clothes will now tell the proper amount of MUD time left when 'inquire order' is used.
Jul 7 19:14 2010:
David changed Kaishima to actually use its own currency.
Jul 4 18:09 2010:
David changed /adm/sefun/describe.c to show room names for those with the BRIEF variable set to 0.
May 13 22:24 2010:
David added a basic helpfile for the 'eldar sight' and 'infravision' abilities.
May 13 20:14 2010:
David fixed a bug which made threshed and unthreshed crops stack together.
Mar 16 10:16 2010:
David fixed a bug /obj/item/eyes.c which made people dying with closed eyes be stuck as blind ghosts.
Mar 6 12:53 2010:
David unified the wimpydir command with wimpy, syntax is 'wimpy dir <direction>'.
Feb 22 11:35 2010:
David changed healing of broken splinted limbs to happen gradually in heal_limbs rather than with call outs.
Feb 15 23:38 2010:
Avenger here
Jan 10 16:30 2010:
David fixed interaction between shadows and player construction/houses. Now real-world houses won't appear in shadow realm, and demanifesting while inside a real house(or manifesting inside a shadow house)won't give error messages.
Dec 31 02:05 2009:
David made Quazar actually cast the portal spell rather than directly teleporting the player. This should be useful for parties and those who have followers/hirelings they want to bring with them.
Dec 22 13:58 2009:
David updated cdsh.c to allow showing spiritual energy in prompts. Check 'help prompt'.
Dec 2 11:18 2009:
Nigi added ed() function in user.c (only for admins) which provides a direct link to the ed command, avoiding the cmd_d - so works even if cmd_d fails to load (still needs a working ed command itself though)
Nov 25 17:59 2009:
David fixed a bug with creatures spawning in the wilderness in compendium.c(always created creatures of the same type), in addition to increasing its frequency.
Nov 24 13:50 2009:
Nigi added upgrade to the new user version which converts stats experience from the old format. Still compatibility have to be fixed between v31 and v32 of users (check v31 in upgrade_user() in user.c for details)
Nov 22 17:36 2009:
David implemented "collect keys in <container>". The container doesn't HAVE to be a keyring, though using one might be more comfortable.
Nov 21 11:03 2009:
David clog implemented a new, simpler stat/experience system which should make stats increase in a more intuitive way, proportionally to racial averages. Because of some changes/simplifications to the stat experience structure, everyone should do a 'fix me' and 'save' upon first logging to avoid triggering errors.
Nov 19 15:39 2009:
David fixed a bug which made mind resistance/vulnerability not apply to 'mental' damage.
Nov 18 13:52 2009:
David fixed a very serious bug which made grafs rot when they should not have, causing mysterious skill losses.
Nov 13 18:36 2009:
David made the statistics/regeneration/abilities/resistances part of racial helpfiles generated by the mud based on actual racial statistics. This should ensure that the displayed info is always up to date.
Nov 10 10:29 2009:
David fixed a bug which made animated undead not receive proper resistances. For example, skeletons should have resisted slashing/piercing attacks but didn't.
Aug 20 22:23 2009:
David fixed a bug in the skills daemon: backgrounds were not giving the proper bonus to spell aptitudes.
Aug 18 15:36 2009:
David implemented various changes to combat system, including but not limited to: size affecting accuracy, strong blows causing stumbling/unbalance, unified defenses(check 'help defend'), blind fighting influencing accuracy more than damage and riposte actually working.
Jul 18 12:55 2009:
David implemented 'remember potion <specific potion>' syntax, to know the specific properties of potions you analyzed in the past.
Jul 10 14:27 2009:
David made 'claws' and 'spectral claws' grow on all available hands if a single limb is not specified when concentrating on the power.
Jul 9 20:50 2009:
David allowed people to "collect gems in <container>".
May 2 15:04 2009:
Nigi implemented Veemsis' modification to finger command - now when playtime is above 1D it'll be showing number of hours along with number of days.
Apr 14 09:24 2009:
David changed cdsh.c to allow prompts to show percent mana, stamina and psionic energy. Check 'help prompt' to see how to use these new options.
Mar 24 18:40 2009:
David made walking speed influenced by number of pedal limbs - thus centaurs will move faster than humans, who will in turn move faster than snakemen. Also made characters who are flying high faster, based on their flying skill.
Mar 21 00:20 2009:
David made weapons deal more damage when wieldeed in more than one limb.
Feb 23 21:29 2009:
David made people stay hidden when they are casting spells which don't require chanting.
Feb 20 17:09 2009:
David implemented riding checks for staying mounted while in combat.
Dec 20 12:29 2008:
David implemented looking at specific items through portals/shadow rifts. Syntax is 'look at <thing> through portal|rift'.
Dec 7 17:07 2008:
Nigi fixed learn command to work properly when player has no learned graf type.
Dec 7 15:16 2008:
Nigi created a new standard m_teacher module to be used for all guildless teachers.
Dec 6 20:59 2008:
Nigi fixed guildless teachers to work properly even if they'd end up in a room bought by a guild (they won't attempt to teach grafs from the guild). Also fixed a small listing issue which emerged from the previous fix.
Dec 4 13:05 2008:
Nigi fixed prism gems to not fly underwater.
Dec 3 09:18 2008:
Nigi modified guilds daemon to automatically forgive outlawed people who attempt to join leaderless guilds.
Nov 30 16:01 2008:
Nigi fixed resurrect (it won't cause errors when attempting to resurrect in the real world, and also resurrection will work when using it in the real world at the altar - not only when used in the shadow realm with altar being in the parallel real room).
Nov 28 17:14 2008:
Nigi fixed a small bug in teachers which would cause teachers to preserve the previous lesson data they were giving, thus propagating it onto next teachings in case of failing to teach proper graf.
Nov 27 14:12 2008:
Nigi changed learn command to check memory limitations (this will affect maximum number of spells/psionics/songs separately that a character can learn).
Nov 27 14:01 2008:
Nigi changed guilds daemon to generate new hirelings for all guilds once per day (and unlike generation when the available hirelings number drops below a certain threshold, this method will overwrite previous lists).
Nov 27 10:12 2008:
Nigi modified characters update menu to allow access to chat commands, graf listing commands (skills, etc) and help commands.
Nov 21 11:35 2008:
Nigi improved hirelings reports command - for skills, to avoid too much spam, a new syntax is: "report <skill group> skills"; for other graf types a simple "report <type>" will work. This means hirelings can now report all kinds of skills, spells, miracles, psionics and songs they know.
Nov 20 14:54 2008:
Nigi and David adjusted hirelings file and buy command to the new hirelings system. Barracks with hirelings were also added for mercenaries, guards of Malkier, militia of Qajiningrad and samurai.
Nov 20 12:55 2008:
Nigi added get_random_gender(string race) in race_d - it'll return random gender, but only such which is valid for a given race (eg. for satyrs it will always return male).
Nov 19 10:36 2008:
Nigi added -v switch to the update command. Use it when compiling critical mud objects like some daemons.
Nov 19 10:12 2008:
Nigi modified SKILLS_D to lower graf usage frequency, instead of removing it completely, when clean_up_frq_data is called. This should also fix occassional errors when using grafinfo type commands, as clean_up_frq_data won't purge whole player's data in the daemon.
Nov 17 19:38 2008:
Nigi implemented hirelings generation in barracks and adjusted list command to provide listing of available hirelings (still need a command to actually buy a hireling though).
Nov 15 19:53 2008:
Nigi did some cleanup with guild commands: treasurer, teacher and shop commands were removed; dismiss special command was renamed to unsummon; hire and dismiss commands were implemented to handle hiring of non-guardian npcs for guilds (currently treasurers, teachers, shopkeepers and guardmasters). Test and report.
Nov 15 13:14 2008:
Nigi implemented library guildroom and modified list, read, write commands to provide interface for guild libraries.
Nov 13 12:36 2008:
Nigi fixed a bug in shadowshift() in living.c (won't cause errors anymore when environment is a clone, will instead seek the external environment)
Nov 10 10:04 2008:
Nigi fixed skill rot to depend only on query_guildmax() from skills daemon and "rot" property. Previous check against tmp_guildmax was removed and as such theoretical level of a graf became obsolete.
Nov 6 14:25 2008:
Nigi implemented "rot" command to allow players to deliberately lower their grafs.
Nov 4 21:49 2008:
Nigi implemented an option for NPC teachers to require payment for their lessons (setup_teacher() automatically sets it to LESSON_COST defined in guilds.h; overwrite "lesson cost" tmp property if you want to change it)
Oct 31 16:17 2008:
Nigi implemented support for guildless NPC teachers in the new system. Check Genartor to see how it should be handled (keep in mind setup_teacher() call must be made, as it enables the NPC to teach and sets it to work even though it is not aligned to any guild; also this function should be called after the NPC's racial stuff is set).
Oct 31 10:45 2008:
Nigi changed help to always display special commands for wizards (regardless of passing the can_use() check or not).
Oct 30 22:53 2008:
Nigi fixed ghosts to be immune to hp/sp/mp/pp change (necessary & easy fix to avoid lose of stamina due to encumbrance - ghosts can carry their corpses - and they don't recover points).
Oct 30 17:36 2008:
Nigi fixed guild NPCs to not get impossible race+gender combinations (eg. male nymphs).
Oct 29 14:44 2008:
Nigi allowed guildmasters to hire guardians for their guild from other guilds they are members of. This way if you are a guildmaster of non-combat guild (eg. merchants), you can still get combat-trained guardians, if you hire them from a combat guild you are in. Also in such case the target guild will receive 50% of the money guildmaster paid for the guardian.
Oct 26 13:21 2008:
Nigi implemented "reload" command for room builders.
Oct 24 13:32 2008:
Nigi implemented "genders" requirement for guilds (see help reqs).
Oct 21 15:23 2008:
David fixed all the bard songs: now they use improve_graf and spell strength properly, just like psis/spells/miracles. The relevant stat for calculating song strength is charisma.
Oct 21 10:44 2008:
Nigi fixed power/miracle/spellinfo to not display grafs which were gained only by grafbonus (since they can't be used anyway).
Oct 20 23:39 2008:
David fixed a bug quest/experience daemon : previously psi powers were not considered for purposes of calculating character level.
Oct 20 14:45 2008:
Nigi modified list command to provide more human-friendly display for listing available grafs at teachers.
Oct 20 14:33 2008:
Nigi added proper rooms under the jurisdiction of each guild and turned these rooms into special-purpose rooms where necessary.
Oct 19 13:08 2008:
Nigi added "help public guilds" and "help guild <guild name>" syntaxes. Right now all guilds were set to public, however guildmasters can choose whenever their guild is public or not (and therefore if it should appear in these helpfiles or not) with the guild command. Guild command also includes functionality of the former leaders command (and former guild command was renamed to wizguild).
Oct 19 12:17 2008:
David implemented appraising of attack limbs, check the updated 'help appraise'.
Oct 19 12:15 2008:
David lowered hindrance of most Kaishiman armours a bit.
Oct 19 12:14 2008:
David fixed 'friend' and 'drag'commands: the former now actually works, the latter now allows aliases such as 'drag corpse to s'.
Oct 19 11:28 2008:
David changed a certain newbie quest - it can now be completed more than once per reboot.
Oct 19 11:21 2008:
Nigi created standard virtual server object (/std/virtual.c) which should be inherited by all virtual servers (check man virtual for details about its usage).
Oct 12 21:04 2008:
Nigi and David implemented new guilds system (see helps "guild commands" and "system.guilds" for details)
Aug 22 20:45 2008:
Nigi and David fixed setup_natural_wc() and setup_natural_ac() in INIT_D. Bonus to wc/ac will be based on natural weaponry/armour abilities AND unarmed combat/toughness skills. This will also affect NPCs now, so beware, some may be stronger than they used to.
Aug 22 19:23 2008:
Nigi and David changed combat mind to provide bonuses as described in powerinfo.
Aug 22 19:22 2008:
Nigi and David changed taming to use charisma/comeliness and victim's willpower for calculations.
Aug 22 19:22 2008:
Nigi and David changed critical hits to provide enhanced damage bonus based on skill level.
Aug 20 02:55 2008:
Nigi fixed hinderance bug with bows (bows must not set hinderance, arrows handle that when they embed themselves).
Jul 25 22:27 2008:
Nigi fixed two major bugs in UNIQUE_D (rooms now make a call from create() to UNIQUE_D to check if any artifacts should be spawned in them; to make it work for virtual rooms, virtual servers MUST have 'string query_object_path()' defined and it must return filename of the virtual room being compiled -- check 'man virtual' for details).
Jul 23 19:40 2008:
Nigi fixed bard's rest song.
Jul 23 19:34 2008:
Nigi fixed monsters to inherit racial abilities by default, just like players.
Jul 23 18:17 2008:
Nigi modified/fixed a few things with "regenerate limbs" ability (bogus check for severed limbs, slow regeneration of health/limbs in combat, limb regeneration speed dependant on limb's hp instead of random chance).
Jul 21 00:52 2008:
Nigi implemented David's change to party swearing: spells, miracles, psionics and songs can be party sworn as well now.
Jul 20 21:16 2008:
Nigi changed quench_by_water() call to quench_by_water(filling) in m_drinkable.c, surface.c and underwater.c thus allowing to define actions based on the amount of liquid that is being poured. Value of -1 means underwater environment, value of -2 means surface of water.
Jul 19 17:01 2008:
Nigi implemented David's appraise (provides estimate of the most important physical stats, no list of limbs and equipment - would be too spammy with all the informations, use look for that)
Jul 17 04:23 2008:
Nigi says: David fixed amount of money used by Zella and Joe in Fort Woods.
Jul 17 04:22 2008:
Nigi removed Masamune's clone from Kaishima coastal village.
Jul 17 04:21 2008:
Nigi says: David added proper descriptions for oak leaves and wolf tattoos.
Jul 17 04:21 2008:
Nigi made bronze and brass engravable.
Jul 17 04:20 2008:
Nigi made creation of darts a bit easier.
Jul 17 03:56 2008:
Nigi fixed planar gate spell (wrong calls to extra_fun() of several spells it was invoking).
Jun 27 10:07 2008:
Nigi fixed negative age problem for characters older than ~390 years.
Apr 24 13:31 2008:
Nigi fixed galls - they won't appear as powdered anymore.
Apr 20 14:18 2008:
Nigi implemented get_player() sefun - a quick way to get character object whenever it is currently logged in or not.
Apr 18 13:44 2008:
Nigi created stat_level(), graf_level() and align_level() sefuns (in describe.c). These provide standard method of converting text descriptions of stats, grafs and alignment into minimum numeric value (backwards conversion for already-existing stat_title(), graf_title(), align_title()).
Apr 16 15:02 2008:
Nigi fixed moldmen wands to require wands skill to be used and improve wands skill when used.
Apr 13 12:14 2008:
Nigi implemented regreplace() sefun - similar to replace_string(), but accepts regular expressions as well.
Apr 6 11:02 2008:
Nigi changed reports daemon to properly re-register reports when player suicides his main char. Added necessary calls to the purge daemon.
Apr 5 12:20 2008:
Nigi fixed hydra (she will follow and attack those who break through her blockade), Silverthorn (he won't accept items he didn't ask for) and suicide+guilds membership (suiciding a character will properly unregister him from guilds).
Mar 24 13:47 2008:
Nigi added NO_MAP_EXIT definition to room_defs.h - all "shortcut" exits, which violate general geometry of the world should use this to prevent the future mapper daemon from wrongfully evaluating coordinates by following such exits.
Mar 21 23:38 2008:
Nigi fixed the infamous "history" property. query_all_properties() and query_property() in object.c were missing copy() and thus were returning pointers to structures which could give direct uncontrolled access to properties. Thanks to Davide for the help with finding the source of the problem.
Mar 21 18:10 2008:
Nigi added stat_title() and graf_title() sefuns - these should be used to convert stats and grafs values to text descriptions.
Mar 10 14:22 2008:
Nigi added chest and wardrobe for the list of the make command and flute for the list of the carve command.
Mar 7 10:11 2008:
Nigi fixed magical devices to not use default target when specific target was described, but not found.
Mar 7 07:05 2008:
Nigi modified "list discrimination" command at guildhalls to work for all players, not just guild leaders.
Mar 1 19:09 2008:
Nigi fixed old slaad to not set "quest" property to players.
Mar 1 19:04 2008:
Nigi fixed m_guild_join.c to remove person correctly from members/candidates lists when check_thrown() is called.
Mar 1 09:26 2008:
Nigi adjusted ships travelling times (separate definitions in ship_d instead of mudtime-based).
Feb 29 12:58 2008:
Nigi fixed wrong race description on who, which would appear after dead person logs out and back in ("ghost" or "host" as race). Full effect will take place after the next reboot.
Feb 17 17:08 2008:
Nigi integrated OOC forum with the webpage - now you can visit the forum on our site. It still needs a bit of polishing with graphics and functionality, but so far it should provide all the basic options.
Feb 10 23:14 2008:
Nigi modified riding behaviour so that failure may result in being thrown off and attacked.
Feb 10 21:29 2008:
Nigi changed nightmare's race to horse and thus making her tamable
Feb 10 20:58 2008:
Nigi improved mount command to allow NPCs to react in a wider variety of ways when someone attempts to mount them (yes, attack included).
Feb 7 14:52 2008:
Nigi modified improve_graf() in skills_d to allow raises of a graf up to the guildmax+ability bonus. In other words it means that without guilds support you can raise ability-supported graf up to the double value of ability's level. However rotting will still apply without guild support.
Feb 7 14:51 2008:
Nigi also included brownies into the previous clog.
Feb 7 14:36 2008:
Nigi modified query_grafbonus() and query_graf() in /std/living/skills.c to correctly apply bonuses from abilities for spells, miracles, psis and songs. To make it work ability should have the form of "<type> - <name>", eg. "spell - magic missile". Also faeries, drows and kenkus were adjusted to this change.
Feb 2 22:21 2008:
Nigi fixed corpses to not destroy items which they can't move to the environment when rotting. Such items will be pushed further outside - as long as there's still an environment to push them to. If not (shouldn't happen, unless due to a bug), then items will be moved to the freezer, from where they may be recovered by immortals (only before a reboot wipes them out).
Feb 1 14:37 2008:
Nigi modified "say" command - the "say to <person>" syntax won't work, if the target person won't be around. If you want to say a sentence beginning with "to", then you should capitalize it.
Jan 31 15:52 2008:
Nigi removed skill rot for grafs which are below current max, but increased rotting speed for grafs which are above current max.
Jan 12 20:03 2008:
Nigi slowed down the flow of time to the ratio of 4:1 (instead of the previous 30:1). Also additional pre-dawn/pre-dusk messages were added to alert players when the sun is about to descend from/appear on the sky. IC date and age of all players were recalculated and thus may appear to be a bit different than they were before.
Jan 12 16:36 2008:
Nigi modified EC arena - nobles and demigods can use the "open arena" command at the arena entrance to ask the arena master to open the arena.
Jan 10 20:02 2008:
Nigi replaced ooc board with a simple forum module (which, among other things, provides multiple topics support). The old ooc board was moved to the voting area, since it contains some important posts.
Jan 8 23:41 2008:
Nigi modified consolidate() sefun - now it accepts an optional third argument, which defines how accurate the aproximation of value will be (check comments in /adm/sefun/numerals.c around line 50 for details).
Jan 8 23:40 2008:
Nigi added "UNITSYSTEM" envvar. It allows to switch between imperial (pounds, feet, pints) and metric (kilograms, metres, litres) measurement system, whichever you prefer. By default it's set to imperial.
Jan 1 15:06 2008:
Nexus re-introduced DROW as a new playable race that you can choose for your character.
Dec 31 10:44 2007:
Nigi fixed quazar to use monetary system defined in the specific teleport room for teleporting to remembered places, rather than always 2 human sols.
Dec 28 11:32 2007:
Nigi fixed issues with the shutdown command. Calls performed before shutdown() must be the same as in shutdown_d, to avoid inconsistencies (there was a call to unique_d missing - possibly the reason of some problems with artifacts?)
Dec 27 10:46 2007:
Nigi changed channel_d to save chat history through reboots.
Dec 26 15:18 2007:
Nexus added void set_ground(string what) function in /std/room.c. Creators, wizards, admins, use this function to define what type of ground is under the feet of mortals - for ex. "in the mud"/"on the floor"/"in the sand"/etc. I believe this is better then overriding query_ground() function (this works too).
Dec 25 00:14 2007:
Nigi increased number of items saved by storages from 20 to 50 (items.c sefun, line 62). The change may be revoked if the playerbase increases significantly.
Dec 24 16:10 2007:
Nexus also like to thank RAIDEN for his ideas about coin names and descriptions. Good job.
Dec 23 13:56 2007:
Nexus fixed a small bug in Quazar regarding new money system.
Dec 22 13:17 2007:
Nexus updated help currency and EC library to include new money system information.
Dec 22 11:52 2007:
Nexus implemented new money system, including: [1] currencies have 3 coins per system [2] new currency: kaishi [3] new exchange rates [4] coin now have their own outlook
Dec 18 19:19 2007:
Nexus changed the banker/teller NPC so he or she informes you how much TAX has been collected for bank operations.
Dec 18 17:21 2007:
Nexus added help on psilink power, modified helpfile on 'concentrate' and added some keywords to a specific NPC - all to drop some more info about the famous 'minlinking', as requested by players.
Dec 18 16:44 2007:
Nexus fixed some old lesser bugs in drink of metamorphosis.
Dec 16 17:26 2007:
Nexus fixed small bug in appraise command giving wrong poison status in some potions.
Dec 16 16:53 2007:
Nexus prepared HUNT_D and standard animal for implementation. Those will become the base of the new _hunt command in the (hopefully near) future.
Dec 10 18:09 2007:
Nigi fixed issues with light-related magicks (summon dark, summon light, daylight, call light, call darkness). They'll now correctly change environment's light level when summoned.
Dec 5 10:13 2007:
Nigi removed permanent stat exp loss caused by several creatures. Instead they'll give temporary stat loss. So, um, test and report (and pray there'll be no bugs in it :>)
Nov 24 18:14 2007:
Nexus implemented new herb & potion system. It is fresh and unstable. Expect many bugs. Report if you see them.
Nov 24 08:08 2007:
Nigi and Joy fixed issues with the tattoo book in Qajiningrad and godsigns values (from now on include godsigns.h and use definitions from there instead of myserious numbers).
Nov 22 21:51 2007:
Nigi implemented a small fix preventing living beings from being automatically put into bags when picked up (and thus breaking those). You can still break your bag by intentionally putting a living being inside though.
Nov 17 11:21 2007:
Nigi added "collect ammo in <container>" syntax for the collect command.
Nov 15 20:55 2007:
Nigi changed flour to affect type of a baked bread.
Nov 15 14:34 2007:
Nigi fixed bake command - bread will be moved to the oven, after the oven will have its busy flag unset.
Nov 14 12:06 2007:
Nexus added mixed *sum_array_elements(mixed *one, mixed *two); simul-efun (sefun) function to use by all coders in case of need. See 'man' (manual) for details how to use it.
Nov 12 19:45 2007:
Nigi added REPORTS environmental variable (set it with setenv) - it allows you to choose how you want to be notified about comments and status changes in your reports (none,mail,tell,both).
Nov 10 18:42 2007:
Nigi implemented Raiden's blowgun for carving.
Nov 10 17:54 2007:
Nexus remade 'refine' command. Now it improves ore's quality in exchange to its quantity. With salt as a cleaning reagent you can improve smelted metals too.
Nov 10 14:19 2007:
Nexus renamed 'refine' command to 'smelt' command. This is 1st part of making new 'refine' command with different design.
Nov 10 13:00 2007:
Nigi modified items command to include mount and its inventory in the calculations.
Nov 10 12:57 2007:
Nigi implemented new riding system based on the 3500 version. Horses and riders now shouldn't leave each other behind when moving, also when fighting a mounted foe there's a chance of hitting the mount instead of the rider (and vice versa), based on rider's and mount's size. Additionally mounts now get saved on quitting (they are saved as items with all their inventory, so beware to not exceed the limit!)
Nov 9 16:52 2007:
Nigi implemented argument-less syntax for quickdraw.
Nov 9 16:13 2007:
Nigi changed spells: summon light, summon dark, daylight, speaker stone; and miracles: call light, call darkness - All will now use standard object.c instead of light.c function. Test and complain.
Nov 9 15:20 2007:
Nigi implemented standard editing interface for adding comments.
Nov 7 21:08 2007:
Nigi implemented several long-awaited training tools for silent shadows.
Nov 7 12:50 2007:
Nigi added new functionality to the reports command. Immortals, make sure you've seen the last changes in its helpfile.
Nov 6 20:37 2007:
Nexus changed 'appraise' command to allow 'insight' checks while blinded or with closed eyes, i.e. skills, miracles, powers, etc. can be checked that way, while material objects can't.
Nov 6 19:55 2007:
Nexus modified 'hit' command to use any free attacking limb instead of using any free wielding limb.
Nov 6 19:39 2007:
Nexus sligtly optimized guild skill limits for street lore, subterran lore, wilderness lore and climbing due to a request about rangers' guild not supporting some of those scouting-skills.
Nov 6 19:01 2007:
Nexus fixed quickdraw to include weapons' special effects (i.e. dragonslayer, orcslayer, etc...).
Nov 4 21:29 2007:
Nexus fixed 'draw' & 'sheathe' help files to show more syntax options - as requested in report #31.
Nov 4 21:00 2007:
Nexus fixed bug/implemented feature described in report 53 - frost giant king variable speach. Now he should react properly.
Nov 4 14:40 2007:
Nexus added few more 'things' that can be sacrificed at Siolan's altar.
Nov 4 14:20 2007:
Nexus fixed bugs mentioned in report #6. Chalise of the Balthazar city should now work correctly. I also fixed few other bogus parts fo the code along the way.
Nov 3 16:51 2007:
Nigi changed bless and prayer miracles and mind focusing psi power to use a single spell function (stat_skill_mod.c). Also this should fix any issues with wrong bonuses given by bless and prayer.
Nov 3 15:43 2007:
Nigi implemented reports notifications. Whenever your report will have its status changed or a comment added and you'll be online, you'll see a message from the reports daemon about it.
Nov 1 16:08 2007:
Nexus fixed and added few helpfiles regarding newly added fishing skill. Report if there is a need to fix aything else in the information layer of the mud.
Nov 1 15:49 2007:
Nexus swapped "hunting" skill with "fishing" skill in merman.db init file. Mermen, as water creatures, now have initial bonus fishing skill instead of hunting skill.
Nov 1 15:45 2007:
Nexus changed m_pier.c module. Fishing will now raise "fishing" skill instead of "hunting".
Nov 1 15:44 2007:
Nexus added "fishing" skill. It will replace "hunting" raises when you fish. Now its supported by same guilds as 'hunting' skill. If this should be changed please post report about it.
Nov 1 15:15 2007:
Nexus fixed bug report #67 - minor problem with meditiating in orc keep.
Oct 21 16:41 2007:
Nigi fixed aggressiveness level of players so that it'll go down with time. This should make peace spell less likely to fail.
Oct 21 16:38 2007:
Nigi fixed corpses to be vulnerable to fire damage. However damage may have to be dealt several times to destroy a corpse, depending on amount of damage dealt and max health of the former living being whose corpse is being burned.
Feb 23 11:50 2007:
Nigi implemented definitions evaluation in SKILLS_D - if a line in db file begins with . its value will be parsed according to definitions from combat.h, attributes.h and spells.h, thus allowing to use these instead of bare numbers
Feb 17 10:16 2007:
Nigi changed landed_on_floor() in /std/room.c to do nothing. I don't know what it was for, but it was only performing raw_move of a living to void and back to the room, which cannot happen, at least due to redundant call to init() in room.
Feb 16 13:08 2007:
Nigi rewrote calculate_spell_strength sefun to provide internal checks for magic resistance and other resistances. Also magic resistance will now provide effect-reduction protection instead of hit-or-miss protection. That means 50% magic resistance will reduce spells effects by 50%, not that 50% of spells cast on you will be resisted. Please report all unusual behaviour of spells.
Feb 16 11:57 2007:
Nigi removed Fame due to players' complaints. Alignment limitations still apply and you won't be able to go from saintly instantly to demonic, but your level won't be threated by that.
Feb 15 12:48 2007:
Nigi changed RACE_D to store internal demigod races array instead of use monster races with helpfiles as demigod races.
Feb 15 11:37 2007:
Nigi fixed carving bug - when size of an item will be reduced to 0 after carving, item will disappear as well as when weight reaches 0.
Feb 15 09:55 2007:
Nigi added new syntax for "sheathe" command - using it with no arguments will make an attempt to sheathe all items held in hands.
Feb 15 09:49 2007:
Nigi added hpcolor envvar. You can set it with "setenv hpcolor on" to have your health bar displayed in colors describing how much damaged you are.
Feb 14 12:40 2007:
Nigi fixed post-reboot item restoration order in /adm/sefun/items.c (still, it would be good to find out a faster method of doing this in the future)
Feb 13 15:45 2007:
Nigi implemented new bug/idea reporting system. When submitting a report, player will receive ID number of that report. With this ID number owner will be able to review the report, as well as its status and comments. For more info see help for: bug, idea, buginfo, ideainfo, comment. Immortals also check help for reports.
Feb 13 10:45 2007:
Nigi fixed background daemon to rescale bonuses given by generic backgrounds, if their sum would not be equal to 80 (yes, there were backgrounds which were giving even 150 points).
Feb 13 10:01 2007:
Nigi fixed Kaishiman background to give aptitude bonus to religion instead of faith group (no such group anyway).
Feb 11 10:55 2007:
Nigi replaced racial helpfiles with those written by Nexus for 3500. Please report any typos and inconsistencies in them.
Feb 10 12:32 2007:
Nigi changed access to demigod races - it'll be now automatically granted to any character linked to a demigod.
Feb 8 13:31 2007:
Nigi changed set_break in armour.c to not always move broken armours to person's environment. Instead an item will be removed and an attempt to carry it will be made. If it'll fail then item will stay in hands. Only if the person has no free hands, item will be dropped.
Jan 26 18:13 2007:
Nigi fixed prices evaluation for healers.
Jan 19 13:22 2007:
Nigi added global helpfile for "split" command.
Jan 19 13:14 2007:
Nigi added descriptions of weapons quality levels to "weapons" helpfile, and added links to "weapons" and "armours" helpfiles from "levels" helpfile
Jan 11 00:21 2007:
Nigi made it possible to use global chat while logged in oocly.
Oct 8 00:35 2006:
Avenger fixed fracture command to not break fatal limbs (instant death)
Oct 8 00:31 2006:
Avenger fixed some weird float conversion bug which made weapons buggy (this didn't happen before, why now...)
Aug 14 19:55 2006:
Avenger removed some fame degradation code from add_alignment
Aug 1 19:34 2006:
Avenger fixed a typo in antimagic aura (it might have fixed the spell)
Jul 28 18:46 2006:
Avenger fixed (most likely) the arena entrance
Jun 30 19:05 2006:
Avenger fixed the robe of highwayman to remove alignment modifier when unweared
May 3 21:49 2006:
Nigi fixed horse-riding bug (if horse will try to move into a close quarters by other means than the use of ride command, any rider on its back will be thrown to the ground.)
Apr 25 12:58 2006:
Nigi added "join guild" syntax for becoming a member of a guild, so that it won't be needed to figure out what is the correct guild name.
Apr 23 17:36 2006:
Nigi implemented percentage display for health, stamina, mana and psi values for status command and combat status messages.
Apr 5 21:15 2006:
Nigi implemented void rename_guild(string oldname, string newname) function for changing name of a guild, just for safety it should not be used on guilds with members. Now only wait for Nexus to add support for this function for the gmenu command :)
Apr 5 15:23 2006:
Nigi added some safe-checks for guild_d to prevent setting multiple guildhalls in a single room (it would be messing up guilds searches by environment).
Mar 24 11:12 2006:
Nigi made it harder to aim for limbs other than the base, also in case of failing to hit the aimed limb there is greater chance for hitting base than other limbs.
Mar 24 11:05 2006:
Nigi modified overwhelm to use query_total_weight instead of query_weight for damage calculations, also all barbarians' skills will have chance to hit lowered in case of heavily encumbered people.
Mar 24 10:32 2006:
Nigi fixed problem with the evaluation of maxhp for limbs. If second argument given for query_max_dam() in race_d won't be a correct name of a race, then it'll be assumed it directly defines the bodytype. Basically both race and bodytype will work :>
Mar 18 22:30 2006:
Nigi made yet one more change in max_and_rot() - not only will the skill rot if it is above the level determined by aptitude, but also if none of player's guilds support it.
Mar 18 18:19 2006:
Nigi changed 2 things in max_and_rot() in eliving.c - 1. skill rot will be much faster for grafs that are above max allowed level (determined by aptitude), and it will actually happen even for touched grafs; 2. listening to complaints of many players, skill rot will NOT happen at all for grafs that are below max allowed level, regardless of being touched or not.
Mar 18 09:00 2006:
Nigi fixed hit command to use perform_attack() call instead of own internal calculations. Also added NON_AGGRESSIVE definition for combat.h - when set in a damage type of a damage dealt through perform_attack it won't initiate combat (just like it was with hit).
Mar 16 22:16 2006:
Nigi rewrote eval command once more, and now it actually WILL include files from /adm/include/ by default, thus allowing the definitions to be used in the eval command. NOTE: since some definitions appear more than once in separate files, I had to exclude some of them from being ... um, well included :) check definition of INVALID in /cmds/trans/system/_eval.c for details.
Mar 15 10:08 2006:
Nigi added dbg command for easier handling of the keywords for debug_msg().
Mar 13 15:25 2006:
Nigi reminds: man magic_d. Also if you'd find any inconsistency, please report. I'll fix it (either in the code, or change the manual :P)
Mar 13 15:24 2006:
Nigi wrote manual for magic_d.
Mar 13 15:24 2006:
Nigi modified impl() (used by notify()) to use basic possessive word for %tP (eg. "his hand" instead of "Nigi's hand") when subject==target.
Mar 13 15:22 2006:
Nigi fixed gesture command to use given target instead of default target, when no target was yet defined.
Mar 12 08:43 2006:
Nigi modified css to return 0 only due to resistances, otherwise the minimum is 1.
Mar 3 09:05 2006:
Nigi added definitions of elements in combat buffer into combat.h
Mar 3 08:59 2006:
Nigi separated messages part of continue_attack from calculations part - continue_attack() works like before, but it'll call perform_attack() to check attack result and display appropriate messages. Obviously perform_attack() can also be called by other objects, thus now it becomes a standard function for resolving living attacking another living with an object held in a limb or a limb itself. Return value indicates the result of an attack (definitions in combat.h) and query_combat_buffer() can be called right after perform_move() to get further informations in some cases - namely it'll contain following informations: ({object victim, string damagetype, string targetlimb, int damage, string usedlimb, string weaponname}), note: weaponname==usedlimb if no weapon)
Mar 2 16:38 2006:
Nigi created can_protect() function in combat.c - it'll use can_hit(), can_dodge(), can_parry() and can_block() to determine whenever an attack could be deflected/avoided or not. continue_attack() and kill_hp() already use those (kill_hp only if appropriate dmgtype attributes are set - see previous clog). Check /std/living/combat_funs.h for definitions of return values of can_protect().
Mar 2 15:46 2006:
Nigi changed a few damage definitions in combat.h - removed DEFENSIBLE_ATTACK, redefined PHYSICAL_ATTACK and added DODGE_PROT, PARRY_PROT, BLOCK_PROT and HBLOCK_PROT - check combat.h for details
Mar 1 18:28 2006:
Nigi modified get_damage() function - first argument optionally may be directly given weapon_class, in such case third argument is required - name of used skill.
Feb 28 10:41 2006:
Nexus added combat messages for acid (acid.db) & plugged some of those htypes [hit-types] in various damage spells - now you should be getting a couple of brand new messages here and there.
Feb 27 16:11 2006:
Nexus added combat messages ice.db [for DT_ICE] holy.db [for DT_P_ENERGY], and electric.db [for DT_ELECTRICITY] in /init/weapons/types/ . This doeas not mean that such messages will actualy show up in combat when using such damage types. Still this types are now free to use out there...
Feb 27 12:45 2006:
Nexus removed defensible_spell() from MAGIC_D and undone changes in damage.c spell function regarding the use of this function. It was a complete failure since I couldn't balance it properly. No spell can be dodged right now, unless DEFENSIVE_PROT will work correctly.
Feb 27 12:07 2006:
Nigi modified debug_msg() - check man.
Feb 25 19:57 2006:
Nigi added "stop singing","stop praying" and "stop concentrating" for breaking attempts for using corresponding magical powers.
Feb 25 19:50 2006:
Nigi fixed a few issues with songs to make them compatible with the magic_d. Additional properties can be defined in songs' dbs: min_line - will determine the first line after which song's effects can be invoked, only_party - if set will limit people affected by the song only to those who are in a party with the bard.
Feb 25 14:53 2006:
Nexus added int defensible_spell(object caster, object target, int level) to MAGIC_D. Consider a snowball - it has to hit the target to work, and target can dodge it. Same effect should be considered for some of the spells [mostly those offensive], and this function allows it. I'll apply it in a couple spells' functions.
Feb 24 19:11 2006:
Nexus transfered lyrics of the bardic songs from their .txt's to adequate .db's as phases [according to the new approach].
Feb 24 17:31 2006:
Nigi merged songs into the magic daemon - sing verb will now work same as chant or pray, but it'll be used for songs (surprise surprise). Songs' lyrics must be moved from files in /doc/help/song/ directory to appropriate db files of separate songs, written in a standard phases pattern.
Feb 20 11:03 2006:
Nexus assigned races to their kins [feature groups], therefore allowing feature_d to generate traits for most races. Expect odd results as present shape of this daemon may generate confusing traits for non-playable races.
Feb 17 12:42 2006:
Nexus wrote yet another 10 or more dreams [this time i didnt even count them]. I think it will be enough for this time Your dreams will never be the same again, if you know what i mean :P:P:P
Feb 17 10:32 2006:
Nexus added 5 more dreams.
Feb 16 15:30 2006:
Nexus added ten (10) brand new nightmares. Sweet dreams everyone!
Feb 15 12:13 2006:
Nexus updated racial .db and help files according to the recent changes within resistances.
Feb 15 11:41 2006:
Nexus fixed resistances command to show correct textified values instead of confusing players and admins with same name meaning different values for resistances and different for vulnerabiities. Now medium resistance is comparable with medium vulnerability for example.
Feb 15 11:14 2006:
Nexus reworked chromatic protection spell. Normaply this wouldnt deserve a clog, but that was a special one :P
Feb 15 08:39 2006:
Nigi modified spell/miracle/power/songinfo to display "physical" instead of "blunt","slashing" or "piercing" in components.
Feb 14 11:14 2006:
Nigi modified convert command to automatically change wrong components (healing->positive energy, chaos->negative energy, earth, air, water->energy).
Feb 14 10:34 2006:
Nigi moved contents of resistances.h to combat.h and removed the first one. Also renamed ice to cold and separated energy - positive energy for healing effects and "holy" spells, while energy for elemental attacks.
Feb 13 16:07 2006:
Nigi added global convert command for easier standardisation of db files of spells, miracles and psionics.
Feb 13 15:20 2006:
Nexus changed cloak & decloak commands to use invisibility object instead of just cheap hacks. :P
Feb 13 14:39 2006:
Nexus added delays for demi-commands use. Don't whin powerplayers! It's this or nothing! :P:P:P
Feb 12 17:06 2006:
Nigi cleaned bodytypes a bit (removed unused ones + renamed/merged a few others).
Feb 12 16:15 2006:
Nexus updated help for drow race, according to the new balance.
Feb 12 16:04 2006:
Nexus improved help files for each stats by adding list of playable races assorted by the given stat, so that every player can easily compare which race is better or worde in which stat.
Feb 12 14:57 2006:
Nigi and Nexus balanced drow race and officially made it an extended playable race now.
Feb 12 14:56 2006:
Nigi modified definition for extended races (aka demigod races) - they won't be the ones which have helpfiles, but those which have X attribute in /init/races.db (instead of previous M attribute and as opposite to P attribute for standard playable races)
Feb 12 13:19 2006:
Nigi and Nexus added new races: ratman, bee, ant, cockroach, dragonfly, raptor and brontosaur.
Feb 11 21:12 2006:
Nigi added new features for riding - riding dying on a mount will fall on the ground, mount dying under a rider will either make him stumble or crush him, with high acrobatics/coordination it is also possible to jump from the mount without stumbling.
Feb 11 17:38 2006:
Nigi added new races: carp, shark, mackeral, flounder, marlin, swordfish and owl.
Feb 11 13:48 2006:
Nigi modified mraces command to correctly evaluate stats for NPCs (Also now it'll use /obj/npc/token.c to check stats at given level, so it won't be inaccurate even if set_level's methods would be changed).
Feb 11 13:23 2006:
Nigi heavily rewrote monster.c user.c eliving.c living.c body.c and skills.c to treat NPCs' stats same way as players'. That means set_level() won't change NPCs stats at all, it'll only modify grafs, and change of grafs will change experience of specified stats and thus improve them. Also created fix_stats() function in body.c which will recalculate stats, experience ranges and grafs experience - use in case of messed up stats. Additionally please notify that set_stat() should not be used in NPCs from now on (unless these are some very unique ones, which should have different stats), and furthermore calling set_graf() after set_stats() might make NPC have different stats as defined, since set_graf() might alter it through experience.
Feb 10 14:16 2006:
Nigi and Nexus adjusted sizes and weights of certain races (40cm long mouse or 10kg heavy worm are very wrong).
Feb 10 14:14 2006:
Nigi and Nexus added new races: sparrow, pigeon, gull, crow, eagle, hawk, parrot, roc and phoenix.
Feb 10 14:14 2006:
Nigi and Nexus adjusted coordination, handiness, intelligence, memory, perception, strength, willpower and wisdom for all races (didn't change playable races, except for strength - all races received +5 bonus)
Feb 10 13:34 2006:
Nexus added help file celestials regarding four heavenly creatures: Titans, Angels, Beholders, Devils.
Feb 10 12:32 2006:
Nexus updated some of the statistics help files to give more clues about what are they. [its still possible to enahnce them further]
Feb 9 21:38 2006:
Nigi did same with falling unconscious (a chance is 100% in this case :P)
Feb 9 21:35 2006:
Nigi upgraded stumbling - upon stumbling person has a chance of dropping items held in hands.
Feb 9 20:00 2006:
Nigi created rodeo command for dealing with unwanted riders.
Feb 9 17:04 2006:
Nigi and Nexus rewrote agility, charisma, comeliness and constitution racial bonuses for all races. Playable races remained unchanged (except for con, where all races received +5 bonus to later lower flies, worms, etc con down to 1).
Feb 9 10:59 2006:
Nigi modified room.c so that ghosty_body attribute won't allow to pass air exits, and enter/water exits will have to be passed with enter/dive commands, also is_ghost attribute won't allow to pass enter exits without enter command.
Feb 9 10:58 2006:
Nigi modified enter command to use standard walking methods (use_exit, perform_move and execute_move) instead of direct move_player call.
Feb 8 15:34 2006:
Nigi added clear_appr() call in add_encumbrance() in m_container.c - this way appraise will update displayed weight of a container after putting something in/out of it.
Feb 8 14:23 2006:
Nigi modified snakeman bodytype - made tail a pedal limb.
Feb 8 12:13 2006:
Nexus added help 'movement' about all aspects of moving around in AtP, and fixed few things in help 'horse'
Feb 8 11:22 2006:
Nigi made move delays depend on terrain type not exit size (definitions in terrains.h)
Feb 8 10:41 2006:
Nigi made agility decrease move delay.
Feb 8 10:09 2006:
Nigi modified evaluation of move delay (perform_move() in living.c) - creatures with more than two pedal limbs will move faster, while those with less than two slower.
Feb 8 09:43 2006:
Nexus changed grouping module in 3000 just like in 3500. It should fix few bugs with grouping embeded arrows.
Feb 7 22:20 2006:
Nigi upgraded fly command to work with the new standards as well, and added falling on the ground if paralyzed/sleeing/unconscious while flying without magical help (ie on a mount).
Feb 7 18:53 2006:
Nigi fixed a few problems with riding and upgraded mount/dismount/enter commands to the new standards.
Feb 7 17:37 2006:
Nexus rewrote help guild, added synonym clan->guild, and added help organizations. All this info regards guilds, clans, and their creation.
Feb 7 13:44 2006:
Nigi modified execute_move() and use_exit() in room.c and added can_ride() in living.c to handle movement of riders and their mounts.
Feb 7 13:15 2006:
Nexus added new helpfiles to all other races and finished this job. I could list them but im too lazy. In this part I added races by alphabet from letter 'L' to the end of the alphabet. Now all races have their new help files. Bow before my imagination. :P
Feb 7 11:04 2006:
Nigi modified what_can_i_see() and list_of_objects() sefuns in describe.c - rider and mount won't be seen as separate livings on location, instead they'll be seen as "<rider> riding on <mount>", with alterations such as "<rider> riding on Someone" when mount is invisible, or just "<mount>" when rider is invisible.
Feb 7 11:03 2006:
Nigi added Rider and Mount variables and set/query_rider/mount funs in living.c to handle riding.
Feb 6 17:38 2006:
Nexus added help files for: halfling, kenku, kobold.
Feb 6 17:06 2006:
Nexus added help for hybrid races: half-elf, half-orc, half-ogre.
Feb 6 14:05 2006:
Nexus added help files for: giant, gnome & goblin.
Feb 6 13:13 2006:
Nexus added race help files: drow, dwarf, elf, faerie.
Feb 6 11:10 2006:
Nexus made some changes in help about bugbears to make their descr less D&D and more AtP. :P
Feb 6 10:52 2006:
Nexus moved & slightly rewrote (for the security reasons) set_restrictions() & query_restrictions() from user.c to BANISH_D and changed all callouts to those functions throughout the mud.
Feb 5 17:43 2006:
Nigi removed @stats and @test privileges and renamed Mudlib to @Mudlib. Also redefined privs hierarchy slightly - privileges beginning with @ will be superior too all others (while still remaining inferior to 1). Additionally set "Assist" read protection for /daemon/ /init/ /log/ /save/ /adm/sefun/ /adm/shadows/ /adm/modules/ /adm/obj/ and /adm/daemon/. Modified helpfiles to describe clearly what privilege does what.
Feb 5 13:08 2006:
Nexus made that help will not shadow help() in commands when both: standalone help file & command help() exist. Now both will be displayed. [dunno why this buggy feature wasnt taken care for so long]
Feb 4 22:35 2006:
Nexus added wizard command 'dream' for easy queuing dreams in dream daemom. [not tested yet]
Feb 3 16:44 2006:
Nexus slightly rewrote m_group.c module to fix strange problems with item grouping within living environment [player]
Feb 3 13:46 2006:
Nigi made another small change - additionally when add_dream is called with 0 as person's name a global dream is scheduled instead of one for a specified person. Global dreams appear under same conditions as personal ones, but they have lower priority, ie. if there is a global dream and a personal dream for someone, then the personal will be used first, after that at another sleep next dream would be the global one. Multiple global dreams may be stacked. To remove a scheduled global dream remove_dream should be called with first argument being the number of a dream on the stack.
Feb 3 13:23 2006:
Nigi modified dream_d - custom dreams may be scheduled for specified players by immortals with Assist:dreams privilege. Scheduled dreams fall under same conditions for appearing as random dreams, except for that they may appear even when person is not lacking stamina points. Also if there is a scheduled dream pending, no random dream will appear before the scheduled one will be displayed. And scheduled dreams will be removed from the queue, even if a person will wake up meanwhile and won't see it all.
Jan 30 18:23 2006:
Nexus moved calls to recalc_carry_slot() from wear & remove commands to __Wear & __Remove functions in wearable module where they were meant to be in the first time.
Jan 30 17:57 2006:
Nexus added calls to recalc_carry_slot() in 'wear' & 'remove' commands - 2 last steps in introducing new approach to carry slot. ['help carry' for more info]
Jan 30 17:41 2006:
Nexus changed carry command and addec recalc_carry_slot() to living.c - first 2 steps of introducing new approach to carry slot.
Jan 29 12:59 2006:
Nigi says: upon death items held by a person will be dropped and moved to the environment instead of the corpse.
Jan 28 13:38 2006:
Nigi and Nexus fixed major bug in wilderness maps generator, which caused maps to not be fully generated on the east side (literally: we fixed a single TYPO!!!! 6 -> 11 ARRRRRGGHHH). "A small step for us, a giant step for the mud"
Jan 27 15:25 2006:
Nigi fixed serious error in eliving's set_graf() - it was not checking previous value, so every call would give exp for as many skill points as there were set, instead of relative change from last level. That caused faith decreasement due to use of magic/psi to actually increase people's exp, instead of reduce it.
Jan 22 13:19 2006:
Nigi added "tunnel" command for creating/removing paths in the wilderness.
Jan 21 18:22 2006:
Nexus removed obsolete guild:level lines from every single skill, spell, miracle, psi and song database file to convert .db's to the new skill/guild system.
Jan 21 11:25 2006:
Nigi created methods for evaluating coordinates after movement between hexes of global map. Also created "map" command for wizzies to use when in the wilderness to get the map of the current hex + their position marked.
Jan 20 11:52 2006:
Nexus fixed a tiny bug in login, and enriched it with few more lookable items.
Jan 20 11:12 2006:
Nexus made a slight, but very significant change to how the login menu is shown. It's stylized on an IC room, but it MUST also look like a menu not to confuse people. I hope that I managed to merge those two approaches.
Jan 19 18:26 2006:
Nexus ades synonyms: smelt, policy.
Jan 19 18:12 2006:
Nexus added: health_aspects, darkness help files and: skyship, wizard, dark, study, hobbit synonyms for help purposes.
Jan 19 17:06 2006:
Nexus oopses and removes help tattoo [it was there before with command] :P
Jan 19 12:52 2006:
Nexus added synonyms for help purposes: regions, realm(s), trigger, abbreviation, law, court, judge, sheriff, quit_quit, psionic, users, excercise, thirst.
Jan 19 12:45 2006:
Nexus added helps for: tattoo, tracks, demon, sylph, hunger.
Jan 19 10:47 2006:
Nexus fixed cmd command [security bug].
Jan 18 15:01 2006:
Nexus made that throwing sand at person with closed eyes is pointless. Also fixed a bug in throw command.
Jan 18 11:47 2006:
Nexus fixed the confusing and very annoying messages for blindness in command handling daemon. Also I've added correct messages for closed eyes in the same place.
Jan 16 12:52 2006:
Nexus added "close eyes" proto to __Close command. "Close my eyes" is also working, but alone it was somewhat confusing.
Jan 15 11:05 2006:
Nexus made that nightgaunts can't close their eyes [as they are faceless]. There are more changes needed in that topic.
Jan 14 08:07 2006:
Nigi fixed notify() sefun to parse array of messages how it should have. Also updated its manual info.
Jan 13 19:47 2006:
Nigi implemented a modified hole object (changed by Ati), with an adjustable name, thus it can be easily turned into a crack or alike, which might be used for various spells.
Jan 6 19:03 2006:
Nexus announces: another race help file implemented thanks to me and Priss: dryad.
Jan 2 08:28 2006:
Nigi fixed prompt %t token to adjust time according to the set timezone.
Jan 2 08:28 2006:
Nexus made decorating with electrum possible as requested.
Dec 30 23:43 2005:
Nigi installed a few additional safeguards - wizard accounts cannot be deleted, unless wizard characters linked to them will be demoted/removed.
Dec 30 15:22 2005:
Nigi modified grep to display results by calling more() on a temporary file with saved results, thus allowing all results to be displayed.
Dec 29 21:51 2005:
Nigi made :gesture?# definitions in magic db files (which provide a message describing a gesture pattern) parse $EXTRA tokens, i.e. if in a given gesture phase you'd use $EXTRA token, then in the :gesture for that phase you can use $EXTRA token too, and into it will be put whatever caster provided for the pattern.
Dec 26 15:32 2005:
Nigi modified login.c and multi_d.c to allow immortals login with multiple characters simultanously, as they would not be linked to one account.
Dec 23 18:01 2005:
Nexus upgraded 'help combat' with many things that should be noticed there.
Dec 23 11:08 2005:
Nigi did same thing for channel messages displayed when they are sent.
Dec 23 10:49 2005:
Nigi modified channel history to display timestamps with timezones offset.
Dec 23 10:31 2005:
Nigi altered accounts - logging in to the account menu is done through "@accountname", you can log in directly with a char with "charname", if such char won't exist, then new account of such name will be created and you'll be thrown in account's menu. Also fixed a few lesser things with logging multiple chars.
Dec 21 13:44 2005:
Nexus made a small step for an admin but huge leap for the AtP. AtP IC history has been written and published on LiveJournal's AtP_dev group. Read and suggest. I'll post in somewhere in AtP as soon as i get first glimpses from other wizzes.
Dec 18 17:23 2005:
Nigi modified passwd command to follow new standards, removed chfn command (as it'll be now set from account's menu) and moved password and email data from user.c/user_bak.c to multi_d.c
Dec 18 16:50 2005:
Nigi modified "sites" command to follow new standards, as well as moved allowed ips list from user.c to multi_d.c
Dec 18 13:15 2005:
Nigi modified exec() in /adm/sefun/overrides.c to allow calls from /std/user.c and /std/user_bak.c besides just /adm/obj/login.c - it is required, since user objects must return connection handler back to login.c so that quitting will drop person back to the account's menu. If you feel it might be a loophole, we might limit exec() calls only to login->user, login->user_bak, user->login and user_bak->login.
Dec 18 13:13 2005:
Nigi created new login.c and multi_d.c to handle accounts system. Users will create accounts and from there they will have options of managing characters, entering ooc area, etc. When logged OOCly account's name will be used for characters outlook. Whole system is yet in beta-phase and not everything was tested. New nice IC descriptions for the account menu are required.
Dec 15 11:43 2005:
Nexus made force_sleep() function in living.c which checks all effects (known to me) when you are forced to fall asleep (like sleeping in water/air/while mounted, etc.).
Dec 14 16:00 2005:
Nexus wrote help for 'fatigue'
Dec 14 16:00 2005:
Nexus added "Fatigue" entries to 'score' and 'health' commands for checking tiredness (sleep).
Dec 14 14:18 2005:
Nexus changed standard herb to fit new sleep need.
Dec 14 14:11 2005:
Nexus changed sleep poison handling according to new sleep demand.
Dec 14 14:07 2005:
Nexus introduced sleep as a basic need (like eating and drinking) to the living soul :>
Dec 12 17:44 2005:
Nexus made resting possible in water for merman race, and fixed resting by the fire (higher healing bonus).
Dec 12 09:24 2005:
Nexus made underwater sleep possible for merman race.
Dec 9 23:11 2005:
Nigi added time logging for channels - every message displayed on channels through deliver_string() will have (hh:mm) prefix added automatically.
Dec 9 16:02 2005:
Nigi created privs command for easy listing of privs one have.
Dec 9 10:13 2005:
Nexus updated lib.wizhood wiz-help and copied it to public section of help. This set of rules should be avalaible for the players to read, as it regards players too.
Dec 8 15:11 2005:
Nexus updated lib.organization helpfile to fit reality.
Dec 8 14:34 2005:
Nexus removed law.wizards_second wiz-help. It's content has been moved to law.multiple, which has been changed
Dec 8 14:12 2005:
Nexus changed law.laws wiz-help to make it more up-to-date.
Dec 8 13:49 2005:
Nigi added support for guardians commands - guildmembers with GPRIV_GUARD privilege will be able to give guards following orders: style, guard, block, patrol, get, drop, wear, remove, follow, stop following (internal help for guardians exists to provide further info).
Dec 8 13:41 2005:
Nexus removed README.spells & README.psionics from wiz-help, those files were and are avalaible in /init
Dec 8 13:01 2005:
Nexus made 'sentry' command - GM's and guild members with right privilige may now set and remove sentry points in their guilds (along with instructions for the guardians standing guard such points)
Dec 5 20:43 2005:
Nigi also made shout work in guildrooms to call guardians backup. This can happen in 2 ways - if there are yet inactive guards some of them will come and help a person in combat. Additionally all active guards who'll hear person's shouts will also come and help in combat.
Dec 5 20:42 2005:
Nigi added call to GUILD_D to reduce number of active guards in guardian's move_or_destruct, since apparently remove is not called then.
Dec 4 14:52 2005:
Nigi added "view sentry points" command and updated "help guild commands".
Dec 3 23:31 2005:
Nigi fixed a few minor bugs in guild guardians' code and made them attack all outlaws that come in sight.
Dec 3 22:13 2005:
Nigi enhanced dbxvars command to call TP->more() for displaying search results, instead of flooding with print(), since it wouldn't display all for huge variables.
Dec 3 10:39 2005:
Nigi fixed a few more issues with privileges checking. Now everything should work fine with accessing subdirs, and privileges for domains will be inferior to Assist:world, also removed @help priv, as it is now Assist:help.
Dec 2 23:13 2005:
Nigi added new privileges for assist class - assist:runes, assist:quests, assist:magic, assist:guilds, assist:cities, assist:world, assist:races, assist:items and assist:help. Also changed general assist protection from /bin/ and /init/ dirs to 1. From now on creator rank should be considered as a beginner wizard position. A wizard who actually works on something specific can be granted assist rank (since it alone gives currently nothing more than creator - directory-wise) and then he can achieve further assist privileges depending on what he'll be working. Definitions for new privileges are avaliable under "help assist.privs"
Dec 2 22:46 2005:
Nigi fixed departments menu in smenu. Bleh, for a secure menu that thing sure is messed up..
Dec 2 21:19 2005:
Nigi fixed smenu. Changed link option command from "l" to "ln", so it won't mix up with "list" and be actually displayed, also made open and close options in privilege menu actually work.
Nov 26 14:13 2005:
Nigi made made hire and modified view command, to work with guild guardians. Also rooms were modified to spawn guardians in defined sentry points and standard guardian file were made (/std/monster/guardian.c). A command for setting sentry points yet needs to be done.
Nov 26 13:34 2005:
Nexus updated 'who' command - admins will see files edited by other wizzes.
Nov 26 13:24 2005:
Nexus updated guild menu to fit new approach to aptitude/teachers sytem and added guild guardians handling.
Nov 24 13:32 2005:
Nigi fixed backflip delay and stumbling issues - resting impossible when stumbled, stumbling breaks resting.
Nov 23 16:52 2005:
Nigi enhanced test command to work with commands in any directory (not only /cre/ subdirs), as well as added message displaying arguments passed to command's main() function, for easier debugging.
Nov 22 15:37 2005:
Nigi made it possible to land on a ground after a strong blow without stumbling with good enough acrobatics skill. Also made backflip work faster.
Nov 21 09:29 2005:
Nigi modified effects of being sent to air with a strong blow - trying to either fly down/low or high when in air will make an attempt to take control of the flight and stay in air, if succeeded stumble will instantly drop to 0 and CANT_CONTROL attribute will be removed. Of course it'll only work if a person actually can fly.
Nov 19 16:04 2005:
Nigi fixed hitting difficulty evaluation - 100 if aiming for nothing, 150 if aiming for something, instead of 150 only if you aim for something and succeed at hitting that limb
Nov 19 11:51 2005:
Nigi created requirement-based commands. They'll replace old guild commands, all subdirs of /cmds/verb/guild/ are redundant and to be removed as soon as commands will be moved out of them. All commands in /cmds/verb/guild/ directory should have int can_use(object player) function defined, which will be called everytime a person tries to use a command from this dir. Also it'll be called by help command to resolve whenever a command should be displayed or not.
Nov 14 22:53 2005:
Nigi added "restricted" attribute for spells' dbs. It is the exact opposite of "required" - if a person has grafs listed in it, then casting given spell won't be possible. And also as with "required" spell names are divided with commas.
Nov 12 15:20 2005:
Nigi implemented interpersonal teaching. Check help for "teach". Only possible to teach a single person at once and learn from a single person at once. After using teach command and chosing a student, teacher just have to perform actions that will call improve_graf() for the skill being taught and if the student is in the same room, he might get a raise as well.
Nov 12 14:03 2005:
Nigi implemented teaching skill improvements - every time a member of a guild gets a raise in a graf which is taught by this guild, all guild teachers who are teaching it, are online and have that graf higher than the member will have improve_graf() called in them for teaching.
Nov 12 12:00 2005:
Nigi made init_apt() be called in GUILD_D by query_guildapt() only if it was not initialized previously for a given graf, alas set_teacher_graf(), remove_teacher() and remove_teacher_graf() will always call it, thus changing teachers will affect aptitude instantly.
Nov 12 11:59 2005:
Nigi fixed skillinfo problems with new aptitude evaluation.
Nov 11 14:49 2005:
Nigi created guild teachers system. Guildmembers promoted by the guildmaster to a teacher position (via "priv" command) will be able to use "teach" command to define what skill/spell/miracle/psi/song graf they wish to be teaching in this guild. "list teachers" and "list skills" commands are avaliable to check teachers of a guild, grafs that are taught by the guild and who teachest them. Also percentage bonus to aptitude is given by "list skills", but it'll be probably textified. Note#1: Only grafs which are supported by the guild can be taught (these are defined by admins when creating a guild). Note#2: One teacher can choose only a single graf to teach in a guild.
Nov 9 13:25 2005:
Nigi unified enlarge and shrink spells - both will now use /bin/spells/size.c spell function, shrink.c and enlarge.c are redundant. Furthermore size.c will depend on spell level - the higher the level the greater the change.
Nov 9 11:50 2005:
Nigi added a few small features to stumbling - if a hit will be strong enough to set another into the air, the person will really be flying for this short period of time (HIGH_FLY set), if it is in close quarters then the person will hit ceiling and fall on the ground faster. Additionally when person is stumbled, but not in the air short tag will have additional (on the ground) text.
Nov 8 14:57 2005:
Nigi increased dodging difficulty by 50% as compared to parrying and blocking.
Nov 8 14:57 2005:
Nigi fixed check_critical() call in m_bow.c.
Nov 6 17:49 2005:
Nigi removed /bin/spells/immolate.c and /bin/spells/freeze.c - these spells now use damage.c function, which also holds their special effects (paralyze for freeze and ignition for immolate).
Nov 5 18:19 2005:
Nigi modified calculate_spell_strength() sefun. It can get additional 6th argument, if it'll be set, then css won't do internal power reduction based on resistances to spell's components - used in damage.c as it deals damage through kill_hp, where damage type is defined. Note: therefore for those spells which use damage.c killhp value (not components!) will decide about damage type and resistances against it.
Oct 31 13:33 2005:
Nigi modified critical hit and backstab - critical hits will have a varying chance (up to 25% without bonuses - see later), also it won't check can_hit nor will deal any damage but itself, instead it'll just return modified damage value. Backstabs won't do any additional damage by itself (besides that which comes from ignoring armour class), but they'll increase chance for critical hits (from x1.5 up to x6, still critical chance can never exceed 75%).
Oct 31 12:14 2005:
Nexus fixed 'colours' help. SP. thanks to Priss for noticing.
Oct 30 21:53 2005:
Xavier fixed web services (including dynamic content, and builder) (To Nigi, please check what was changed in config.h http.h and http_d.c this way we can set up at config.h for ~/atp and without easir..though we have some junk stuff in the config files which should be weed out but I don't want to break anything at other places so hadn't touched the old defines - cause login and other stuff might use some of it)
Oct 30 12:23 2005:
Nigi fixed poison handling in m_bow.c - query_poisoning() will be called in an arrow, not in a bow.
Oct 27 17:32 2005:
Nexus removed help file 'gnoll'. No such beast in this reality. Tell me if you miss it.
Oct 26 22:47 2005:
Nigi modified backstab - damage will depend on standard get_damage() function increased by (backstab skill/10)%. Additionally non-magical AC won't lower the damage, as when backstabing an assassin seeks weak unarmoured points on target's body.
Oct 26 19:45 2005:
Nigi modified eval command to automatically add all include files (from /adm/include/ dir) to eval files, thus allowing to use all global definitions in eval.
Oct 26 14:20 2005:
Nexus wrote help files for 'dragon' and 'slaad' races for more fun and info.
Oct 26 12:24 2005:
Nigi added damage/defense modifications for fighting style - aggressive: 100% dmg, +100% defending difficulty; daring: 75% dmg, +50% d.d.; normal: 50% dmg, +0% d.d.; protective: 25% dmg, -40% d.d.; defensive: 0% dmg (cannot attack), -75% d.d. Test and report.
Oct 26 11:08 2005:
Nigi fixed voting in guilds - "vote me" and "vote <yourname>" syntaxes won't use memory info to alter the name.
Oct 25 23:29 2005:
Nigi fixed backstab to check clumsy level of the weapon.
Oct 24 20:32 2005:
Nigi made further adjusts in add_stumble() - piercing damage won't ever cause serious stumbling, and severing won't ever send anybody into the air - only breaking can do so.
Oct 24 20:00 2005:
Nigi adjusted add_stumble() in combat.c - hitting wieldable limbs won't ever cause serious stumbling, hitting pedal limbs will increase effectiveness of stumbling if target is not flying, but still only hitting the torso limb can send target into the air. Also fixed a few smaller issues in combat.c :>
Oct 24 10:57 2005:
Nigi fixed a problem with combat damage calcuations (AC was reducing damage in a wrong way).
Oct 21 19:30 2005:
Nigi added "/me"->"emote" synonym on Prissi's request. Happy now, IRCers?
Oct 21 18:08 2005:
Nigi bows.
Oct 21 18:08 2005:
Nexus added renewed 'human' race file. Bow before my imagination and Priss' language skills.
Oct 16 13:36 2005:
Nigi created path generator for the new wilderness daemon.
Oct 15 10:39 2005:
Nexus updated sneak command with terrain lore modifiers. Lores a lot higher or a lot lower then your sneaking skill will now improve/reduce sneaking efficiency.
Oct 15 10:33 2005:
Nexus updated hide command with terrain lore modifiers. Lores a lot higher or a lot lower then your hiding skil will now improve/reduce hiding efficiency.
Oct 15 09:50 2005:
Nigi moved definitions for types of lores used on different terrains to terrains.h file and wants to shot the person who defined there terrains as integers, which is utterly incompatible with string definitions used in rooms.
Oct 13 23:07 2005:
Nigi fixed and upgraded make cre option in smenu - it'll automatically create new cre's homedir and workroom.
Oct 12 17:07 2005:
Nexus added more info about magic schools to 'magic' help file. See this help file to see what I mean.
Oct 12 15:23 2005:
Nexus added some important info to god|faith help file and made help files for "faith in <god>" skills.
Oct 9 22:00 2005:
Nigi modified message boards - new edit command will work with them, it'll let you edit any message you've posted, without the need of deleting and reposting it.
Oct 9 16:17 2005:
Nigi created 'invoke' command for ghosts to use all the special powers. It'll yet need a few powers to be added though.
Oct 9 13:40 2005:
Nexus rewrote help for death to adjust it to the new death system and to explain some of the issues about dying and ressurection.
Oct 9 11:21 2005:
Nigi made further modifications related with dying - ghost's soul energy will increase while staying in shadow realm, decrease in the realm world. After ressurection soul energy will be used the same way as fitness in the old system - it'll lower hp and sp and make deaths more severe until it'll be recovered
Oct 8 19:26 2005:
Nexus rewrote help for fitness/soul to adjust it to the new death system.
Oct 8 18:54 2005:
Nexus added a test screen to help file colours, so that everybody can check how their termial and client settings work with ansi and related colouring procedures.
Oct 8 11:31 2005:
Nexus added brand new race help files for: aarakocra, brownie, bugbear & centaur. More to come as soon they get spell-checked. Bow before my imagination and Priss' language precision. :>:>:>
Oct 7 19:58 2005:
Nigi modified death - now those who die will go to the shadow realm, where they must remain until their soul points will be recovered. To make existance there more interesting certain commands for interfering with the mortal world will be implemented (scarying mortals, items levitation, etc common ghost stuff :>)
Oct 7 12:23 2005:
Nexus improved help file 'rules'. I mainly expanded the information and added punishment sections so that everybody will know what they are facing when breaking the rules.
Oct 5 14:54 2005:
Nigi reconsidered it and made a small fix - knowledge of opposite school won't decrease max mastery instantly by 300 points, but instead by the level of that opposite school. Nevertheless the effect will be quite the same as before - if you'd try to master all schools then you'll be limited to about 333 points (2 opposite schools at levels 333 would cap max level by 666 points, thus allowing you to train it up to about 333 points :>)
Oct 5 14:49 2005:
Nigi added limitation of maximum school mastery level based on the pentagram of magic - opposite schools will decrease max level of each other by 300 points. So if you'd want to learn all schools of magic you won't be able to improve any of them above the level of 400.
Oct 4 15:40 2005:
Nigi fixed problem with chants which begin with "in".
Oct 4 13:00 2005:
Nexus added pattern for ice dagger spell.
Oct 4 12:32 2005:
Nexus added pattern for glitterdust spell
Sep 30 17:16 2005:
Nigi added required spells check in magic_d - if you do not have required spells you won't be able to get improves in used spell.
Sep 30 16:55 2005:
Nigi updated summon dark, summon light, daylight, added darkfall and updated /bin/spells/light.c function.
Sep 26 10:51 2005:
Nexus noticed that briquette is in fact avalaible and returned it to the possible components for making a fire. Special thanx to Agi.
Sep 26 10:49 2005:
Nexus noticed that briquette is in fact avalaible and returned it to the possible components for making a fire. Special thanx to Agi.
Sep 26 10:46 2005:
Nexus fixed fire.db for 'make' cmd - replaced 'briquette' (nonexistent) with 'charcoal' (avalaible).
Sep 26 10:43 2005:
Nexus fixed fire.db for 'make' cmd - replaced 'briquette' (nonexistent) with 'charcoal' (avalaible).
Sep 26 10:33 2005:
Nexus added 'wooden block' to make list. You can make it from tree trunk using a saw, and use the block for making a fire. Alternative way for searching for wood.
Sep 26 10:14 2005:
Nexus enhanced and made help file 'levels' more user-friendly.
Sep 24 10:14 2005:
Nigi added -a option for rmdir, it'll remove whole directory even if it is not empty.
Sep 23 11:52 2005:
Nexus added help for 'guild' and separated help for 'guild commands'. It's a quite important information since guild will be more player-dependant.
Sep 21 18:24 2005:
Nigi added "drop held <item(s)>" syntax to drop only <item(s)> you are holding in your hands.
Sep 21 12:51 2005:
Nexus added discrimination full list submenu to <guild> command for easy discrimination setting. Now it will be easy to add guilds and their discriminations without typing the exact code-like structure..
Sep 20 17:32 2005:
Nexus added aptitude walkthrough option in <guild> menu. Now you can walk through all skills/spells/etc. in one attempt instead of manualy. [It took me 3 damn days to add it, and i must say: modals suck! :>] Special thanks for Nigi for helping mi in diggin in this freaking code.
Sep 9 19:37 2005:
Nigi modified who and finger - who for a player will list all visible immortals and visible mortals (not OOC users) who share player's guilds, if player is in the OOC mode then it will list all other OOC users as well as visible immortals, for an immortal it will list all online users (invisible too if true sight is on); finger without arguments for a player won't work, for an immortal it will give the list of all online users (invisible too if true sight is on); finger with arguments for a player will work only if he'll target one of his characters or an immortal, for an immortal it will work with all characters.
Sep 9 19:34 2005:
Nigi removed ENV_WHO environmental variable
Sep 9 16:13 2005:
Nigi modified allspells, allskills, allmiracles, allpowers and allsongs commands to work in the new system. Furthermore these commands won't reveal spells/miracles/etc. which do not have :www#1 set in db file.
Sep 9 15:01 2005:
Nigi and Imp modified ChangeLog.html a bit, older clogs will be avaliable after clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
Sep 9 14:22 2005:
Nigi moved execute_spell_casting() from /std/living/combat.c to /daemon/magic_d.c and renamed it to execute_spell().
Sep 9 14:20 2005:
Nigi added a few cool messages for stumbling.
Sep 9 14:19 2005:
Nigi became annoyed by a lack of possibility to post clogs and renamed ChangeLog.html to ChangeLog.html.old for as long as we won't find a way to avoid the problem of its file size (read: somebody will fix this issue in the clog_d despite his laziness)
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